The curtains.
kaito kiriya
Okay, I just realized that some readers did not seem to understand the curtains metaphor.

Some of you may be confused by the curtains expression. Let me explain it the best way I understand. Basically, Lory is trying to tell Kyouko that her life ahead, could potentially be a very beautiful love story, like a play about to unfold on a stage. Kyouko has two choices. She can either embrace it (pull away the curtains), or deny it (let go of her hand).

In my interpretation, what Lory is trying to tell Kyouko is that she can either bravely face what could be lying in store for her, or she can try to run away from it. It goes without saying that the ideal choice would be for her to "pull away the curtains", ergo, bravely accept her feelings. But that decision has to come from her. Lory is fully aware that she has to make that choice, no one can make it for her.

As for why Kyouko was crying. One of the reasons is that she sees herself as a horrible person for feeling elated that Ren will not have an important person. The other reason is that she believes she has regressed to a state worse than when she was with Shou, a state she swore never to be in ever again. That's how I see it at least.

As for the frame that was shown to Kyouko, I am at least 80% sure it is a mirror. One, picture frames don't have such big frames or thickness. Two, picture frames generally have flip-out stands, not the steel stand, which suggests that it is actually heavy. The stand also suggests frequent bringing around, which is not what you do for a picture frame.

I hope my explanations make sense.

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Thanks to Honglian for the Chinese raws.

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Shining Blade Introduction
kaito kiriya

Shining Blade is the 4th Shining game in the series to have the artwork done by Tony Taka. It is a turn-based strategy game released on the PSP. Characters from the previous series are featured in this game. The storyline is continued from Shining Tears and Shining Wind, but for Shining Hearts, the story is very different, and characters play different roles.

This game is released in Japan only, and doesn't have a US release at the moment. I have translated the story. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 7
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You can find the translation to the opening song lyrics here.

I am not affliated with the creators of this game.
My knowledge of Japanese is still considered in the learning phase. The contents are translated to the best of my knowledge. I make no claims that all translations are 100% correct. This is also not a transliteration process, which means that some of the original meaning in Japanese language may also be lost during translation.
The names have already been decided, and my decision is final. I do not require any name corrections, so please do not offer me any name corrections.

Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 7
kaito kiriya
Kanon Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Aneki...

Kanon: Oh, Rage, you seem even more energetic than I thought.

Rage: Maybe. Anyway, big sis, why did you come here?

Kanon: Eh? You don't know? Isn't it obvious?

Rage: Eh? Uh...

Kanon: You're really weak-minded.

Rage: What's that supposed to mean.

Kanon: I heard about your blunders.

Rage: Ugh...

Kanon: That's why I had to come here because I was stuck with your mess!

Rage: I... it's not like I needed big sis here!

Kanon: Hm, is that so?


Rage: Well, I'm a little relieved but...

Kanon: Just like I thought. I knew you just can't leave me!

Rage: ...

Kanon: Well, if you know that you should be grateful, then you should be listening to me more, okay?

Rage: Even now, you're still trying to force me to listen...

Kanon: More importantly, that's not how you should use the sword.

Rage: Shut up. I'm doing the best I could.

Kanon: Is that so?

Rage: It is so.

Kanon: But, if you were just a little more skilled with the sword, the battles would be a lot easier. People have been saying that...

Rage: Really?!

Kanon: Nope.

Rage: ...what's with that.

Kanon: But, from your expression, you must have some awareness about that?

Rage: I can't exactly say it isn't true...

Kanon: Can't be helped then.

Rage: What do you mean by can't be helped?

Kanon: I'm going to have to train you!

Rage: Nope, no thanks.

Kanon: Hey! What's with that attitude! I said I would train you! You should be more grateful!

Rage: Sakuya-san is here. And there are other opponents as well.

Kanon: Enough! I said I would do it! You just keep quiet and do what I say!

Rage: Why?!

Kanon: Just because.

Rage: Haaaa...

Kanon: What's with the sigh.

Rage: Big sis is still big sis no matter which world.

Kanon: Of course, right.

Rage: Of course... I get it. Please guide me then.

Kanon: Yeah, okay!

Ein Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ein, what are you doing here?

Ein: Ah, Rage. Nothing right now.

Kanon: And what are you doing now? Are you lazing off again?

Rage: Yikes, that's harsh, Aneki.

Kanon: What's with that reaction?

Kanon: What's with that yikes. You don't want to see my face so much?

Rage: Eh, no, it's not that...

Kanon: Well, whatever. You fall asleep when I'm talking to you anyway. I'm going.

Rage: I never fall asleep when big sis is talking.

Kanon: Oh, really.

Kanon: Ein, when you talk to this guy, make sure you don't catch his incompetence. Careful, okay?

Ein: I got it.

Kanon: That's good. Later?

Ein: Yeah.

Rage: Don't tell me... Ein thinks I am incompetent too?

Ein: Eh?

Rage: Didn't you just say, I got it?

Ein: Ah, I didn't really mean...


Rage: I know, I'm just poking you.

Ein: .....

Rage: (Hm? Is she pouting...)

Ein: .....

Rage: Are you angry?

Ein: ...hmhm. So that was just poking.

Rage: W...what is that! Stop trying to act like Aneki here!

Rage: ...anyway, what does Ein and Aneki normally talk about?

Ein: About friends, and about delicious cakes.

Rage: Oh, so that's it. I thought she would always be talking bad about me.

Ein: Yes, she talks about that a lot too. During the time she talks about our friends.

Rage: .....

Ein: Sorry.

Rage: Ein doesn't have to apologise. The one who did all the talking must be just Aneki. Ein just did the listening, right?

Ein: Yeah.

Rage: But, it wouldn't be so bad for you to protest "that's not true", every once in a while, no?

Ein: I got it. I will try.

Rage: And, to think Aneki always speaks like that of me...

Ein: .....

Rage: What's wrong, Ein?

Ein: ...being family is so wonderful.

Rage: Huh? You always see me and Aneki fighting, don't you? Which part of that is wonderful?

Ein: It's because you're family, that's why you're able to talk like that to each other. I... don't have anyone like that...

Rage: .....

Ein: No, it's nothing. Forget what I said.

Rage: Family, huh...

Ein and Kanon Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey! Ein!

Ein: Ah....

Rage: Where are you going?

Ein: That is...

Kanon: The nearby village is under attack. We are going to help.

Rage: I understand! Let's hurry up and call everyone!

Kanon: We don't have time for that!

Rage: Well, at least let me help!

Kanon: You will just be a hindrance! Come, Ein, let's go!

Ein: Understood.

Rage: (A hindrance? Why would she even think of me like that!)


Rage: I've caught up!

Ein: Rage....

Kanon: I told you not to come...!

Rage: I'll show you that I'm not a hindrance!

Kanon: You're already slowing us down just by being here!

Ein: Both of you, this isn't the time...


Rage: We did it! When was I being a hindrance?

Ein: You really helped...

Kanon: ...ah! Rage, behind you!! There's still another left!!

Rage: What?!


Rage: Kh...! Not yet!

Kanon: Rage!! Step back!!

Rage: Got it!

Kanon: Yaah!!

Kanon: Rage! Finish it!!

Rage: Right!! Take this!!

Ein: Amazing...

Kanon: Whew...

Rage: That's... all of them, right?

Ein: Yeah, that seems to be all of them.

Kanon: Jeez, you're too careless.

Rage: Shut up.

Kanon: What? Is this how you thank the big sister who just saved your ass?!

Rage: I don't recall asking you for help.

Kanon: Don't you get what just happened?! You were totally caught by surprise!

Rage: That kind of enemy, even if I was caught by surprise, I would still be fine!

Kanon: That's why I said right from the start that you'd just be a hindrance.

Rage: Since when?! I fought as I should!!

Kanon: What do you mean when?

Ein: Okay, that's enough.

Kanon: W...what is it?

Rage: What now?

Ein: You two really get along really well.

Kanon: Exactly how?!

Rage: Exactly how?!

Ein: ... it's so nice to have a family. I'm envious.

Kanon: ...?

Ein: Even though you are always fighting, just now, you fought together as one.

Ein: It's so wonderful to have family.

Kanon: Ein, aren't you family too?

Ein: Eh?

Kanon: Am I not your family too?

Ein: ...!!

Kanon: Ein is just like a little sister to me too, right?

Rage: Then you'll be a little sister to me too.

Ein: ... I see... I am family too. ...I won't be lonely again.

Ein: Kanon... Rage.... thank you! I am happy to be in your family!!

Kanon: Ein...

Rage: I'll teach you how to handle big sis from now.

Kanon: Huh? What are you...!

Ein: Yeah! Please do!

Kanon: E.. Ein too.... geez, I'll just let it go this time.

Rage: Being kind to the little sister?

Kanon: She's totally different from you.

Rage: Here we go.

Ein: Hahaha. It really is wonderful...

Kanon's Personality Unwilling to see brother is now Big Sister.
Ein's Personality Living Weapon is now Bond of Family.

Gadem Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Gadem-san.

Gadem: Rage.

Gadem: ...ah.

Rage: What is it? You're staring at my katana...

Gadem: That is quite the special weapon you have there.

Rage: Special weapon, huh. I'm glad to hear you say that. Isn't it great, Yukihime? Gadem-san is complimenting you.

Yukihime: I can see that. It's only expected that a warrior will feel this way.

Gadem: The truth is, I wish to know more about about the katana formed from a soul.

Yukihime: Gadem, please do not stare at me like that.

Gadem: Ah, my apologies. Even though Yukihime is a katana, you are also a lady. Pardon my rudeness.

Yukihime: Just keep that in mind.

Gadem: I will bear that in mind.

Yukihime: Well, I do understand where you're coming from, a warrior would be interested in a special weapon after all.

Gadem: I am happy to hear you say that, Yukihime. I am excited when I saw you.

Gadem: If it is possible, I would like the honor of wielding Yukihime once.

Yukihime: Ah, Gadem, I'm afraid that is not possible.

Yukihime: No one else other than the one I have chosen may wield me. Even you.

Gadem: I see, that is unfortunate.

Gadem: How about this then, Rage. Have one round against me.

Rage: One round against you, with Yukihime?

Gadem: Indeed.

Yukihime: Ah, that sounds interesting.

Rage: That is just reckless! A real challenge with Gadem-san is...

Gadem: Am I not a worthy opponent for you?

Rage: No, that's not the reason. I and Yukihime can't fight our allies.

Yukihime: Weakling!

Rage: Eh?!

Yukihime: For the warrior, allies or not does not matter.

Yukihime: A real challenge is to be taken as a form of respect.

Gadem: Hmhmhm, it is as Yukihime says.

Gadem: Rage, why are you refusing to accept my challenge?

Rage: W... well, even though you ask...


Rage: I really can't fight against an ally.

Gadem: No matter what, I see. You have a strong will.

Rage: Yeah. Whether it is training or practice, I cannot fight for real against an ally.

Rage: Gadem-san and everyone are important to me.

Rage: If I don't have a reason to draw blades with you, I can't.

Gadem: I understand. Since you have already said so, I won't insist.

Rage: I'm sorry, Gadem-san.

Gadem: You don't have to apologise. Instead, I am honored, that you think of me as an ally.

Gadem: I am counting on you.

Rage: Ah! Me too!

Gadem Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Gadem-san, hello.

Gadem: Ah, Rage. So, have you changed your mind?

Rage: Ah, well.... I really can't fight with an ally.

Gadem: I see.

Rage: (...ugh, Gadem-san seems really disappointed. I have to change the subject.)

Rage: Erm, this may be changing the subject, but I would like to ask Gadem-san about this.

Gadem: Hm, what is it?

Rage: Gadem-san, you work for Misty, right?

Gadem: Yes. I serve her loyally.

Gadem: I would like to know why Gadem-san joined Misty's pirate group...

Gadem: ...oh. So you're interested in knowing why I chose to serve Misty-sama.

Rage: Misty is kinda wilful, and Gadem-san is always with her, so I'm kinda wondering why.

Gadem: Rage, Misty-sama is indeed a carefree individual. But I must ask of you to be more mindful of your words. She is my master, after all.

Rage: Ah.... sorry...

Gadem: Mm, just be more careful.

Gadem: Yes, there is a reason why I serve Misty-sama.

Rage: Um.

Gadem: To explain it simply, Misty-sama saved my life.

Rage: ...! Is that true?!

Gadem: Indeed. I was a mercenary once.

Gadem: When hired by a town, I guard the gates. When hired by the army, I march out. And when hired by pirates, I ride the ship.

Gadem: Once, I was hired by small pirates, and we sailed out to sea.

Gadem: But unfortunately, we were struck by a storm. They were poor pirates, their ship was easily smashed by the waves.

Rage: Eh... so the ship Gadem was on was...?!

Gadem: Everyone was thrown overboard.

Gadem: Myself included. I hung on to a driftwood from the ship, and fought for my life clutching on to it.

Gadem: After one day, the storm subsided. From the surface of the sea, I could see only my own shadow.

Gadem: The pirates of the sunk ship, I never knew if they were still alive.

Gadem: I was reaching the limits of my strength. I resolved myself for death. But at that moment...

Gadem: A huge pirate group appeared by my side.

Gadem: The pirates saved me from the sea, took me on board.

Gadem: And that was when I met Misty-sama.

Rage: Oh... Misty does help people. I'm getting a better impression of her...

Gadem: Misty-sama is indeed a great person, helping me in such a way.

Rage: And so, Gadem-san, after being saved, you joined Misty's pirate group?

Gadem: Yeah. It's the least I could do to repay her.


Rage: It must be nice to have found someone you could swear allegiance to.

Gadem: ...indeed. I consider myself very fortunate.

Rage: So, you're going to work hard to repay her for saving your life.

Gadem: Yes. For that purpose, I train myself hard. I will support Misty-sama.

Gadem: ...Speaking of which, Rage.

Rage: ...what is it?

Gadem: As part of my training, would you like to be my opponent...

Rage: (Oh no... we're back to this subject again!)

Rage: A...hahahahaha. Maybe next time... now is not so...

Gadem: I guess it's still no...

Rage: I'm sorry...

Gadem: ...well, I must go. It is time for my training... even though I don't have an opponent.

Rage: I... I see. Later, then.

Gadem: Should you change your mind, let me know.

Misty: Oh, if it isn't Rage.

Rage: Ah, Misty. I was just talking to Gadem-san about you.

Misty: To Gadem about me.... I see.

Rage: Misty is surprisingly a nice person. I didn't know.

Misty: What do you mean by surprisingly? That's rude.

Rage: Well, didn't you rescue Gadem-san stranded at sea?

Rage: I didn't think you would do something like that.

Misty: Ah... you are talking about when Gadem was abandoned.

Misty: Helping an abandoned animal. Isn't that what anyone would do?

Rage: Eh? Helping.... abandoned...?

Misty: That's right. I am an animal lover after all.

Misty: Yeah, I help animals. And it's not as if I'm the only one who does that.

Misty: Fenrir feeds and take cares of abandoned cats.

Rage: ...Cats?

Misty: Yeah. Fenrir hides them somewhere safe and takes care of them.

Misty: Hiding them all for yourself is meaningless, though.

Misty: That's why I feed them too without letting Fenrir know.

Rage: Ha...haha...

Rage: (I see. So Misty treats Gadem-san like a cat...)

Misty: Well then, I'm off.

Rage: What if to her, she also looks at me with the same level of a cat? It can't be, right?

Gadem Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Gadem-san, good afternoon.

Gadem: ...Rage.

Rage: Gadem-san, I would like to speak with you, is it okay?

Gadem: For you, I certainly would prefer a duel over a conversation.

Rage: Ha, hahahaha....

Rinrin: Bad news! Bad news! Bad news...!

Rage: What is it, Rinrin?

Gadem: You seem quite worried.

Rinrin: Ah, Rage and Gadem! This is good.

Rinrin: The nearby village is under attack from the Imperial Army!

Rage: What did you say?!

Rinrin: That's why, I would like to bring help over, but...

Gadem: We will go, of course. Lead the way.

Rinrin: Thank you! Over here!


Rinrin: We made it just in time, but the enemy will soon...

Rage: Okay, we have to take them down all at once!

Gadem: ...wait, Rage. Listen to my request.

Rage: Hm? What is it?

Gadem: Since you do not wish to fight me directly in a duel, in this battle, we shall determine the victor by who can defeat the most enemies. Shall we not?

Rage: A challenge? Here?! You can't be serious. This isn't the time and place for that. The village will soon be attacked by the Imperial Army...

Gadem: I must ask this of you, Rage. If you accept this challenge, I will never speak of dueling you directly again.

Rage: Gadem-san... Very well, okay then. I accept this challenge.

Gadem: Ah, I see. Pardon my selfish request.

Rage: Okay, let's go. Now then...

Gadem: Showdown!

Rinrin: ...I shall count who defeats the most.


Rage: That's the last one...!

Gadem: ...looks like that's all of them. Now then, all that's left is the result of our challenge...

Gadem: Rinrin, what is the count?

Rinrin: Ah yes! Let's see, first, Rage's count is...


Rage: Gadem-san, do you remember... your promise?

Gadem: Yes, I remember. After this showdown, I will never ask you for a duel again.

Rage: Yes, that is right.

Yukihime: Hmm. It is a disappointment for me though.

Rage: ...Just keep quiet for a little while longer, please.

Gadem: Even so, that was a good showdown. I am glad that you have accepted, Rage.

Rage: It was a good showdown indeed.

Gadem: Until now, I have never had such a heated battle with another strong fighter.

Rage: It was the same for me.

Rage: ...even so, helping each other, instead of competing with each other, I would prefer that.

Gadem: Haha, I see. Indeed, your views have not changed.

Rage: That's right. This is my policy... I guess.

Gadem: Policy, I see. The strong fighters and the sword are both my allies. I will make this my faith.

Gadem: Okay, I have decided.

Gadem: Instead of challenging another, I shall aim to be a swordsman of grace and charm.

Rage: A swordsman of grace and charm...?

Gadem: Indeed. With grace, fighting alongside you, that's what I think.

Gadem: ...okay, for that purpose, I need more training.

Gadem: This is a good day indeed. I have to go on my training now, please excuse me.

Rage: Gadem-san doesn't make any compromises in his training...

Rinrin: He might be overzealous over the showdown, but I think that Rage too should have much to learn from Gadem.

Rage: Yeah, indeed, there is much to think over... okay! I too won't give up!

Gadem's Personality Seeker is now added.

Kaito Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito.

Kaito: Ah, Rage, it's been a while.

Rage: Been a while? We faced each other so many times.

Kaito: Hahaha. Well, let's not mind the little details.

Rage: Anyway.... in the first place, why are you here?

Kaito: What's with that? It's as if you're saying me being here is a problem.

Rage: I... I didn't say that.

Kaito: Haha, I'm just kidding.

Rage: Gosh, you're a difficult one. So, why did senior come to Endias?

Kaito: In a manner of speaking, I came to Endias before you did. I'm still your senior here as well.

Rage: Eh, really?

Kaito: Yeah. There was quite a lot of trouble at the other places. Once that ended, we returned to Elde.

Kaito: A while after that, Sakuya-san requested me to stay by Roselinde to protect her, so I came back here once again.

Rage: S... so, in other words, it was actually because I failed right from the start...

Kaito: Roselinde was the key person. When she was captured by the Empire, I had to infiltrate and become one of them. Thus, I became Fafner.

Rage: Infiltrate the Empire... it sure sounds easy when you say it. Gaining the trust of Balder would not be easy. Exactly how did you pull it off?

Kaito: Well, about that... Initially, I planned to perform a suitable task to gain their trust of me...

Kaito: But before that, for some reason, the Earl took interest in me, and I was recommended to be assigned as Roselinde's guard.

Rage: ... that seems a little way too convenient, doesn't it?

Kaito: I'll like to know as well. What was it about me that made the Earl favor me?


Rage: It's obviously because of your sword skill, right. The Earl must have known you were strong right from the start.

Kaito: So is that a compliment? It's not that I don't have confidence in my skills, but it makes me happy to hear that.

Rage: (Senior... he's agreeing like that?)

Kaito: Well, it's good that I finally managed to join up with you all. But it's a shame that I can't fight because of this wound.

Rage: No need to worry. I'll have your share of the battles to come.

Kaito: Hahaha. Still talking big like always. Watch yourself and don't go failing because you got careless.

Rage: U.... y...yes, I'll be careful.

Katio Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito. How are you injuries now?

Kaito: Well, still the same. Sorry, I have no power in such a critical time.

Rage: Don't say that. You have already helped out a lot.

Rage: For instance... that time you protected the Moon Spirit King egg for us.

Kaito: Ah, that time... I really thought I was going to die then.

Kaito: Balder had ordered me to travel with a lot of soldiers to search for the egg.

Kaito: With other people watching me, I wouldn't be able to hide the egg. So, I told Balder, I alone would be enough.

Rage: Senior, don't tell me... you went to battle the dragon all by yourself? And above that... you actually won?

Kaito: Yeah, somehow. It was the Moonshine Dragon Gailnars.

Kaito: He was certainly a powerful enemy. Somehow, my training pulled through. I was just lucky, to be honest.

Kaito: But, the real problem was when I had to return, and report to Balder that there was no egg...

Kaito: Just as I thought, the other generals were beginning to ask questions. I was able to sucessfully hide it, but it really gave me cold sweat.

Rage: Senior Kaito... you really did help us out after all.


Rage: Make sure you get plenty of rest, so you can recover faster. It'll be fine, I'll handle all the battles from now on!

Kaito: Hahaha, that's quite the talk you have. But, I can't just rest easy. I have to get back to the battle as soon as I can.

Rage: Senior~! Can't you at least have some faith in me?!

Kaito: Ahahahaha. Work hard in your training, Rage.

Rage: I... I still have to train, even at a time like this?! Senior, don't joke like that!

Kaito: What kind of attitude is that, Rage. Looks like you really do need some training. Okay, I will spar with you!

Rage: Senior... are you serious?

Kaito: You bet I am. I'm always serious.

Rage: But senior, you're still injured. Having a match is really pushing it.

Kaito: Don't be lame, Rage. Even if I lose because of my injury, having a match with you is... gah?!

Rage: Ah, you see? You're really pushing it... An injured person should just stay down and rest.

Kaito: Kh... I must be in a really sad state to have you worry about me. I'm going to recover, and I'm going to teach you a good lesson.

Rage: Senior... you're serious, aren't you.

Kaito Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito...

Kaito: Hey, Rage. So tell me, how does it feel to be the savior of this world?

Rage: Oh stop saying that. It's kinda embarassing.

Kaito: It's nothing to feel embarassed about. It is a fact that you are the hero who defeated DarkDragon.

Kaito: Such an accomplishment is proof that you have indeed grown. You're no longer that impudent brat when I first saw you.

Rage: S... senior, please stop bringing that up...

Rage: I wasn't impudent. I never tried to go against you, not even once.

Kaito: No, no, you are impudent. Whenever we sparred, no matter how many times you lost, you just kept challenging me.

Rage: That... it's because it's you.

Kaito: Hm?

Rage: You are my role model. One day, I'm going to surpass you. It's what I've always wanted to do...

Kaito: Rage, you...

Rage: Sparring with you, I was doing my best to keep up, and hoping to one day defeat you.

Kaito: You... that definitely is just being impudent!

Rage: Eh? Ehh?! Senior, you're still saying that?!

Kaito: Hahaha, but I see. I didn't know that's how you felt.

Rage: Besides, it's not like I was tried to go against you outside of our matches, since Aneki was interested in you.

Kaito: A...ah. Is that so...

Rage: If I tried to make things difficult for you, who knows what Aneki would do to me later.

Kaito: I... see. So it was something like that.... ahem, ahem.

Kaito: Speaking of which, Rage.... So have you accomplished your goals. Do you have the confidence to surpass me?

Rage: Yes, of course. Right now, I have full confidence that I can defeat senior Kaito!

Kaito: Ah, that sounds promising! That's just like you, Rage!

Rage: Thank you!

Kaito: Once I recovered from this injury, I would really like that chance to see the skills of the man who defeated DarkDragon.

Rage: Yes, I'll be hoping you recover quicker, Senior Kaito!

Kaito: Hahaha. You really are an impudent junior.

Kerberos Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Kerberos. How are you doing, playing around?

Kerberos: ...ah, Rage...

Rage: What is it, Kerberos. You look so listless. What's wrong?

Kerberos: ....You see, someone is callng to me...

Rage: Calling to you? ...well, I don't hear anything. Who is calling you?

Kerberos: ...ah! Here it comes again...! Calling me again...

Rage: Eh?! H... hey! Where are you going? Wait! Wait up! Hey!


Kerberos: .....

Rage: Haa.... Sheesh, you ran so fast, I wondered where you were headed... Why did you come here?

Kerberos: I don't know... I don't know, but someone is calling.

Rage: Sigh, I don't even know if someone is even indeed calling you! Sheesh, what a troublesome one.

Rage: Whoa... To make things worse, monsters are appearing. What trouble this is.

Kerberos: The call... is coming from there.... I have to go...

Rage: H... hey, Kerberos! That's why we have to defeat.... tch, she's not even listening.

Rage: No choice! Kerberos! I will deal with the monsters, you go on ahead!


Rage: Alright! The monsters are down! ...huh? Where did Kerberos go?

Rage: Ah, over there. What are you doing here, Kerberos. Why are you looking around here?

Kerberos: Hm...... Ah! Found it! Rage! Look! Look over there! I found it! I found it!

Rage: Is this... a disc? There's some writing on it...

Kerberos: It seems to say here, Project Loreley?

Rage: What? I don't really understand... is that what this disc is called?

Kerberos: Hm... I think so.

Rage: Why is this disc called that...? Well, whatever, let's investigate when we return to town. Okay, Kerberos, let's go back.

Kerberos: Yeah! Let's go home!

Rage: ...she seems so energetic now. Who's fault was it that I got dragged all the way here.


Rage: Okay then, that disc earlier... What does it contain? Kerberos, try to check its contents.

Kerberos: Okay then.

Kerberos: Begin reading.

Kerberos: .... Begin installation. ..............Process completed.

Rage: Install? Software installed again? Kerberos, are you okay? Do you feel anything strange?

Kerberos: Hm? Uh-uh, I'm fine.

Rage: I see, that's fine. You suddenly started to install again, I thought you'll...

Rinrin: Rage? What are you doing? Install? You really musn't give Kerberos any wierd things to read, okay?

Rage: Well... I never really thought about doing that. Kerberos, are you really okay?

Kerberos: Yeah. Ah, but...

Rage: What's wrong?

Kerberos: ...Somehow, I really feel like singing a song. Is it okay if I sing?

Rage: Sing...? A song? Hm....

Rage: Okay. Sing for us then. I would like to hear.

Rinrin: That's right. I am interested too. In listening to Kerberos' song.

Kerberos: Yay! Thank you!

Kerberos: Okay... here I go.

Rage: ...this is... Kerberos' song. It was completely different from what I thought. But, this is...

Yukihime: Indeed. This is fine... It really stirs the heart...

Rinrin: (Could it be, this song... Don't tell me, the disc was a record of someone's memory...?)

Rinrin: (From long ago, someone's memory was transferred to Kerberos through the disc... That's why the song now exists here...?)

Rinrin: (Even so... this is an incredible song.)

Rinrin: (A yearning, a sadness... the thoughts of the countless people through the passing of time, all contained in this incredible song...)

Rage: Kerberos... that was a great song. I, feel moved by it. Thank you, Kerberos.

Kerberos: ....... uu.....sniff....sob...

Rage: ...Kerberos? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt somewhere?

Kerberos: No.... it doesn't hurt.... but I... feel like crying. I can't stop crying. Why.... sob... sob...

Rage: H, hey! Don't cry, Kerberos! This is bad... what should I do?

Rinrin: This can't be helped. She should calm down if we bring her to her guardian. I will take her to Sakuya.

Rinrin: If Sakuya can hear that song, I'm sure... she will be pleased.

Rage: I see. You might be right. Okay then, I'll leave it to you, Rinrin.

Rage: Later then, Kerberos. Don't cry so much, okay? When you calm down, you can play again, okay?

Kerberos: Um... ks.... hic... sob... sob...

Rinrin: Okay, Kerberos, come. Let's go...

Rage: I wonder what happened... Kerberos. Suddenly crying like that. I didn't really think it was such a sad song.

Yukihime: Indeed. But, she has acquired a heart. I didn't expect her to be able to sing like that...

Rage:'re right. I.... want to hear that song again.

Kerberos' Personality Combat Weapon is now Loreley.
Kerberos' Forcesong Rondo of Light and Darkness is now usable.
Kerberos' Mode Type:Loreley is now usable.

Happy New Year, everyone!
kaito kiriya
Here's a present. This is T2's latest work from C83, which was just held on December 31. I hope you guys like Tony Taka.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
(C83) [T2 ART WORKS (Tony)] リコレクト T2ARTWORKSイラスト総集本 (オリジナル)

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Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 6
kaito kiriya
Aira Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Princess Aira? What are you doing over here?

Aira: Rage, don't worry about me. I'm busy now.

Rage: Busy?

Rage: Elmina? Are you crying?

Elmina: U....u.....Rage-sam...... waaaah....!!

Aira: Elmina, it's okay now. Don't cry, okay?

Elmina: Yes.... I'm fine now. Thank you Aira-sama.

Aira: Are you really okay?

Elmina: Yes! Ah... I still have to buy something. Please excuse me.

Aira: I see. Be careful then.

Elmina: Yes!

Rage: Why was Elmina crying?

Aira: Nothing to do with you.


Rage: ......

Aira: You're still here?

Rage: Even though you say it has nothing to do with me, I'm still concerned...

Aira: .....

Rage: So, why was Elmina crying? You're not the only one who is worried, you know.

Aira: I see. I understand. I will tell you then.

Aira: Just now there was a dog barking at her. That's why she cried.

Rage: Eh? Really?

Aira: The dog probably simply wants to play with her. When I jumped out of hiding after seeing that, it probably scared her.

Rage: Erm, Princess Aira, aren't you spoiling her a bit too much?

Aira: Spoiling her? Me?

Rage: You're like a parent that can't leave the child alone.

Aira: Elmina is very important to me after all.

Rage: I know that, but shouldn't you let her be by herself a little more, for her own sake?

Aira: If I leave Elmina alone, and they enemy comes for her, who will help her then?

Rage: Of course everyone and me will help her!

Aira: That won't be enough. What if you're battling with other enemies?

Rage: When that happens, Elmina would have to defend herself. She is able to fight.

Aira: What happens if that enemy is much stronger than her?

Rage: You're thinking too much!

Aira: There's no such thing as thinking too much. I am merely thinking what I should be thinking.

Rage: In that case, you will have to keep your distance from her after all.

Aira: Why?

Rage: You will just make her unable to be alone, having to depend on someone. You can't let her get used to that.

Aira: ... you do have a point.

Rage: Right?

Aira: If Elmina doesn't learn how to defend herself...

Rage: That's right, if she could get much stronger by herself...

Aira: No, only I can do this. I have to plan out what she can. I can protect Elmina anyway.

Rage: .....

Aira: I have to think of lessons that would make Elmina stronger. It can't be too intense, and have to make her happy doing it...

Rage: Erm... Princess Aira?

Aira: What if I do this first..... then that? Hm.... this might just work...

Rage: She's gone...

Ranah Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Ranah... hm? What are you so angry about?

Ranah: Enough! Just stand there!

Merchant: Like I told you, you misunderstood!

Ranah: You can't fool me with that! You're definitely swindling!

Merchant: Swindling? I'm not good at this. You there, sir, do you know her?

Rage: Eh? Me?

Merchant: Please explain to this lady here!

Rage: Explain? I'm not good at this...

Ranah: Swindler! Swindler! Definitely a swindler!!


Rage: But, for Ranah to be this angry, the one at fault has to be this uncle here.

Merchant: Wh...?!

Ranah: Hehe! I'm glad Rage understands!

Merchant: How is this my fault?!

Ranah: Keep quiet, swindler!

Rage: (Is this really okay?)

Altina: Rage and Big sister, what's going on?

Rage: A...Altina~!! I'm so glad you came!! I'll leave this to you!!

Altina: Eh? What do you mean?

Rage: The truth is, I don't really understand it myself...

Ranah: Altina will surely understand? She's my little sister after all.

Merchant: Are you the little sister? Please listen to me, your big sister....

Ranah: Keep quiet!

Ranah: Altina, listen. This swindler is trying to sell me these apples at a higher price than yesterday!

Ranah: Isn't it strange?!

Merchant: That is what I am trying to explain here!

Ranah: You should just keep quiet!

Altina: That is indeed strange. Rage, do you know about this?

Rage: Well it's the same thing. And the price changed...

Ranah: Rage, are you the same as this uncle? Are you a swindler too?!

Rage: What? Why me? Is there a reason why the price of this went up?

Merchant: There is! These apples from yesterday have already gone moldy.

Merchant: If I sell these at the same price as yesterday, I won't be able to feed my wife and kids. Please forgive the price....

Rage: Understand? One thing you need, is more important than one hundred things you don't need.

Altina: So that's it. That's how it is. Big sister, please understand his difficulties.

Ranah: Still... this is wrong. This price is definitely strange!

Rage: Ranah! That's enough....

Ranah: I will buy all of these apples. At twice the price.

Merchant: Huh?

Ranah: You placed everything into this job, into these apples, didn't you? This price is strange! It's too low!

Altina: Big sister...

Ranah: Hurry up.! If you get it then sell them to me! And hurry up back home!

Merchant: Y... yes! Thank you very much!

Rage: Ho... isn't that a good thing? I thought you would be more noisy about the money...

Ranah: I wasn't really angry about the changes in prices...

Rage: And the higher price you paid?

Ranah: Not enough?

Rage: Nope, you did well.

Ranah: So... what should I do with all these apples.... Okay, Altina? Could you hand these to everyone?

Altina: Sure!

Rage: Ah, I'll have one!

Altina: Here you go!

Rage: Thank you!

Rage: So, how's the taste...

Rage: Oh! These are really good! Try one, Ranah!

Ranah: Eh? Let's see...

Ranah: Hm.... it's good!

Ranah and Aira Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yo! Ranah... huh? Hey! Where are you going?!

Ranah: Oh! Nice timing! Rage! Come with me!

Rage: Go where?!

Ranah: There are pirates near here. Let's go defeat them!

Rage: Just two of us?! That's reckless. We have to at least ask for more help, right?

Ranah: We should be fine... well, but if you say so. Aira~!! Elmina is in trouble!!

Aira: What do you mean?! What happened to Elmina?!

Rage: That was fast...

Ranah: Elmina was ambushed and captured by the pirates near here!

Rage: Wha?!

Aira: Is that true!? Let's go help her!!

Ranah: Okay! To the pirates!

Rage: Is this really okay?


Aira: Elmina!! Where are you?!

Ranah: Looks like they're hiding her somewhere.

Rage: H.. hey! Is that okay? Won't it be bad if we don't tell her the truth?

Ranah: It'll be fine, it'll be fine!

Aira: What are you two whispering over there! Hurry up and defeat them so we can rescue Elmina!

Ranah: Rage! I'm going to rush at the enemy. You too rush if you can!!

Rage: Got it!!

Aira: That is too big a risk. We should control the situation from a distance.

Ranah: We don't have to do that, I can scatter them.

Aira: No.

Rage: H... hey! Stop arguing in the middle of a battle!


Ranah: Easy win!

Aira: Indeed.


Aira: Where is Elmina?!

Rage: (This is bad... we have to tell Princess Aira the truth...)

Ranah: Let's see, where indeed?

Aira: Ranah, what do you think you're doing? There's no way she could be there!

Ranah: Oh! Found it!

Aira: What? Is she there?!

Ranah: Treasure, treasure!

Aira: Treasure? Elmina is more important! If I don't find her quick she will cry again!!

Rage: Erm... Princess Aira?

Aira: What is it Rage? I'm busy. Help me find Elmina.

Rage: I don't know how to say this but... the truth is Elmina being captured was lie.

Aira: What?

Rage: I'm sorry! To defeat the pirates, we needed more people, so Ranah...

Aira: .....

Rage: (Oh no.... she has to be angry....)

Aira: I see.... Elmina is safe then. That's good.

Rage: (Eh? That's it? I thought she would be more angry...)

Rage: Erm, that's it?

Aira: Hm? What is?

Rage: Aren't you mad that we lied to you?

Aira: I'm just glad that Elmina is safe.

Rage: I see.

Ranah: Hey, what are you two doing over there?! Help me out here!

Rage: Ranah, do you intend to carry all those valuables?

Ranah: Of course. That's why I had to defeat the pirates.

Rage: You speak so proudly but...

Ranah: But still, to think a small pirate group like that can get this amount of valuables. Even though they are small fries, they really are pirates.

Ranah: Okay then, let's return this to the town people.

Rage: Eh?

Aira: So that's how it is.

Rage: What do you mean?

Aira: The money stolen by the bandits are to be returned to the people, to restore their livelhood and economy.

Aira: Isn't that right, Ranah?

Ranah: Hm? I just thought that everyone would be happy if they got their money back.

Rage: That's it?

Ranah: Even though the festival has already started, it should still be fine.

Aira: True that the festival has started, everyone would be livelier. To be thinking this far...

Rage: Well, I'm not so sure she thought this far but...

Ranah: ...?? Well whatever. Thank you anyway. It really is much easier with you helping Rage and me.

Ranah: I doubt we will lose if it was just Rage and me, but the damage would be worse.

Rage: That might be right.

Aira: No, when I think about it, the damage would have been much worse.

Aira: If Ranah did not put her mind to stopping this, the damage wouldn't just stop here.

Ranah: Ah, really?

Aira: Yeah.

Ranah: Well then, these valuables, I have to hurry up and return to the town people.

Aira: You're right.

Rage: (The two of them have such different personalities, but they work so well together. A nice team...)

Ranah: Anyway, after we give this out to the townspeaople, I think we should have some left. Can I just keep what is left?

Rage: Wha?! Ranah, so that's what you're after?!

Aira: No you can't. It is to be given out to everyone in the town. Don't you dare take anything.

Ranah: Tch, scrooge.

Rage: (They really are a good team...)

Ranah's personality Wild Justice is added.
Aira's personality Cool Justice is added.

Jinkurou Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Jinkurou-san. Are you doing something alone?

Jinkurou: Hm? Rage. It's nothing. I was just thinking about something in the past.

Jinkurou: I have to reflect on my past, in order to find myself. That's what I was thinking.

Rage: Oh, that's how it is. I'm interested in listening. I don't really know much about Jinkurou-san.

Jinkurou: Very well. It's not something I intend to hide either. So, where shall I begin...

Jinkurou: I was working for a country known as Seiran. I was on a mission that would settle the peace between the countries.

Jinkurou: If it was successful, we would do so for the neighbouring countries as well. Sadly, this mission was doomed to fail.

Rage: Wow, Jinkurou-san had such an important mission.

Jinkurou: During the conference, because of Seiran's minister Shumari's plot, the mission failed.

Jinkurou: And then, I escaped from Shumari's pursuers, unable to return to Seiran, roaming the wilds.

Rage: That sounds really bad.

Jinkurou: My ideal country, one where all the citizens work together for a common purpose, this ideal was not to be...

Jinkurou: This lofty ideal was wishful thinking on my part. I made a failure that can never be undone.


Rage: I don't exactly hate lofty ideals. In order to make the world a better place, aren't such ideals important?

Jinkurou: Indeed, Rage. What you say is correct. I was too captured by the failure of my past.

Rage: But to be able to escape from the countries' pursuers. You really are a ninja.

Jinkurou: To tell the truth, I would have been unable to survive alone. The one who saved me was the Princess of Saint Philias country.

Jinkurou: I was gravely injured in my escape, and the princess gave me some holy water which healed me.

Jinkurou: This gratitude, I had to return the favor. So in Bestia...

Jinkurou: Bestia had achieved peace. For me, and for Seiran, I requested Bestia for assistance.

Jinkurou: To return the favor of the one who saved my life, that is one reason why I have lived.

Rage: Jinkurou-san has such a strong sense of honor. I'm sure, that is why everyone trusts you.

Jinkurou: Trust? In me? Hm... I never thought much about it. Rage may be right.

Rage: And speaking of which, being saved by a princess like that, it must have felt like being saved by a goddess!

Jinkurou: That may very well be true. One born of high birth, passionate and generous beyond anyone else. I may have more respects for her than even you.

Rage: (Hm, to see Jinkurou-san talk so much is so rare. The princess must really be important to him, I think.)

Clalaclan Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yoh, princess Clala. What are you doing here?

Clalaclan: Ah... Rage-dono. This is good. Actually, there is something that I wanted to ask you.

Clalaclan: I am trying to compile into a book, the glorious history of all the heroes. I would also like to know more about your behaviors. Could you help me?

Rage: Behaviors? What am I, an animal?

Clalaclan: Ah, no, that's not what I mean. It's just that, I would like to know more about the life of a hero who came from another world...

Rage: No, I don't think there's anything strange in particular. Rather, wouldn't the life of Clala as a princess be more different from others?

Clalaclan: No, I really am interested in the life of a hero. Rage-dono, if you have the time, could you tell me all about yourself?

Rage: Well, I don't have anything to do right now, so I don't mind. I'll tell you anything.

Clalaclan: Speaking of which, Rage-dono seems to be always moving alone. What about all your servants?

Rage: Eh? Servants? I don't have anything like that. I'm not really that famous...

Clalaclan: Ah, that's not true. You are the legendary hero who will save the world. Rage-dono need not be so formal to me.

Rage: Well... that is...

Clalaclan: But... if you don't have any servants, wouldn't it be inconvenient to do things alone? Like change your clothes and prepare your food?

Rage: Of course I would do it alone.... huh, change clothes?! Princess Clala, do you have other people to help you change your clothes?!

Clalaclan: Yes. When I am in the castle, I have the maids to help me change and do my hair.

Rage: I see... you are a princess after all...


Rage: Well, life outside the castle must be difficult. Do you find anything inconvenient, princess Clala?

Clalaclan: Rage-dono, thank you for your concern.

Clalaclan: But I am fine. It is because that I am a princess, that is why I can't be selfish and wilful.

Rage: I see... that is admirable, princess Clala.

Clalaclan: Oh my, look at the time. I didn't realize so much time has passed while talking to Rage-dono.

Clalaclan: Once the battle is over, I wish to talk to Rage-dono more.

Rage: Ah, that's good then. I will tell you all about my world.

Clalaclan: Really?! Then I must hurry to bring the war to an end.

Clalaclan: Here, a handshake of promise. We will see each other, throw a feast, and invite our friends over.

Rage: Handshake? Okay. ...hmm, princess Clala's hand is so slender, almost fragile... a real princess...

Yukihime: Hey! Stop swooning over a handshake! If you're a hero, then act smart!

Rage: Ah, jeez, you talk too much, Yukihime... Anyway, see you around, princess Clala.

Clalaclan: Yes! I will be counting on you too from now, Mr Hero.

Clalaclan and Jinkurou Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, princess Clala. Where are you rushing off to? Did monsters show up?

Clalaclan: Ah, Rage-dono! The truth is, Bestia is assaulted by the Empire! We must hurry towards Bestia!

Jinkurou: Of course I shall go too. I have a duty towards princess Clala and Bestia.

Clalaclan: In the past, our country has received help from everyone in Bestia. It is our turn to return that favor.

Rage: Okay. I will help too! Let's go together, princess Clala, Jinkurou-san!

Clalaclan: Thank you, Rage-dono! It is very heartening that you are coming with us. Okay, move out!


Clalaclan: This is as far as you go! I won't allow you to continue your invasion!

Rage: Now that we are here, there is no way you can win! Surrender! ...That's what I would say, but you're not going to do that so easily, are you...

Jinkurou: Indeed. It is time for us to show our prowess. Let's go! Don't get careless!


Rage: Okay, all the enemies have been forced back. Princes Clala, Jinkurou-san! Are you okay?!

Clalaclan: Yes, me and the soldiers are all okay.

Jinkurou: Do not worry about me. Bestia also did not suffer heavy damage.

Rage: I see, that's good. Bestia probably wants to thank you two too.


Rage: The two of you did well. You risk your lives for other people, that is no easy feat.

Clalaclan: Not at all... I simply wish to return the favor by helping Bestia.

Jinkurou: I am the same with princess Clala. I simply wish to return the favor. It is nothing worth praising over.

Rage: Still, I think you two are great. To be able to do something like this so naturally, it's not an easy thing.

Rage: However, when we are helping each other out, it shouldn't be like returning favors... it should be more like strengthening our bonds.

Clalaclan: You are right. We and Bestia still have more to do with each other. We will continue to help each other.

Jinkurou: From here, our bonds with Rage too. The assistance granted to us by the legendary hero, the people of Bestia shall remember this gratitude.

Rage: Ah, well, I was just helping you too. It's not really that big a deal.

Clalaclan: But, the one who has became our pillar is definitely Rage-dono. Rage-dono is the one whom we depend on.

Jinkurou: Indeed. Rage will become much stronger, both in body and in spirit. I look forward to it.

Rage: I'm not such a great person, but I will work hard, for princess Clala and Jinkurou-san.

Rage: The two of you, we still have much work to do ahead of us... princess Clala and Jinkurou-san, we shall continue to fight for everyone, won't we?

Clalaclan: Yes! For Philias, Bestia, and the whole of Elde too... no matter how far we are, we are one world.

Clalaclan: For the peace of this world, we will continue our battle!

Jinkurou: As expected of princess Clala. I, Jinkurou, shall become your strength.

Rage: That's a little too serious... but, it does concern the peace of the world, so I concur.

Rage: Having such great ideals and being able say it so upright, these are the strong points of princess Clala and Jinkurou-san after all.

Clalaclan: Yeah. From here on too, I will chase after my ideal without giving up. Rage-dono, thank you for lending your strength to us.

Rage: (Chasing after your ideal without giving up... sometimes it's even harder to continue than it is to let them go...)

Rage: (Princess Clala and Jinkurou-san, their will is so much stronger than I thought. I should learn from them!)

Clalaclan's personality Oath of the Shield is added.
Jinkurou's personality Lost Wing becomes Wing's Oath.

Dyran and Isari Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yoh, Dyran-san. I see you're with Isari-san too.

Dyran: Oh, Rage.

Isari: Hey.

Dyran: What is it Rage? You have news of some treasure? Or you decided on your next prey?

Rage: Geez, is that all you ever think about?

Dyran: We are pirates after all. We're always after the big game.

Rage: I actually didn't have a good image of pirates before...

Rage: But Dyran-san seems to be a nice pirate.

Dyran: Don't read too much into it. After all, we use whatever methods we can to gather as much treasures as possible.

Dyran: We get our hands dirty of course. A good pirate... there's no such thing...

Dyran: However, I will tell you this much. We will never lay our hands on the innocent. This is the code of the Arch Buccaneers.

Isari: I... never attack anything except for prey...

Rage: I know I can believe you two.

Dyran: I see, thanks. Well, Isari isn't really interested in anything except for prey anyway.

Isari: Hmph. Sorry for being that way.

Dyran: This guy just doesn't change. One time, he got a good bounty on a prey. Since then, he's only been interested in prey.

Dyran: He's a hunter by heart. But, he's very skilled, I can guarantee that much.

Rage: Isari is a monster hunter...

Isari: That's right... going around the world hunting monsters... I am always... after big ones.... hehehe...

Dyran: Especially dragons that guard treasure. Hunt monsters and seek treasures at the same time. Two birds one stone. We would love to travel around the world this way.

Isari: Right now, it isn't possible...

Dyran: That's correct. Our proud pirate ship is now at the bottom of the sea.

Rage: That's right, it was sunk by the Empire...

Isari: Without a ship to ride on, my hands grow dull...

Dyran: Isari is our helmsman. I wish to hurry up and revive our ship...

Isari: For that purpose... we need bounties, treasures.... all to build a new ship.

Rage: I see. That is bad. But, the sea is indeed a good place. Being a man of the seas, that doesn't seem bad at all.

Dyran: That's right, Rage. If you do get a ship, what would you do with it?

Isari: I am... interested.

Rage: Suddenly asking me that...

Dyran: What about it, Rage?


Rage: Become the king of pirates!

Dyran: Suddenly shouting out.

Dyran: Big ambitions! I like it!

Rage: Eh? You're not actually seriously believing it, are you?

Rage: I think I talked way too big.... hahah.

Rage: If I really became a pirate, I think a lot of people would get angry.

Dyran: I'm surprised you are like that.

Dyran: You have the guts of a real man. And you have that look in your eyes.

Rage: D... don't bring your face so close to me.

Dyran: Sorry, sorry. But, my eyes are now shining. What do you think, Isari?

Isari: The people Dyran picks... I have no objections...

Isari: Dyran! Make this guy... one of us! Rage is.... a good choice!

Dyran: No need to be this excited, Isari. But, I concur!

Rage: I have no intention of becoming a pirate!

Isari: Do you... hate me?

Rage: No, that's not it. Look, we are all allies now, right?

Isari: You will be one of us.

Dyran: Yahoo! If Isari is this interested, I have no reason to reject. So how about it, Rage?

Rage: ...Ah, erm. You know, I just remembered something important that I really need to do. Goodbye!

Isari: Rage.... you won't get away.

Dyran: There is no one that can escape from Isari. Hahaha! This is going to be interesting!

Dyran and Isari Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Dyran-san. You are not with Isari today?

Dyran: Isari? Ah, that guy went fishing today.

Rage: Again? He's been idly going out to fishing lately.

Dyran: That guy lives to fish. But the truth is, I've never actually seen him fish before.

Rage: I've never seen him fish once before. Speaking of which, he always comes back empty-handed. Does he really go fishing?

Dyran: Oh. You're that curious, Rage? Then I have an idea. Let's go spy on him.

Rage: Spy on him.... Isari?! It's not a good thing to spy on other people, I'll pass... whoa!

Dyran: Don't start being the good guy now. C'mon, let's go!

Rage: Wait... let me go.... whoa!

Dyran: Ah, found him. Over there.

Rage: Ha... in the end I was brought here by force...

Rage: Isari is standing by the river, not using any thread.

Dyran: ...hmm. That is true. He still has his poker face, I wonder what is he thinking?

Rage: He's sighing. Maybe he's mulling over some thing?

Dyran: Oh, quite the observant eye you have. That is very possible...

Dyran: Okay, I'm going with your possibility. It's decided.

Rage: Decided? What?

Dyran: Isn't it obvious? You're going up there, now!

Rage: Whoa...!

Isari: Who's there?!

Rage: Ah, well...

Isari: You... Rage...

Rage: Ah, Isari. Ahahahaha... erm....

Isari: You need me for something?


Rage: Are you enjoying fishing here?

Isar: Yeah... of course.

Rage: Can I try too?

Isari: Okay, let's fish together.

Rage: Well then, I'll sit here.

Isari: Two people fishing.... not bad.

Isari: ....Rage, that was good skill.... not bad.

Rage: I... I'm back...

Dyran: Hey you. All you did was just fish, no?

Rage: S.. sorry. But that was so sudden, I didn't know...

Dyran: But it's fine. I think I know what Isari was troubled over.

Rage: So, what is Isari troubled over?

Dyran: Hahhahhah! He's been putting up a front all this while.

Dyran: That guy...

Dyran: Is just lonely.

Rage: Ha?! What does that mean?

Dyran: Don't you get it? He wants a friend.

Dyran: That guy doesn't change, most people don't get it. From what he said just from fishing...

Dyran: If it is you, you can understand him. So Rage, be his friend.

Rage: I don't particularly mind. We can be friends.

Dyran: Oh, Isari! Heard that?

Isari: My.... friend...

Dyran: Ah, that's right. We are friends, comrades, allies!

Rage: I'm still not going to become a pirate.

Dyran: Eh? Why?

Rage: This matter and that matter are different things. Doesn't matter how you try to talk me into it.

Rage: And, doesn't Isari already have Dyran-san?

Dyran: Well, that is true. Hahahaha.... Tch, to think it got away after so close... Sorry about that, Rage.

Isari: Rage as my friend... hehehe, not bad at all.

Dyran and Isari Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hello, Dyran-san. As always, you're with Isari.

Isari: Hey....

Dyran: Oh, Rage. You came at the right time. We're going on a little treasure hunt right now. How would you like to come along?

Rage: Treasure hunt?

Dyran: Yeah. The dragon dwelling in the desert ahead has quite some treasure hidden away.

Isari: The dragon... is a bad guy. It sometimes runs rampant in the towns... causing problems for everyone.

Dyran: So, we defeat the dragon, get it's treasures, and the the townspeople become grateful. Two birds, one stone, right?

Rage: Nevermind the treasure, we can't leave a fierce dragon on its own. ...okay, let's go!


Rage: The dragon's lair is somewhere near here?

Dyran: Yeah, it was information that I collected in town. ....grr, that's some heat here.

Rage: I know, right. If only there was an oasis here. A bath or something...

Isari: Oasis... I could fish.

Rage: ... I don't think oasis have fish.

Dyran: ... the two of you keep it down. The wind is changing. That guy... must be close by.

Rage: Yeah.... we'll be careful.

Isari: Time to hunt... hehehe.


Dyran: Ha ha ha! Bad state you're in, you third rate dragon!

Rage: We won... I heard that it was a fierce dragon, but it was surprisingly weak.

Dyran: Hehe, doesn't matter if it's a dragon, we'll kick their butts!

Isari: ... invincible.

Dyran: Okay then, time for the real reason we're here...

Rage: The treasure, right?

Dyran: Yeah, you got it, Rage. Just as you say.

Isari: The treasure... this...

Dyran: Houhou! That's quite the load! Such valuables! Ha ha ha ha!

Dyran: Okay, let's get this all loaded! Three shares!

Rage: Heave, ho. Heave, ho.

Dyran: Hey, here! Here!

Isari: I will... help too.

Rage: Okay then, Isari, hold this.

Isari: Okay.... I got it.

Dyran: Looks like Rage is now completely one of us.

Rage: Not this again... you really want me to be a pirate no matter what...

Dyran: But, you like doing this, don't you?

Rage: How do you know this?

Isari: Rage... seems to be having fun.

Rage: ...well, to search for treasure is a man's dream. Can't say I hate it.

Rage: But... it was really fun that I came together with Dyran-san and Isari.

Dyran: This guy... why don't you just say that you're happy?

Rage: The two of you are always so close... believing in each other and working together. It's actually kind of cool. It's admirable in a way.

Rage: More than friendship between guys, it's more like a bond between two people.

Isari: How many years... has it been.

Rage: That's why, I thought it would be very interesting to travel the world on a ship with you two.

Dyran: Well, that's really simple then. The Pirate Knights Arch Buccaneers will always welcome you with open arms!

Rage: But, this just really isn't the time for that...

Rage: When the war is all over, I will have to think about this all over!

Dyran: Yeah, I perfectly understand. To make this war end faster, we will help you with our full strength!

Dyran: This is a promise between men!

Isari: I... promise too.

Rage: Thank you, both of you.

Dyran: Well then, tonight, we throw a feast to celebrate our everlasting friendship!

Isari: Hehehehe. Tonight... I won't be sleeping.

Dyran: ...well, before that, we still have to hurry up and get all of this treasure out!

Rage: Okay!

Dyran's Personality Bond beyond Friendship is added.
Isari's Personality Bond beyond Friendship is added.

Shining Blade Translation Script Chapter 10
kaito kiriya
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage and the Shining Force have defeated DarkDragon, and Dragonia Empire has crumbled.

Following that, peace has returned to Endias. The people are now able live their lives in peace. ...At least that's what it should have been.

However, the land, wounded by traces of war, monsters are becoming more active, strange phenomenons are occurring, and the people are still suffering.

These occurrences, are suspected to be the resultant damage caused by Dragonia Empire. Thus, Rage and everyone continued their activities as the Shining Force.

In addition to investigating the situation in all parts of the land, they are also offering aid to anyone suffering from the monsters.

Their battles are far from over.

Rage: ...what is going on. Now that DarkDragon isn't here any more, the world's anomalies should have all disappeared as well.

Yukihime: Indeed. Well, at least compared to before, Valeria is now much safer. But it's still a long way from a full recovery...

Rage: Hm.....?

Yukihime: Anyway, here and there, strange things are happening..... hey? Rage? Why are you staring at me with that strange look on your face?

Rage: Well, Yukihime. Previously, when your seal was removed, your appearence was totally changed... I don't know when, but you've returned to usual.

Yukihime: T...that... can't be helped! It's because you're too inexperienced! The way you are now, you can't hope to maintain me in my unsealed form.

Yukihime: Anyway, you never noticed that until now?! So inexperienced! So dense! It's no wonder that I returned to this form!

Rage: Haha, sorry. But, even though you don't have that sealed power. Your personality seems to have returned as well. So I'm at ease.

Yukihime: .....wha?! N.. no, that is, how should I.... it is...

Yukihime: Argh! This isn't the place for this. If you have the time to relax and play around, hurry up and investigate the situation!

Rage: That's right. Okay, I'm off!

Get Quest

Sakuya: Do you remember the ruins that made those ancient weapons from before?

Roselinde: Yes. The ones near the coast of Crantor. Are you referring to those ruins?

Rage: Yeah, the ruins where the Earl was. It would be pretty hard for me to forget. It was a pretty tough battle.

Sakuya: The truth is, there have been many monsters spotted in the area around the ruins. This needs to be investigated...

Sakuya: Those ruins actually run deeper underground. There must be something there.

Rage: Like an underground labyrinth? That may explain the monsters.

Elmina: But, it's not exactly the first time that we have heard of monsters appearing. How is this different...?

Aira: The Empire must have acquired something before it fell. The remnants must be plotting something now... I'm afraid that's what this means.

Roselinde: If that is the case, we must do something about it.

Rage: In other words, we have to go there to investigate more, right? Got it! Let's hurry and go!

Rage: Hehehe, exploring a labyrinth. Just the kind of job for a hero. I'm ready for action!

Yukihime: ....Simple-minded as always.

Roselinde: But that is Rage's good point. Hehehe.

Yukihime: ......hmph...

Rage: That's.... a little... hahaha. A... anyway, let's go to the labyrinth!


Rage: To think that this is under the ruins...

Rinrin: Mmhm, it's quite the labyrinth. Lots of interesting things around!

Rage: I know right? Let's begin the search!


Rage: Whew... this is harder than I thought, this labyrinth. The monsters are also stronger.

Yukihime: We've barely just started, and already you're whining! There is still a long way to go, so get a grip on yourself!

Rage: Yeah, you're right... There is something with these ruins, we have to investigate.



Rage: Huh? Strange, there are footprints here. Has someone already entered before us?

Yukihime: Someone other than us has entered here before... could it be, the Imperial Army remnants? Rage, be careful!

Rage: Damn it... Are they still planning to do more harm? I will stop them for sure!


Yukihime: Rage! Over there!

Rage: Wha?! Is that... the Imperial Army's Magic Dragon?! What is it doing here?

Rage: Tch, this is not the time for that! Anyway, we have to defeat it before we can proceed!


Yukihime: We defeated it somehow. However, for the Magic Dragon to appear here, is this too the work of the Empire Remnants...?

Rage: Hm? That is...

Yukihime: What is it, Rage? Did you find something?

Rage: There's a disk-like object dropped here. This is... it looks like a data disc.

Yukihime: Deita deesk? What is that?

Rage: It's an item found on Elde. Oh well, I'll just hang on to it for now.

Rage: So... what should we do now, Sakuya-san? Shall we press on?

Sakuya: No, this battle has taken quite the toll on us. For today, let us return.

Sakuya: I'm a little curious about this disc.


Sakuya: Was this disc held by the monsters? It looks really old. I wonder what is it for...

Roselinde: Perhaps, it is related to why this ruins was made in the first place?

Sakuya: I do not know. We don't know the contents. Kerberos! Can you come here a bit?

Kerberos: Yes, Master. What do you need?

Sakuya: Could you take a look at this and read it? Just checking the contents is enough.

Rage: Eh? Kerberos, are you able to read this?!

Kerberos: Yes, I believe the format is usable.

Rage: Wow... that's kinda amazing...

Kerberos: Begin reading.

Kerberos: ...Compatible data identified. Begin installation.

Sakuya: Eh...? Install? Hold on! You only need to identify the data! Cancel the process! Cancel!

Kerberos: ...Installation complete.

Sakuya: Ah...! Too late...! Kerberos, are you okay?

Kerberos: .....

Sakuya: Kerberos! Snap out of it, Kerberos! Please, say something!

Kerberos: .....u....ugh...

Sakuya: That's good, it's not a freeze. Are you okay, Kerberos?

Kerberos: Er.... hm... yeah... I'm okay... Sakuya.

Sakuya: I see. You're okay. That's good. ......wait, what did you just say?

Kerberos: Eh? I said I'm okay, Sakuya. ...What's wrong? You seemed surprised?

Sakuya: What's wrong? That's what I would like to know. You're not the same as usual?

Sakuya: Rather... you're acting strange.

Kerberos: Boo! I'm not strange! Kerberos isn't strange!

Rage: No, it's strange no matter how you look at it. I wonder what's happened?

Rage: Kerberos has always acted like an emotionless robot. Now she's acting like a small kid...

Roselinde: I don't really understand what Rage referred to, but I think I know what he meant. It's like a soul has been born into a doll...

Rinrin: I don't really know the details... and I have never seen anything like that. But the reason has to be that disc for sure...

Sakuya: What is something like this doing in the ruins...

Kerberos: Hey, Sakuya! I'm bored! Can we go back home now? Hey!

Sakuya: Eh...? Go back? Erm... it's sudden, but...

Rinrin: Hehe, that's fine, right, Sakuya? We have a lot more to find out later. Let's return to base.

Sakuya: ...I see?

Rinrin: Yeah, let's return. We have to investigate the surrounding areas a bit more. We will come back here again.

Sakuya: I guess you're right. Okay, Kerberos, let's go back.

Kerberos: Yeah! Let's go play! Ahahahaha!

Sakuya: Ah, hold on! Don't run in here! Kerberos!

Rage: (Sigh... looks like things are going to be pretty troublesome for Sakuya-san from now on...)

Kerberos' Personality Heart Circuit is now added.


Sakuya: Hey! Kerberos! Stop running here and there!

Kerberos: No! I wanna play, I wanna play!

Sakuya: You can't! Wait!

Kerberos: No way! Sakuya can't catch me! Ahahahaha!

Rage: Things sure have gotten troublesome for Sakuya-san... It's almost like she became Kerberos' mother now.

Yukihime: Indeed. However, I am bothered about why the disc found in the ruins would change Kerberos like this...

Rinrin: About that. When we somehow pacified Kerberos, she analyzed that disc and found information on the ruins.

Rinrin: But anyway, it wasn't very important information. But it does prove that those ruins were indeed made by the ancient people...

Rinrin: There are even more dangerous things the deeper we go... that's how it seems.

Rage: So, that means... if we don't settle what is inside those ruins, the fighting won't end...

Sakuya: Haa... I'm so tired. I finally managed to get Kerberos to behave...

Rinrin: Great work, Sakuya. We were just talking about the ruins.

Sakuya: Ah, about that. Those ruins, I'm concerned about how they are related to the ancient people...

Sakuya: It really needs to be investigated. ....Immediately, if possible.

Sakuya: It's just, I have a feeling that if we investigate, that detestable person's face will show up again... I have a bad feeling about this.

Sakuya: But, even so, it's all the more reason why we can't leave it alone. If that wretch shows up again, we will stop him this time!

Rage: I understand. In any case, we have to go investigate. I will tell everyone, and we will all set out!

Sakuya: Okay. Please do!


Rage: Okay, let's set off to investigate. This time, we don't know what we are going to find. Everyone, be careful.

Rinrin: I got it! Everything is prepared! We can set off anytime!

Sakuya: Everything is okay on my side. Okay, everyone, let's go!


Yukihime: Good grief... why are there so many monsters in these ruins? There's just no end to them.

Rage: You're right... I wonder why. It's pretty tiring...

Kerberos: Really? Kerberos is not tired at all! Still okay!

Rage:'re really energetic. I can't lose out... Okay! Let's move on with full power!



Rage: Tch! Another Magic Dragon! There is definitely something strange with these ruins!

Aira: Why are you talking about that now? We all knew there was something strange about these ruins right from the start.

Yukihime: That is correct! First, we defeat the enemy in front of us! Rage, do it!

Rage: I got it! Let's do this! Come on, Magic Dragon!


Rage: Huh? This is... another disc was dropped.

Yukihime: I see. Well then, this time, let's take it back with us to base, shall we?

Yukihime: You and everyone else are definitely exhausted. If you press on recklessly, it will be dangerous.

Rage: You're right. Let's go back, and analyze that disc. Princess Aira is good with that.

Sakuya: As said, this ruins do go deeper... but until the analysis is complete, it is better if we stop here.

Sakuya: That way, we can react to the changes on the surface as well.



Sakuya: ...That's right... if we just leave things as they are, then...

Rage: ...Sakuya-san?

Aira: Yeah, first we have to go to the 30th level...

Fenrir:, that means we have to get ready...

Rage: Erm, Sakuya-san? I would like to know what you asked me for...

Sakuya: Ah, Rage, sorry. I am still discussing about that with princess Aira and Fenrir.

Sakuya: We analyzed the disc we found previously, and we finally know the true purpose of the ruins.

Rage: The true purpose of the ruins? What is it? Those ruins.

Aira: Okay... Simply put, those ruins were the waste disposal where the ancient civilization discard their trash. However, it wasn't just simple trash.

Aira: They were scrapped dangerous objects... In other words, during their development of living weapons, the failed projects would be discarded there. It was a sealed place.

Aira: Of course, they could easily go out of control, or the control systems would stop functioning. That's why 3 heavy seals placed on the ruins.

Aira: The entrance, the door at the 30th level, as well as the bottom-most level.

Rage: The entrance? Hold on. All the times we entered the ruins, we never noticed anything like a seal?

Aira: It did indeed exist. Just that we did not notice it. In short, that seal was already removed. At least, that was the first seal.

Aira: We have to find out their status of the second and third seals. The people who removed the first seals...

Aira: They may also remove the second and third seals. It would not be difficult for them to remove.

Rinrin: Up to now, judging by the many dangerous enemies we have encountered outside those ruins, the second and above seals must still be stable for the moment.

Rage: But, isn't this bad? We can't allow those seals to be removed!

Rage: Damn, who is it? Who's behind this! Is it the Empire remnants?

Sakuya: That's right, the remnants. It may be the remnants. About that, there is someone I suspect that could be behind all of this. Someone I would have wish to never have known.

Sakuya: Anyway, we can't allow someone like that to do as he please. We have to go to the ruins immediately!


Rage: Damn... these footprints, it has to be the Imperial Army Magic Dragon. I knew it was strange.

Rage: As I thought, there are more of the Empire remnants further ahead. They could be waiting to ambush us anywhere.

Sakuya: What you say may be correct, but it is a fact that someone came before us. ...It would be wise to proceed with caution.


Sakuya: Everyone, this place looks okay. However, beyond here, there will be more dangerous monsters. Don't lose your guard, and proceed with caution.

Rage: Understood. Be careful too, Sakuya-san!

Rinrin: No problem, no problem! I'm right with her! Nyahahaha!




Rinrin: Magic Dragon again? Sakuya, as I thought, this is...

Sakuya:'re right. The one pulling the strings must be close by. It has to be...! But first, we have to defeat this guy!

Rage: Understood! First we defeat this guy, then we face the one behind this!


Roselinde: Sakuya-san! Look over there...!

Sakuya: ...Earl?! I knew it was you!

Earl: You all came. But, you are too late. I am taking this.

Sakuya: That is... a disc?! Wait! Earl!

Earl: ...Farewell. We will meet again.

Altina: He... vanished?!

Sakuya: ...This is bad! Teleportation...! This can't be helped. We will pull out of here for now.

Sakuya: But, I will never let allow you to succeed! Earl!



Rage: Sakuya-san, I just don't understand... What is the Earl's true purpose?

Rage: In the end, the Earl was not one of Balder's underlings. In fact, he was the one pulling the strings behind. These ruins, he is definitely planning something with them.

Rage: However, what is he trying to accomplish, even now, I don't understand.

Yukihime: It is true, we do not understand what he has been doing at all... We still do not know even now.

Sakuya: The Earl's objective... it is a little hard for me to tell everything at once...

Sakuya: But I can tell you in simple terms, he wants to destroy this world.

Rage: Destroy... the world?! Not to conquer it, but to destroy it?! Is that what this guy has been planning?!

Sakuya: Yes. It is the reason why he had been using Balder and the others. And of course, these ruins also have something that he need.

Yukihime: Unbelievable...!

Rage: To think he could even plan something like that... But, hold on?

Rage: Why is the Earl after something like that? Aren't the only things there "failed projects"?

Rage: And, when I think about it. He had plenty of chances to invade those ruins before, yet he chose now.

Rinrin: ...this is just a conjecture of mine, but the Earl must have tried to get the living weapons once before, but gave up in the end.

Rinrin: But, Rage is correct. They are all "failed projects".

Rinrin: They are not safe to use, but they have no limit on their output. Using them again does pose a great risk.

Rage: Isn't that right? Then why would...

Rinrin: It's because DarkDragon has been defeated. The Earl has no choice but to use these "failed projects" now. That's how it is.

Rinrin: Furthermore, these failed projects had to be locked up under a heavy seal. So you can just imagine their power.

Rinrin: That's why the Earl had to use these ruins.

Rage: Good grief... that Earl is just one impossible bastard.

Rage: If we let this go on, the world will really be destroyed. We must stop the Earl at all costs!


Sakuya: Now that we are caught up in the Earl's plans, we cannot afford to get careless.

Rage: Indeed. If we don't do anything, this world will really be destroyed.

Rage: We will stop that guy before that happens! We must hurry into the depth of the ruins!


Rage: It looks like that bastard Earl won't show up right now...

Sakuya: However, you can be certain that he is planning something beyond here. We have to be careful.

Rage: Yes!



Yukihime: A Magic Dragon! Is this one also released by the Earl?

Sakuya: Most likely. We cannot afford to waste too much time here. We must hurry and deal with them!

Yukihime: Agreed! Let's go, Rage!

Rage: Yeah!


Earl: Most unfortunate for you, Sakuya. This victory is mine!

Sakuya: This is bad...! He has once again another disc...!

Earl: That is how it is. But in case you are wondering, this disc contains the key that will unlock the last seal.

Rage: What did you say!? There's no way I'm letting you take something like that! Hand it over!

Earl: Not so fast.

Rage: Uwaa!!

Sakuya: Oh no...! Rinrin! Where is the Earl?!

Rinrin: No good... He's already gone.

Sakuya: He got away again... This time, it is really bad... we must return to base, and think of a counter-offensive...!


(NOTE: The quest from here on is repeatable.)

Get Quest

Sakuya: Even though we may be at a standstill here... Very soon, we will have to go to those ruins...

Rinrin: That's right. Sooner or later, the Earl will find a way to release the last seal.

Rinrin: No, perhaps... he might even have already released the seal.

Rinrin: If the "failed projects" that are sealed in the bottom of the ruins, were allowed to be released, then the Earl will be that much closer to his ambition.

Rinrin: If that were allowed to happen, the world would once again face destruction...

Sakuya: Yes. Before that happens, we must stop the Earl. Rage, Yukihime, will you help us?

Yukihime: Just leave it to us. We have already saved the world once already, did we not? Saving it another time is not impossible.

Rage: Moreover, Sakuya-san's bad affinity with that Earl is really becoming a problem. I will help you settle that once and for all!

Rage: I've always given my all to help Sakuya-san. This is nothing.

Sakuya: Yukihime... Rage... Thank you...

Rage: Hehehe, you don't have to thank us. In any case, we would have to defeat those "failed projects".

Rage: Now, let's go, Yukihime! It's time to save the world again!

Yukihime: Agreed!


Earl: ...Sakuya, you've come. But I have everything prepared. Indeed, your timing is perfect.

Earl: Very soon, I shall unleash this ancient evil upon the world. It will be the first step in shaping the new world, forged from a magnificent order...

Earl: In other words, the first step for me to become a god, will happen at exactly the same time!

Earl: Now, stand there and behold! Watch as this world you foolishly struggle to protect perish!

Earl: And of course, you all along with it. It is your fate to be erased!

Sakuya: What kind of bullshit are you spouting...!

Rage: I'll never let something like that happen! I will stop you!

Earl: Still, I do not understand, Sakuya. Why are you struggling so hard for a world like this?

Sakuya: To me, this world is worth protecting for! That is why I will never let you destroy it! That's all there is to it!

Earl: This world.... worth? Hahah... interesting words. You are as intriguing as always...

Sakuya: Sorry, but I'm dead serious here! I will never go along with your demented ambitions!

Sakuya: Just hurry and give it up, then go disappear somewhere else!


Rage: ...Earl! The monster you have awakened is now finished! Now it's your turn!!

Earl: A failed project is still a failed project after all... Unsuitable to be a replacement for DarkDragon. So, it would appear that I would need the "box" after all...

Rage: What are you blabbering about? Come on and face me!

Earl: Apologies, but I have no intentions of fighting you beyond this point. Pardon my departure.

Rage: What?

Rage: Uwaa! Damn it, again...!

Yukihime: ...He escaped from us again... Sakuya, what next?

Sakuya: ...It is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do. We have to let him go for now. He doesn't have any more pawns he can use either.

Sakuya: However, the next time we meet, I will...!


Rage: ...somehow, we pulled it off. With that, we are now completely done with these ruins and its dangers...

Yukihime: That is correct. With this, the people will no longer have to suffer because of the monsters or the phenomenons.

Yukihime: I am concerned about what the Earl spoke of before leaving... But it looks like we managed to stop his plans completely.

Touka: This is great... With this, this world is now safe.

Elmina: I... feel so relieved. I could almost cry...

Misty: I too, will now be able hunt my treasures, and take my baths in peace.

Altina: Finally, peace is returning to Endias...

Rage: That's right. With this, everyone will be able to live their lives peacefully.

Roselinde: Yeah... The people of Crantor, people of Syldia, people of Runevale, people of Bestia and Fontina...

Roselinde: And not just that. The people of Riveria, and the people of Elde... the people in the world, everyone...

Rage: Yes. The way Roselinde and Amil had suffered... no one will ever have to go through that again.

Rage: This is truly great...

Sakuya: That's right. You have done your very best at so many things.

Sakuya: As your teacher... I feel that I should give you some kind of reward. What would you like?

Rage: Eh? R...reward? Hmmm, what would be nice. How about a kiss from the goddess to the hero who saved the world? Hahahaha!

Rage: Ah, um... sorry, I was just kidding.

Sakuya: That? I don't particularly mind... Now close your eyes.

Rage: Eh? Ah, okay. Closing........ eh?!

Sakuya: You have done well, and mastered everything! There is nothing more I can teach you.

Rage: Eh?! Wha?

Roselinde: Eh...!

Touka: My, my~ How bold!

Elmina: E...erm.... In front of everyone... this is...

Yukihime: Y...y...y... you both...! What are you...!

Altina: T...that's right! Exactly what are you doing?! This!

Sakuya: I just wanted to give him something like a simple show of appreciation... Looks like I've caused trouble, somehow.

Sakuya: I guess that's too much service for a graduation ceremony. Sorry, everyone. Hmhmhm.

Rage: I, think, it's still too early for me to graduate... There are still more things to teach me about... like the world of the adults and such. Hehehe...

Misty: What do you mean by graduate...! What do you mean by "hehehe"...!

Yukihime: Grrr...! Rage! What are you doing swooning over there! Why are you always acting this way in front of pretty girls! At the very least, I'm confident I won't lose out to Sakuya!

Roselinde: .....Congratulations, Rage. Is that what I should be saying to you...?

Rage: Eh? H...hey! Yukihime! What are you angry about! And... don't tell me, Roselinde too?

Roselinde: I'm not angry at all. Not really...

Altina: That's right. N...none of us here particularly feels anything...!

Yukihime: I happen to be angry! Listen here, Rage! For a hero to be showing such a sloven face after being rewarded with a kiss is... Hey! Are you listening!

Misty: Good grief! If you want a kiss or two, then why didn't you just tell me! So, I can also...

Elmina: Y... you mustn't, do that... How could you do something so enviable... I mean, so embarrassing, so easily?

Touka: Hmhmhm. Rage-kun, aren't you popular?

Rage: N... no, I don't really recall something like that...

Rage: Uwaa! I get it! I get it! Yukihime! Please forgive me on this one! Everyone, please don't get mad!

Rage: Sakuya-sa~n! Please do something!!

Sakuya: ......

Rage: ...Sakuya-san...?

Roselinde: Sakuya-san, is... something wrong? You're just staring at the sky....

Sakuya: Ah, sorry about that. I was just thinking about things.

Sakuya: From now on, there will one day be more places we have no choice but to go, more things we have no choice but to do...

Rage: I see...

Sakuya: But, it's okay! From this trip, I have learned a lot from Rage and everyone. You have shared with me your courage... and your strength. Not only that...

Sakuya: No matter where we go, we will always have reliable allies to help us out. Looking at you guys, I can feel it.

Rage: I understand... From here no, no matter where you go or what you do...

Rage: I may not know now... but I promise this.

Rage: I will do everything I can, Yukihime too, the Loreleys too, as well as all our other allies...

Rage: Whenever Sakuya-san is in trouble, we will definitely be there for you! Well? Isn't that right?

Roselinde: Yeah! I will definitely go!

Yukihime: Yep! Very well!

Elmina: I, I too, will help...!

Misty: Well, I don't mind lending a hand.

Almina: Of course, me too!

Touka: You can always call on us, okay?

Rage: See? That's why, Sakuya-san. When that time comes...

Sakuya: Yeah... thank you... When that time comes... I'll count on you!


Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 5
kaito kiriya
Rinrin Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yo, Rinrin.

Rinrin: Nya, nya, nya. Unyanyanyanyan!

Rage: Rinrin, right? Or maybe just another strange stray cat that looks exactly like her?

Rinrin: How rude. Now I'm being treated like a strange stray.

Rage: Ah! Sorry.

Rage: (Truth is, she looks just like any other cat.)

Rage: First time I met you, I was really shocked. A cat could actually talk.

Rinrin: Really? Haven't you seen a talking cat before?

Rage: We don't have cats that talk at the other side! Wait, that was where we first met.

Rinrin: That's right. Sakuya asked me to bring you here.

Rage: So it was Sakuya-san's request. Rinrin has always been helping out Sakuya-san?

Rinrin: Yes. Sakuya is always busy, I do whatever I can to help her.

Rage: Truly, Sakuya-san is always busy. I wonder what does she do when she's not fighting?

Rinrin: What Sakuya does when she is not fighting... To put it in simple words, she is saving souls.

Rage: Saving souls? What does that mean?

Rinrin: Saving souls... For example, take Amil.

Rage: Amil? What about her?

Rinrin: She was originally a normal girl living in Crantor.

Rinrin: When Crantor was attacked by the Empire, she lost her life, but she carried with her strong emotions, and so she remains.

Rage: Strong emotions? Like what?

Rinrin: Ah. A girl's heart carries many secrets. It's not nice to pry.

Rage: I wasn't trying to...

Rinrin: Heh. Anyway, even though Amil lost her life, her strong emotions crystalized into a Soulcrystal, and remained on the land.

Rinrin: Sakuya was able to release Amil. With Amil's own will, she now also has a new form.

Rinrin: And that is the Soulblade. Amil now has a new life, as Rick's sword.

Rage: That sure is something. To think Sakuya-san could do something like that.

Rinrin: That's just one thing. Sakuya can do a lot of things no one else can.

Rinrin: And that ends today's lesson. Do you still have anything else to ask?

Rage: Lesson? That's a bad word to use. Reminds me of school.


Rage: Rinrin seems to know so much. If you were just helping out, how could you have known such details?

Rinrin: That is the right question.

Rage: (Hm? Did Rinrin's eyes just shine?)

Rinrin: However, there isn't enough time for me to answer this question. A shame, but this will have to wait for some other time.

Rinrin: Well, if you want to know more about Sakuya, I will always be glad to tell you what I know.

Rinrin: I know everything about Sakuya. I have been with her for a long time. A very long time indeed...

Rage: That sounds deep, but I think I get it. Until then, Rinrin.

Rinrin: .....

Rage: Rinrin? Are you listening?

Rinrin: Nnya.

Rage: She's asleep? She was just talking normally, next moment she's fast asleep.

Rinrin: ...munya....unyan....

Rage: When she's asleep, she's just like any other ordinary cat...

Rinrin Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Rinrin, are you taking a nap here?

Rinrin: Nnya.... ah, Rage. It felt so good, I fell asleep here.

Rage: You really are carefree. Just like a real cat.

Rinrin: Nya~~. Anyway, what is it, Rage. Did you come to see me?

Rage: Hey, Rinrin, can I ask you? I have something I just can't figure out.

Rinrin: Can't figure out? Such as?

Rage: Such as... yes. The predecessor Yukihime keeps talking about. The founding king guy thing.

Rinrin: Don't use "thing" to describe your predecessor. If Yukihime hears, she will get angry again.

Rage: Ack! Looks like I'm safe though....

Rinrin: St Christoph.... Crantor Founding King was the hero who saved Endias 200 years ago.

Rinrin: The situation was not unlike yours. At that time Valeria was facing a major crisis. The power of darkness had greatly expanded, threatening to cover the whole land.

Rinrin: The one who defeated this darkness was King Chris. Alongside his brave allies, using an unrivaled sword, battling the incarnate of darkness, DarkDragon, and sealing him away.

Rage: DarkDragon.

Rinrin: After this, King Chris and 3 other heroes rebuilt Valeria into four kingdoms after the war.

Rinrin: They are as you know now, Runevale, Fontina, Crantor, and Bestia.

Rage: Ah, I see. So that King Chris was the founding king.

Rinrin: That is how it is. In that war, the brave warriors of light who stood against the darkness were called Shining Force.

Rinrin: As a matter of fact, at that time, the weapon wielded by King Chris was the Soulblade, Spirit Sword Yukihime.

Rage: I... I see. The predecessor was really powerful, that's why Yukihime had to stress this.

Rinrin: Yukihime had nothing but respect for King Chris. Worshipped him, to be honest.

Rinrin: You may get tired of being compared like that, but please don't think badly of Yukihime.

Rage: Somehow, that just feels strange. You explain it all, as if you were there to see it.

Rinrin: Uhuhu....

Rage: ... what's with that knowing grin?


Rage: Rinrin, exactly who are you? You know so much about Sakuya-san, so much about this world...

Rinrin: You don't know who I am.... does that make you afraid?

Rage: Eh? Not at all....

Rinrin: There are some things that I can tell you, and some things that I can't. Please remember that.

Rinrin: I am always on Sakuya's side. This means, I am also on your side. I will stand by you all.

Rage: Ah.... I understand. Thanks, I trust you.

Rinrin: Anyway, Rage. My back feels a little itchy. Could you please reach there for me?

Rage: E? Back? .... is it here?

Rinrin: Ehehe.... thank you Rage. Mmm, this feels good.

Rage: (When you look at her, she doesn't appear any different from an ordinary cat... she's really mysterious....)

Rinrin: gorogoro...nyan.

Rinrin Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hm? Rinrin, where are you going?

Rinrin: Ah, Rage, this is good, I was searching for you.

Rage: Me? Do you need me for something?

Rinrin: Yes. Could you come with me?

Rage: I don't really mind, where are we going?

Rinrin: I'll explain later. Anyway, come with me.


Rage: Rinrin, what is it you need here?

Rinrin: Deep in here, there is an important gemstone. For me to get it, I need Rage's help.

Rage: But there are monsters roaming around. To come all this way here, what is this gemstone?

Rinrin: I'll explain this later. I need your help, please, Rage.

Rage: I don't really get it, but it seems important.

Rage: I understand, I'll help. In return, make sure you explain everything to me.


Rage: Rinrin, is this the gemstone you are searching for?

Rinrin: Yes, this... Good, it's intact, undamaged.

Rage: I see, that is good then. So... what is it? Shouldn't you explain it to me?

Rinrin: That's right, I did drag you into helping me with this, so I should at least explain to you.

Rinrin: This is a SoulCrystal. It is a crystallized memory form the ancient people.

Rage: This is a SoulCrystal? A memory from the ancient people?

Rinrin: Yes. The people who lived here long ago, this is what remains of their memory.

Rage: Hmm, I see. Having something so ancient left behind seems amazing.

Rinrin: And Rage, my duty is to guide Soul Bladers like you and Rick on the right path.

Rinrin: But I have another duty, and it is to collect all these SoulCrystals.

Rinrin: Collecting and managing the knowledge of the ancients is the reason why I exist.

Rage: Hm... I don't really understand. But what do you do with all the crystals that you collect?

Rinrin: About that... I'm sorry, I can't tell you the details.

Rinrin: Someday, I might just be able to tell you the real reasons. Please wait until then, okay?

Rage: ... I see.

Rage: I don't really understand the whole matter, but if you ever need help again, feel free to ask me.

Rinrin: ...Rage, you really are kind.

Rinrin: If you are always this kind to everyone, it's going to become a problem some day.

Rage: Huh? Rinrin, what do you mean?

Rinrin: Hehe, it's nothing important.

Rinrin: That's right, Rage. I have one more request I must ask you.

Rage: Request? What is it?

Rinrin: That.... Sakuya, please take care of her.

Rage: Eh?

Rinrin: I'm sure you might have noticed as well. Sakuya is suffering right now.

Rinrin: The burden that Sakuya bears is a very very huge one. One beyond what I can picture...

Rinrin: Please, Rage. Become Sakuya's strength.

Rage: Yeah, Sakuya's suffering, I have somehow noticed.

Rage: I don't know how much help I can be. But for Sakuya's sake, I will become her strength. And of course, Rinrin's too.

Rinrin: Yeah. Rage, thank you.

Rinrin's Personality Black Cat's Guidance is added.

Fenrir Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hello Fenrir-san.

Fenrir: Ah, Rage. Did you need something?

Rage: Nothing really. Just wondering what are you doing.

Fenrir: I see. I was thinking of going somewhere.

Fenrir: Could you come with me? I need to speak with you.

Rage: Where exactly?

Fenrir: You'll find out. Don't make that face, it's not somewhere dangerous.

Rage: What? I look scared to you?

Fenrir: Hahaha! That's fine then. So you coming?

Rage: Whatever. Doesn't really matter.

Rage: But since I'm here, might as well go.

Fenrir: Well then. It's over there. Follow me.

Rage: Got it.

Fenrir: This is the place.

Rage: Erm... here.... Ah! I see cats over there.

Fenrir: I am currently taking care of these guys right now.

Rage: Eh? You are?

Fenrir: Yes. It was after the previous battle. They were left behind from the battlefield. I'm afraid there are no parents to take care of them.

Fenrir: I bring them food and water, and look after them. That's why I always come here.

Rage: I see.


Rage: I am kind of surprised.

Fenrir: Really?

Rage: Yeah. I thought that Fenrir was someone scarier.

Rage: But you actually have a kind side.

Fenrir: Haha, you're making me embarrased by saying that.

Fenrir: ... Do you still think of me as a scary person?

Rage: Not at all.

Fenrir: I see... well then, please keep this a secret.

Rage: Eh? Why? I think it will be good if everyone knows that Fenrir-san is actually a kind person.

Fenrir: That's actually not a good thing.

Fenrir: The chain of command has to be absolute.

Fenrir: If the image of me being a scary person is broken, maintaining command won't be as easy.

Rage: I see. That is true.

Fenrir: That's why this has to stay between us.

Rage: I understand.

Fenrir: Oh, apart from this, there is still one more favor I need.

Rage: What is it?

Fenrir: I cannot come here all the time, and I can't take these guys with me.

Fenrir: During such times, please take care of them for me.

Fenrir: If I ever fall in battle, please come in my stead to feed them.

Rage: Eh? That's not needed, isn't it? Fenrir-san is strong. You can't fall in battle.

Fenrir: Hahaha! There's no way I'll be finished that easily. But, we always have to have plans. This is just in case.

Rage: Well, I understand. Very well, I accept.

Fenrir: Thank you.

Fenrir: Well then. Rage, do you still have time?

Rage: Well, sure.

Fenrir: So, how about a little practice then?

Rage: Very well. I accept.

Fenrir: Heh. Rage, you may be a hero. But that doesn't mean I'm about to let you pass me that easily.

Fenrir Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: What is it? Why are you staring at the sky?

Fenrir: Ah, Rage.

Fenrir: The truth is, I was thinking about the past.

Rage: About the past?

Fenrir: Yes.

Fenrir: It happened long ago, before the Valeria Liberation Front was formed.

Rage: Before Fenrir-san came here? Sounds interesting, would you mind telling me?

Fenrir: That's right... I've been wanting to talk to you...

Fenrir: Listen to my boring story.

Fenrir: Rage. Do you know about Surt?

Rage: Yes, he is the beastfolk from the Empire.

Rage: Ah, you mentioned that you trained together before.

Fenrir: Yes, that is correct. Surt and I had the same teacher, practicing assassination fist together.

Fenrir: We respected each other, competed with each other.

Rage: Rivals, huh.

Fenrir: Rivals..... that might just be what we were....

Fenrir: Our teacher was an amazing person. He may have taught us assassination techniques, but he also taught us not to use it for the wrong reasons.

Fenrir: However, Surt failed to listen. He would go to where people were gathered, challenge them, fought them.

Rage: So he was obsessed with his own power...

Fenrir: Yes. Through his training, he achieved great power. There was no challenge in his trials.

Fenrir: He was strong. During battle he killed all of his opponents.

Fenrir: Even though it wasn't a mission, Surt showed no restrain....

Fenrir: Of course, his actions weren't allowed. Our teacher tried to convince him to stop, but he would never listen.

Fenrir: And in his great anger, he expelled Surt.

Rage: That seems expected.

Fenrir: However, Surt turned around, and attacked our teacher.

Fenrir: At this time, he was already so strong, he was already above us.

Fenrir: Not listening to a word, he killed our teacher.

Fenrir: Watching our teacher's blood spill all over me, I could not move.

Fenrir: Unable to seek revenge for our teacher, the taste of blood overwhelming me, I couldn't move an inch.

Rage: Fenrir-san...

Fenrir: Surt merely laughs at me, and then he disappeared from there.

Fenrir: It was painful. That's why I have decided to seek revenge for our teacher. Alone by myself, I have been training to reach that goal.

Fenrir: Once, we both had the same ideals.... how did this happen....


Rage: Surt's strength, isn't really true strength.

Fenrir: So Rage feels the same way too?

Fenrir: Using power without control or restrain, is just pure violence.

Fenrir: To further improve oneself, to use power for justice. In this aspect, we are nothing alike.

Rage: A person holding power, must use it responsibly. I have heard this before.

Fenrir: Indeed. You are right.

Fenrir: But Surt is on the wrong path, blinded by power.

Rage: For us as well, we must be careful with what we do too.

Fenrir: That is right.... where is the proof that I am different from him?

Fenrir: For all I know, I could be very well treading the very same path as Surt, without realizing it.

Rage: Fenrir-san...

Fenrir Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Fenrir: Rage, did you listen to what the messenger said?

Rage: Messenger? No I haven't.

Fenrir: ...I see. It was a report that sveral routes have been attacked by the enemy.

Rage: Isn't that really bad? We have to hurry there...

Fenrir: Yeah...

Rage: Hm? What's wrong? You seem unwilling to do it.

Fenrir: Is that how I look? I'm fine, no problems here.

Fenrir: I'm always ready. We set off as soon as we're ready!

Rage: Yeah, okay.


Rage: This is...

Fenrir: This state, it's terrible...

Fenrir: Kh!

Rage: Let's hurry! Fenrir-san!

Fenrir: Yeah, okay. I won't let them get away with this!


Rage: Okay, that's all of them.

Rage: The damage done was considerable, but at least most of the people have been evacuated, fortunately.

Fenrir: .....

Rage: Fenrir-san?

Fenrir: ...yeah... I know...


Rage: What's wrong? You don't seem like your usual self today.

Fenrir: That might be true...

Rage: Is there something bothering you? Perhaps you can talk to me about it...

Fenrir: I see. That might not be so bad...

Fenrir: Well then, Rage, answer me this. Tell me what you think.

Rage: Yeah.

Fenrir: How am I different from Surt?

Rage: Fenrir-san, and Surt....

Fenrir: He and I used the same strength. And like him, I kill my enemies.

Fenrir: Am I actually that different from Surt?

Fenrir: Am I truly, using my strength for the right purpose?

Fenrir: If I just take one different step, I might have ended up the same as Surt...

Fenrir: No... maybe... I am already just like him.

Fenrir: I... don't know. What is the right path for me? I don't want to keep making the same mistakes!

Rage: Fenrir-san is fine. There is no way you can become like Surt.

Fenrir: ...why do you say so?

Rage: Because.... even now, you still concern yourself.

Rage: You are concerned when people are hurt...

Rage: A person who has a kind heart like Fenrir-san, there is just no way you can become like Surt.

Fenrir: Heart, huh...

Rage: It is true that Fenrir-san kills enemy soldiers, and lives are taken this way.

Rage: But think it this way, for this street's people, if Fenrir-san and I didn't come here, then I'm afraid...

Fenrir: I see. I understand. Rage, thank you. Because of you, I am no longer troubled.

Rage: ...That's good.

Fenrir: Yeah, I had completely forgotten about it.

Fenrir: Something I must protect, something I must save. This is the reason why I fight.

Rage: Ah, I see.

Fenrir: ...okay. From now on, I won't be lost again.

Rage: In order words, you will be just as you always were, isn't that so?

Fenrir: Yeah, indeed.

Rage: That's good. Now that's our Fenrir-san.

Rage: From here on too, let's do our best together!

Fenrir: Of course!

Fenrir's Personality Past Profession becomes Righteous Strength.

Ryuuna and Gouryuuki Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey Ryuuna, Gouryuuki. What are you two doing, looking around like that? Are you searching for something?

Ryuuna: Ah, Rage-san. We aren't looking for anything in particular, just taking a walk in town.

Gouryuuki: Ryuuna isn't too used to big towns. That's why this is all new to her.

Rage: I see. In that case, I'll come along too. I do have some free time.

Ryuuna: Yes, please.

Ryuuna: There are so many things and people on the street. Ah! That child is eating something white and fluffy. Gouryuuki, what is that?

Gouryuuki: Ah, that is a "raincloud", made from the sweet thread of a rare spider.

Rage: (Eh?)

Ryuuna: A sweet thread from a spider. You really do know a lot, Gouryuuki!

Rage: Uh, it's not made of spider silk. It's made from sugar.

Gouryuuki: Hm, to think that another way of making it exists. Rage knows a lot too. You have my admiration.

Rage: (Are the two of them always like this? It's that there's way too much things they seem to not understand. It's worrying...)


Rage: Are the two of you always like this? Having Gouryuuki teaching you everything?

Ryuuna: Yes, that's right. There's a lot that I don't know, so Gouryuuki teaches me everything.

Gouryuuki: To have Ryuuna count on me, it makes me happy.

Rage: Even so... Ryuuna, are you going to continue to travel like this?

Rage: Up to now, there are so many things you don't know. Doesn't that bother you?

Ryuuna: Ahahaha. That might be true. I may not be able to do it if I am travelling alone.

Ryuuna: I had always been with the White Dragon Clan. I've never had much chance to go outside.

Ryuuna: The only reason why I can even travel is because of Gouryuuki.

Ryuuna: Gouryuuki protects me, and teaches me so many things. I always rely on him.

Gouryuuki: Ryuuna! I am honored to hear that! I will work even harder from now!

Ryuuna: Thank you, Gouryuuki. Hmm. What is that green ball they are selling over there?

Gouryuuki: That is a vegetable known as a watermelon. It tastes sweet. But you must be careful when eating it.

Gouryuuki: If you swallow the seeds, your body will grow watermelons, and you will become a watermelon yourself! It is very dangerous!

Ryuuna: I didn't know such dangerous food exists! I must be careful not to eat something like that!

Gouryuuki: Don't worry. When Ryuuna eats the watermelon, I will be sure to remove every single seed.

Rage: (Growing a watermelon inside you? Are the two of them really going to be okay?)

Rage: (If I leave these two alone, it will only be a matter of time before trouble happens. I better watch out for them.)

Ryuuna and Gouryuuki Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Ryuuna, and Gouryuuki. Are you touring the town?

Ryuuna: Ah, Rage-san! I've been looking for you! Gouryuuki! Catch Rage-san now!

Gouryuuki: Understood. Hold still, Rage.

Rage: Eh? Hey, what's this? Let me go!

Ryuuna: Please be quiet! Something terrible is about to happen to Rage-san. Gouryuuki, take Rage-san with us!

Rage: W.... wait! Where are you taking me? Let me go! Whoa?!

Ryuuna: Yeah, this place is fine. Gouryuuki, you can let Rage-san go now.

Rage: What are you two trying to do?! Carrying me all the way here...

Ryuuna: I'm sorry, Rage-san, but we had to do this.

Ryuuna: The truth is, I prophesized, "Rage-san would have a calamity coming his way". That's why, we had to do something about it.

Rage: Eh? Is that so? What kind of calamity?

Ryuuna: I don't know what it is. But, I also prophesized that to avert this disaster, Gouryuuki holds the key.

Ryuuna: That's why, I had Gouryuuki get you here. Gouryuuki would be able to save Rage-san.

Goouryuuki: Leave it to me, Rage! The best way to deal with a calamity, is through hard training! Be strong enough to beat this calamity down, Rage!

Rage: So Gouryuuki holds my fate, huh....


Rage: I'll leave it to you, Gouryuuki. Whatever calamity comes, I'll be able to deal with it with my own strength.

Gouryuuki: Not to worry, Rage. I Gouryuuki will make sure you become stronger.

Ryuuna: Rage-san and Gouryuuki, do your best! We're bound to beat down this calamity together.

Rage: So, to train against this calamity, what should I do?

Gouryuuki: The best way to deal with a calamity is using strength after all. First of all, smash this rock. Not using a weapon, but with your fists.

Rage: This rock?! It's even bigger than me! Furthermore, how can it be possible to smash it with just your fist? That's just crazy!

Gouryuuki: How? You clench your fist like this, focus your strength, and do it like this. Ha!

Ryuuna: The rock broke to pieces! Amazing, Gouryuuki. Okay, next is Rage-san's turn. Okay, here!

Rage: Even though you say that... it's just not possible for me. I'll pass....

Ryuuna: What are you saying? Would you rather the calamity comes? Rage-san, you can do this! Give it your best!

Rage: O...okay, fine..... Hiyaaa!

Gouryuuki: Yes, that is a fine form! So how is it? Did the rock split?

Rage: O....Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! It really is impossible!!! My hand.......

Ryuuna: A... are you okay, Rage-san?! The wound isn't too bad. I will heal you now.

Gouryuuki: My goodness, Rage. That was really pitiful. To think you can't do something so simple, Rage is surprisingly weak.

Rage: My body is far too different from yours. I don't think there is any human capable of doing this!

Gouryuuki: Enough with the excuses! Sit right there! For today, I will teach you everything that a warrior is supposed to be!

Rage: Eh, wait. I still haven't treated this wound yet...

Ryuuna: Ah, I will take care of your injury. Don't worry about your hand now, listen to Gouryuuki.

Rage: (It has been two hours since then, and his lecture is still continuing....)

Rage: (Good grief, my fist hurts, I have to sit through this lecture... don't tell me that the calamity Ryuuna was talking about, is actually this?)

Rage: (In the end, they really cause quite a stir for other people...)

Rage: (Although they appear to be normal, they are surprisingly not so good with common sense, Ryuuna and Gouryuuki.)

Gouryuuki: Rage, what are you doing dazing off? Listen carefully to what I say!

Rage: (Sigh..... this lecture isn't going to end so soon, is it....?)

Ryuuna and Gouryuuki Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: What's wrong, both of you? Looks like something is bothering you.

Ryuuna: Ah, Rage-san. The truth is, White Dragon Clan Shrine is under attack from the Black Dragon Clan!

Gouryuuki: Yes. That's why, we are all ready to go! To battle!

Rage: What?! I'm helping too! Let's hurry to the Shrine!


Rage: This is bad. Enemies have already taken over.

Ryuuna: However, everyone has made it to safety.

Gouryuuki: Well then, all that is left is to smash the enemy!

Rage: In that case, I'm going all out. Let's go!


Rage: Whew, in any case, we seemed to have chased all of them out. Is everyone okay?

Ryuuna: Yes. We and everyone in the clan are fine. Rage-san, thank you for your help.


Gouryuuki: Anyway, the Black Dragon Clan wretches are really persistent. This attack is not the first time. We beat them back, but they just keep coming and coming!

Rage: Is that so... The White Dragon Clan and the Black Dragon Clan don't seem to get along well.

Ryuuna: It's not a matter of getting along. The Black Dragon Clan has repeatedly done many evil deeds. We could not allow them to do as they please.

Ryuuna: The truth is, I would prefer not to fight if I could.

Ryuuna: All the battles up to now, lives of important allies have been lost. If possible, I would like to end this battle.

Rage: I see. That is bad. If it's okay with you, I will protect you all. Let me know whenever you need help.

Ryuuna: Thank you very much, Rage-san! Hearing you say that is very reassuring!

Gouryuuki: Rage, Gouryuuki here thanks you too. We will protect everyone in the clan together!

Ryuuna: Still, this time it was thanks to Rage-san that everyone is safe. I can't imagine what we'd do if Rage-san wasn't here.

Rage: Don't say that. I was merely just helping out.

Gouryuuki: No, if Rage wasn't here, we would have a tough fight. Everyone from the clan thanks you.

Rage: Don't worry about it. We are allies, aren't we? We should always help each other out in times of trouble. If you need anything, just let me know.

Ryuuna: Thank you, Rage-san! Whenever Rage-san is in trouble too, we will lend you our strength.

Gouryuuki: Indeed! Rage is our ally! No matter how long!

Ryuuna: Gouryuuki is correct. You can always count on us for help too, Rage-san!

Ryuuna's Personality White Dragon Priestess is added.
Gouryuuki's Personality White Dragon Warrior is added.

Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 4
kaito kiriya
Roselinde Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Roselinde.

Roselinde: ...Rage. What is it? Do you need me for something?

Rage: No, not particularly. You were alone, so I decided to call you. What are you doing by yourself?

Roselinde: I'm... listening to the song.

Rage: Song?

Roselinde: Yeah. Do you hear it? The songs the children in the streets are singing...

Rage: Yeah, you're right. Even when the world in such a state, to hear the children singing, it's kind of soothing.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: Roselinde...?

Roselinde: I too... once sang like those children, with no ill-intentions, with no other desires.

Roselinde: But now...

Rage: Roselinde...

Roselinde: I know that my song is special. I know that many souls were saved from my song, but...

Roselinde: But now... I have been tainted. I can never recover from that.

Roselinde: For one such as I, be it saving the souls, or singing. I am not worthy.

Rage: Hey... you shouldn't say things like that...

Roselinde: Rage. I am afraid... I fear my songs so much, I just can't bear it.

Roselinde: When I sing my requiem, my voice is different from before. I am afraid.


Rage: You are not tainted. Even when you were with the Empire, I never once felt that way.

Roselinde: Yeah, I know that, but still...

Roselinde: I am sorry, Rage. I am really glad that you feel this way, but I just can't accept this.

Rage: Roselinde...

Rage: Anyway, don't think too much. If you keep feeling so depressed, it will be bad for health.

Roselinde: You're right... thank you. I will be careful.

Rage: .....

Rage: (No good... Right no, no matter what I say, it won't reach Roselinde.)

Rage: (Exactly what should I do...)

Roselinde: .....

Roselinde Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Roselinde. How are you doing?

Roselinde: Rage... yeah, I'm fine, thank you.

Rage: don't seem happy.

Roselinde: ...I see.

Rage: Do you, still feel uneasy about the songs?

Roselinde: ...yeah.

Rage: I see.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: (I give up... I really don't know what I can do to make her feel better...)

Roselinde: You...?

Amil: Good afternoon, Roselinde.

Airy: Erm, pardon us. Are we disturbing...?

Rage: No, it's fine, don't mind it.

Neris: But of course. There's no way Rage would think badly of our presence, right?

Rage: Well, yeah, but whatever. Anyway, what is it?

Airy: Uh, the truth is, we wanted to speak to Roselinde...

Roselinde: Eh...?

Amil: Truthfully speaking, Sakuya-san was worried about you, so she asked us to see you.

Roselinde: I see... I'm sorry, I made you all worry...

Neris: No, no, not at all. The truth is, we were concerned about Roselinde as well.

Roselinde: .....

Airy:, Roselinde... We all love your song.

Airy: As our Miko, your requiem makes us all feel at ease. This much I do know.

Roselinde: .....

Amil: Hey, Roselinde. I too will like to hear your requiem again.

Amil: Your songs, they not only guide the lost souls. You also save the souls of the living people. That's what I believe.

Neris: We will be waiting, for you to sing the way you have always done. Okay?

Roselinde: .....

Airy: Roselinde.....

Amil: ...Let's go. We told her what we needed to.

Neris: Indeed. See you later, Rage.

Airy: We're counting on you.

Rage: Ah... see you.

Rage: (Counting on me, she says... what am I supposed to do now...)

Roselinde: .....

Rage: Erm... those girls are kind, no?

Roselinde: ...yeah... they are.

Roselinde: To see such kind girls being worried about a tainted one such as I...

Rage: Roselinde...


Rage: Well, Roselinde. I too would like to hear your song.

Roselinde: Eh...?

Rage: Amil said so, didn't she? Your songs can save the people.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: I too will like to hear your song, that can save all the souls. Not just me, everyone wants to hear your song.

Roselinde: Rage....

Roselinde: I am sorry. Please let me think about this...

Rage: Ah, okay...

Rage: (It's not working... I just couldn't take her unease away...)

Roselinde Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Roselinde, come here. Follow me, please.

Roselinde: Rage... What's wrong? What is it?

Rage: It's a request from Sakuya-san. Many lost souls have gathered, and are wandering in the town now.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: Roselinde, this is your move. You can save these souls.

Roselinde: I am...

Rage: The lost souls are waiting for us. Come, let's go together.

Roselinde: ... I understand. I may not be able to do anything but...

Rage: (This is being forceful, but it can't be helped. I just have to get her to act now.)


Rage: Wha?! What are... those monsters?!

Roselinde: The souls are... being attacked? Don't tell me, they are being eaten...!?

Rage: Monsters that eat souls? How could something like that exist!

Roselinde: I don't know... But those monsters are clearly after these souls.

Rage: We have to do something about this. Okay, Roselinde. Let's defeat these guys!

Roselinde: I, I understand.


Rage: Looks like we dealt with all of them, but...

Roselinder: This is terrible.... So many souls.... why even now...

Rage: Countless souls, all roaming here...


Roselinde: ...The deceased... are crying.

Rage: Roselinde...?

Roselinde: I am sorry.... I... just can't sing. I'm sorry....

Rage: Roselinde!!

Rage: Look at those souls, Roselinde. Everyone is waiting for you. They are waiting for your song.

Roselinde: Waiting... for me...

Rage: Everyone wants to hear you sing.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: Even I... wish to hear. I want to hear Roselinde's song.

Roselinde: .....

Rage: So many souls are suffering. You are the only one who can save them. Even then, you are still feeling lost?

Roselinde: I... I am...

Rage: You are not tainted. You song can save these souls. That is the proof!

Roselinde: Save.... these souls....

Rage: Everyone is waiting for your song. Please, Roselinde. Sing for us.

Roselinde: Everyone... is waiting. Waiting, for my song...

Roselinde: But... Rage, I...

Rage: Roselinde!!

Roselinde: I understand. I... will sing.

Rosleinde: But... please... Rage. Please stay beside me. Don't leave me alone...

Rage: Yeah, of course. I will be with you all the way. So you can sing without any worries.

Roselinde: Yeah...

Rage: (The souls of the deceased... guided by Roselinde's song, rising into the sky...)

Rage: (Countless souls, in a dazzling aura, absorbed by the sky...)

Rage: (The souls left to wander the land, are now finally able to rest.)

Rage: (Roselinde... this is all thanks to you.)

Rage: .....

Roselinde:, Rage. How was it? My song... and... those souls...

Rage: Shh... Hush. Calm yourself, and look around you.

Roselinde: Eh...? Ah.... The souls are glowing...

Rage: Right? Roselinde, that has to be their appreciation to you.

Roselinde: Eh.....

Rage: This beautiful light is how they are showing their thanks. They are thanking you for saving them. That's what I think.

Roselinde: Rage...

Roselinde: I... sing... I am able to sing the song that saves them...

Rage: Yeah. That was a great song, Roselinde.

Rosleinde: ...everyone... thank you, for listening to my song... thank you for forgiving me...

Roselinde: Thank you... Rage.

Roselinde's Personality Feelings of Remorse is now Guide of Souls.
Roselinde's Forcesong Golden Glittering Requiem is now usable.

Roselinde Heroine Ending
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Roselinde.

Roselinde: Rage...

Rage: What's wrong, you seem so down. Is something troubling you?

Roselinde: Ah... I was just thinking.

Roselinde: Just like this, the war has ended, peace is slowly returning to the world...

Roselinde: This would mean, the people that we have been with, will be parting ways eventually, right...?

Rage: Ah, I guess you're right. I haven't really given much thought about it before.

Roselinde: Rage, thank you for that time.

Rage: Eh? Why suddenly this?

Roselinde: That time... I was able to sing thanks to you. As long as I am with you, I will be able to save the souls.

Roselinde: If you haven't supported me... if you weren't there, I would not have been able to do anything...

Rage: Roselinde...

Roselinde: Rage... I can't smile.

Roselinde: I feel, uneasy. All by myself, I don't think I could have done anything at all...

Roselinde: I don't think I could have been able to sing for the souls had you not been by my side...

Rage: (I see... I thought it was all gone, but it looks like she still has some unease inside her...)

Rage: It's okay, Roselinde.

Roselinde: Eh....?

Rage: If it's okay with you, I will always be there to support you.

Rage: I will always be there for you, even if you're not singing. And when you sing, I will lend you my courage.

Roselinde: Rage...

Rage: Even if everyone has parted ways, I will always be by your side. I promise.

Roselinde: Rage...!!

Rage: That's great, you're finally smiling.

Roselinde: Eh...?

Rage: I finally see your smile. It suits you much better than a frown.

Roselinde: N... No, stop that. It's embarrassing...

Roselinde: Still... thank you. I'm happy.

Roselinde: Rage... promise me that you will always, always, be by my side...


Touka Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Good afternoon, senior Touka!

Touka: Ah, Rage-kun. Good afternoon.

Touka: Hehe, this feels like school again.

Rage: Yeah.

Rage: I felt senior Touka was amazing during school.

Touka: Me? Amazing how?

Rage: In school, there is no one who doesn't know about senior Touka. And you always greet everyone without fail.

Touka: When you put it like that, I guess you're right.


Rage: Really amazing, especially during the path to school.

Touka: Um.... I do remember greeting Rage-kun, but...

Rage: Really? That makes me a little happy.

Touka: During the path to school, huh...

Rage: You don't really have to try so hard to remember, really.

Touka: Really? I won't remember then.

Rage: But, everyone really admires senior Touka.

Touka: You're really giving me too much credit.

Rage: I admire you too. That's why I studied really hard to get into the same school.

Touka: Thank you, that makes me happy.

Rage: Ah, yes...

Touka: .....

Tage: .....

Rage: (This is bad, the conversation will end here.... I have to say something... to think it was a chance for me and senior Touka...!)

Rage: Ah, I just remembered! There was a singer like senior at that time. Do you remember?

Touka: I remember that. I'm not the real thing, but I keep hearing that.

Rage: Really? You really look alike?

Touka: .....

Rage: Ah... it's really not a good thing for me to say, right? You must have heard that too many times, I'm sorry.

Touka: Eh? No, not at all. I don't hate her songs. I actually like them.

Touka: Even now, I still remember the popular songs from then.

Rage: Ah, that's good.

Touka: All these songs, I'll like to hear them...

Rage: Senior Touka, really likes these songs...

Rage: (I didn't know about that... but this is just like old times. Senior Touka really hasn't changed from then...)

Rage: (It's good that we managed too talk like this, after so long. I hope to speak again.)

Touka Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Senior Touka. Are you out shopping?

Touka: Yeah.

Rage: Do you need help with those?

Touka: Ah, thank you.

Rage: It's really nothing.

Rage: What's all of this?

Touka: Heheh, that's a secret. A girl's shopping items are always secret.

Rage: O...oh, I see.

Rage: (The more she says that, the more curious I am...)

Touka: Speaking of which...

Rage: ...?

Touka: Didn't something like this happened in the past?


Rage: Yeah, I remember. You said what was in the bag was a "secret". I remember.

Touka: That time, I was also returning from shopping, and I met Rage-kun.

Rage: Yeah. That day, I had a big fight with big sis, so I remember even now.

Touka: Yes, yes. After that, Kanon-san was grumbling.

Rage: I... is that so? I didn't know...

Touka: To think that after Elde, we would both be here again, shopping.

Rage: And carrying things.

Touka: Is that bad?

Rage: Not at all! It makes me very happy!

Touka: I'm glad then.

Rage: (I don't hate it at all... Much time has passed indeed, and like that time, I was...)

Rage: (It's such a great thing, walking beside senior Touka...)

Rage: That's right. I once heard senior Touka before...

Touka: Hm?

Rage: When I was walking with you, you were humming a song...

Touka: I was?

Rage: I felt that it was a really nice song. I would love to hear it again...

Touka: Hmm.... what was it....? I forgot.

Rage: I see....

Touka: Do you remember what kind of melody it is?

Rage: Uh... sorry. I only remembered that it was a good song. The melody is...

Touka: Well, we can't really remember just like that.

Rage: I see. Well, if I heard it just even a little, I might remember.

Touka: But even so... in this world, I don't think we can get a chance for that.

Rage: ... you're right.

Touka: For the sake of hearing songs from Elde again, let's work hard for the sake of world peace.

Rage: Yes! Ah, that's right!

Touka: Hm?

Rage: So, when we return to Elde, the song that I mentioned, would you sing it for me once more?

Touka: Yeah, that's fine. But...

Rage: ...?

Touka: But before that time comes, would you come with me on my shopping trips?

Rage: Of course!

Touka: Hehe. I look forward to it.

Rage: Yeah!

Touka Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Touka?

Touka: Ah, Rage-kun. What is it?

Rage: Nothing really, I just thought I'd speak to you since you're here.

Touka: I see. That makes me glad. What would you like to talk about?

Rage: That's right...

Fenrir: Rage! It's an enemy assault!

Rage: What!?

Touka: Let's go, Rage-kun! We can talk later!

Rage: I, got it! Damn, at a time like this!


Touka: Looks like the Imperial Army has advanced into the desert.

Rage: Indeed. We have to smash them before they get to town!

Touka: Yes, we shall.


Rage: Alright! All of them are dealt with!

Touka: .....

Rage: Senior Touka? What's wrong?

Touka: I've noticed something over there. Are there still more enemies left...?

Rage: Well then, let's go investigate, shall we?

Touka: Yeah, that's fine.


Rage: Did you find anything?

Touka: It shouldn't be... but there's really nothing? Sorry, Rage-kun. I've wasted your time.

Rage: It's fine! It's not a problem at all!!

Touka: Really? I'm glad then.

Rage: Or rather, its...! No, nevermind...

Touka: Or rather?

Rage: I... I'm happy to be walking with Senior Touka, that....

Touka: Ah, no problem. I'm glad to have some time with you too.

Rage: Ah, thank you too...

Rage: (Ugh, this is making me nervous...)

Rage: Hm? Is that... a radio?

Touka: You're right. It looks like a mini-radio.

Rage: Why is something like that here...

Rage: It, still works!

Touka: Amazing. It must have been sent here from Elde through the Chaos Gates.

Rage: Seems that way.

Touka: Eh...?

Rage: (This tune... could it be?!)

Rage: (Yeah, it is... that time... in Elde, the song san by Senior Touka.)

Rage: This! This is it! This is the song I was talking about!

Touka: Lalalala~ Lalala~n lala~

Rage: That's it! That's the one!

Touka: Yeah, this is the song. Yeah, it is my most favorite song. I used to sing it a lot back then...

Rage: Senior Touka...

Touka: Yes?

Rage: Would you sing it?

Touka: ...hehe. It's a little embarassing. But... it's fine.

Rage: (Sure brings back memories... I never thought I'd be hearing this song in a place like this...)

Rage: (I, really like listening to this song... when Senior Touka was singing it...)

Rage: (No, what I like most was watching Senior Touka singing this song...)

Rage: (Right before my eyes, she's dazzling, so close to me. I've always noticed this...)

Rage: (Senior is beautiful. Too beautiful. That's why she will always be someone forever out of my reach. Even though I know this...)

Rage: (But, just watching Senior sing like this, I'm fortunate enough.)

Rage: (That's right.... is that what this is?)

Rage: (Senior Touka... I...)

Rage: Senior!

Touka: Hm? What is it?

Rage:, were the first person I had a crush on.

Touka: Eh?!

Touka: ...I see.

Touka: Thank you. You really surprised me like that. But it makes me happy to hear that.

Rage: Ah, I'm sorry, I surprised you, didn't I...

Touka: No, don't worry about it.

Rage: I see...

Touka: So, what about now?

Rage: Eh?

Touka: Anyone you like?

Rage: Ah, that...

Touka: Your reaction tells me there is such a person, right?

Rage: Ah, well... I wonder about that, perhaps?

Touka: Perhaps, huh? Hehehe.

Rage: Aha..... ahahaha.....

Touka's Personality School Madonna is now added.
Touka's Forcesong Night of the Dancing Silver Snow is now usable.

Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 2
kaito kiriya
Elmina Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Elmina. What are you doing here?

Elmina: Ah... Rage-san?! Erm.... please excuse me!

Rage: Eh? Hold on! Don't run! What's going on?

Elmina: (Oh no, I just tried to run away without thinking. I can't do that, since I need Rage's help.)

Elmina: Erm, Rage-san! Do you have a moment?

Rage: Sure. What is it? Don't hesitate to tell me what you need.

Elmina: Erm, no, its... well...

Rage: Elmina, you know...


Rage: Don't rush. Calm down, and just speak slowly. Or are you really that afraid of me?

Elmina: No! Not at all! It's just... the way I am.... I'm really sorry...

Rage: Um... you don't really have to apologise about it. What is it you wish to speak to me about?

Elmina: I'm really sorry, really sorry!

Rage: Hey now, if you just keep apologising, this conversation will go nowhere. Isn't there something you wish to speak to me about?

Elmina: Y.... yes... it's actually about my personality. You see, I have androphobia....

Elmina: Even now, I can't speak very well with another male....

Rage: I see, that's how it is. But how would you like me to help?

Elmina: I understand. It really isn't possible I guess. I'm sorry for causing you trouble, please forget about what I just said!

Rage: Hey! Wait! Don't go. It's no trouble. I just want to understand why you ask me.

Elmina: I see, I'm really sorry. I'm always thinking about the bad things...

Elmina: Erm, the reason why I ask Rage-san...

Elmina: I talked to Aira-sama about my problems, and she told me that Rage-san would be able to help me, so that's why...

Rage: Funny how she would say that considering she doesn't know that much about me. But, it's true that I may be able to help you.

Elmina: So, you can really cure me? I'm sorry for troubling you.

Rage: No problem, I understand. I will do the best of what I can. Let's work hard together.

Rage: (Even though I say that, I haven't a clue what to do next. What should I do?)

Elmina Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Elmina. What are you doing over here?

Elmina: Ah! R...Rage-san! I have something I need to do.... excuse me...

Rage: Whoa, Elmina. You're not supposed to just run away. You should try harder to speak to guys normally.

Elmina: (That's right, Elmina. I can't just run away. I have to speak normally to males.)

Elmina: E...erm. Rage-san, you seem happy today. Well then, it was nice meeting you.

Rage: Hey hey, you're just walking off again. At least try to say something.

Elmina: R..really? But, will just saying anything do?

Rage: (Hmm, Elmina is the same as usual...)

Rage: (Elmina's androphobia... it really is tough....)

Elmina: Erm.... Rage-san, don't tell me... you're angry? Of course you are... I acted so hesitant...

Rage: Eh? I'm not angry, just thinking about you.

Elmina: I see. But I've always caused so much problems for you...


Rage: No problems at all, don't worry about it. You should be more relaxed when talking.

Elmina: R...really? But... what kind of things should I talk about?

Rage: Hmm, anything will do, really. Maybe some light current events?

Elmina: I see! Erm.... good afternoon.

Rage: Good afternoon.

Elmina: .....

Rage: .....

Elmina: ..............

Rage: Erm, Elmina, you can't just keep silent the whole time you know. I won't have anything to say either.

Elmina: Ah! I'm sorry! I really can't speak well because of my androphobia! I'm going back! I'm really sorry!

Rage: Ah, Elmina! Ah, she's gone... Did I push her too hard?

Aira: .... my, my... I saw it all, you manipulator.

Rage: Princess Aira?! You saw everything? You should have said something then...

Aira: I thought where I have failed, you would at least succeed. Looks like I was wrong.

Rage: The truth is... that is Elmina's personality, it's fine the way it is, isn't it? Do we really have to forcibly try to change her?

Aira: I think you are getting the wrong idea. It was Elmina herself who wanted to cure her androphobia.

Aira: Elmina had always been worried about her behaviour. She told me, she wanted to change herself.

Aira: Of course, I myself do hope that we can cure her of this.

Aira: Elmina is a really good girl. I really hope that she can find a good man, settle down, live a happily married life.

Aira: However, with her androphobia as it is, that is just a far off dream. Somehow, I had a feeling that you would be the one to cure her.

Rage: I see... you are really worried about Elmina.... compared to me, I just pushed her on without realizing...

Aira: You don't have to worry about that. For that girl, sometimes you need the soft approach, sometimes you need to be forceful.

Aira: Anyway, more importantly, when I am not around, please look after Elmina san. I'm leaving her in your hands.

Rage: I understand... I will try to get her to be able to talk normally to a guy.

Rage: However, Elmina living happily married is another issue. That is her own life.

Aira: Yeah, I'm counting on you. I too will do the best of what I can.

Aira: You should try your best to talk to Elmina. If she's talking to you, she can manage somehow.

Rage: Okay, leave it to me! Elmina's androphobia, I'll be sure to conquer it!

Elmina Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, there you are. Hey, Elmina! Come here quickly! I need your help!

Elmina: Eh? What is it, Rage-san?

Rage: The truth is, monsters have appeared near the town. The town people are in danger! Can you help me?

Elmina: Y... Yes! If you have to fight, I will help out! Let's hurry!


Rage: Over there, the monsters. We have to finish them off, and help the town people. Are you ready, Elmina?!

Elmina: Aaaaaaaaaa, please wait!! T... the battle is okay, b... but, why are am I surrounded by guys?!

Rage: This is not the time to be worried about that!! C'mon let's go!!

Elmina: B....bbbbbbbut, if Aira-sama isn't here, and I'm surrounded by so many males, I.... kyuu.

Rage: Whoa!! Elmina, get a hold of yourself! Now is not the time for you to faint!

Elmina: I... I'm sorry. I will do my best... somehow!!


Rage: Okay! All the monsters are defeated! Elmina, you did well!

Elmina: Y... yes. Is this okay? I get nervous... when I am surrounded by so many guys... kyuu.

Rage: Whoa? Did you faint?! Hey, Elmina! Get a hold of yourself!


Rage: Get a grip, Elmina. Open your eyes, okay?

Elmina: U... ugh.... Ah, Rage-san... what... happened...?

Rage: You suddenly passed out like that. I'm worried. I'm sorry, Elmina. It looks like this plan was a little too overwhelming.

Elmina: Eh? Plan? What do you mean?

Rage: To cure you of your androphobia, we tried a little shock therapy.

Rage: To have you fighting in battle with all guys, that was the plan Princess Aira and I came up with.

Elmina: Eh?! How could you! You lied to me?


Rage: I'm sorry. It was for you own good. But, we did went a bit too far. I'm really sorry!

Elmina: Ah, no, this is... Rage and everyone was doing this for my sake so...

Elmina: But, this method was reckless. If I fainted in battle, wouldn't it cause problems for everyone else?

Rage: Yeah, so, I'm really sorry. It won't happen again.

Aira: Hm...

Elmina: Ah, Aira-sama! Did you come here? Speaking of which, Aira-sama and Rage-san fooled me together...

Elmina: That means that it wasn't just Rage. Aira-sama is responsible for this too...

Aira: ...more importantly, Elmina. Since just now, you have been talking normally to Rage. Haven't you noticed?

Elmina: Eh? Ah, now that you mentioned it... I... can speak to Rage-san! I'm no longer feeling nervous...

Rage: You're right! You did it, Elmina! You've overcome you androphobia!

Elmina: Ah... yes! Somehow it seems that way. Rage-san's shock therapy must have worked! T... thank you very much!!

Rage: I didn't do much really. I'm really happy that Elmina's worries are now gone.

Elmina: Thank you very much, Rage-san, Aira-sama. I don't know how to thank you...

Elmina: I... don't really know what to say. But at least, let me sing a song for Rage-san and Aira-sam. Would you like to hear?

Rage: Oh, it's really good. I don't know the details of the song, but somehow, it feels heartwarming...

Altina: You're right. It's a really good voice. Elmina's.

Ranah: Wow, Elmina singing such a song. She's giving me a different impression than usual. Isn't it good?

Sakuya: Ah... listening to it somehow takes away my fatigue...

Misty: This is good. Listening to such a song makes me want to just relax in a hot springs.

Rinrin: As expected of a Loreley. Isn't that a splendid song.

Aira: Hm, without noticing, all allies have gathered. So that's the power of Elmina's song...

Fenrir: Ah, I heard a nice song, I knew it must be Elmina. It's a great song.

Elmina: Fe.... Fenrir-san?! Erm, sorry. Please don't come too close... kyuu...

Rage: Uwaa! She fainted again!? But why?! Didn't you overcome your androphobia?!

Fenrir: ... what? What was that? Did I cause this? Did she faint seeing me? ..... am I that frightening?

Rage: Anyway, give us some quiet! Move her to the shade there!

Aira: (...? She can speak normally with Rage, but she collapses when other guys come close...?)

Aira: (.... this, perhaps it's...)

Elmina's Personality Androphobia becomes Used to Rage.
Elmina's ForceSong Tribute to Mother Earth is now usable.

Elmina Event 4
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Elmina. What are you doing?

Elmina: Ah, Rage-san. I'm not particularly doing anything now. I'm just taking a break, ehehe.

Rage: I see. ...even so, you can now speak normally, Elmina. You have changed from before.

Elmina: Yes indeed. I may have been changed recently. This is all thanks to Rage-san and Aira-sama.

Rage: I didn't do much, really... but, I'm glad.

Rage: It looks like I won't have to give you any more special training. Good work, Elmina.

Elmina: Eh, but... I can't! I am only able to speak normally to Rage. I am still afraid of other guys...

Elmina: Until I am completely cured of my androphobia, please continue to give me special training!

Rage: Ah, I see. Well then, I will continue to help you.

Elmina: Thank you! I'm counting on you!


Rage: Yeah, do your best. I will completely cure your androphobia!

Elmina: Hehe, I understand. Please do, Rage-san!

Rage: No problem. Let's work hard together.

Rage: But, why is it that you are able to speak to me, but get so nervous around other guys? I don't understand.

Elmina: Eh?! Yeah.... I wonder why too. A... anyway, please continue to give me your guidance, Rage-san.

Rage: I understand. It makes me happy to see you active. I'll be glad to help you!

Aira: (.....)

Aira: (...I followed her just to be sure.... I'm not worried any more. This is great, Elmina... I am happy too.)

Aira: Ku... I am so glad, I suddenly cried... I really am overly worried.

Aira: Rage... I'm leaving Elmina in your hands...

Elmina Event 5
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Elmina: Ah, Rage-san! It's good that your here! Please come with me! Aira-sama... Aira-sama is in trouble!

Rage: W... what is it, Elmina?! Calm down and tell me, what is it?

Elmina: The truth is, Aira-sama slipped and fell off off a hill... she seems to have been hurt, I can't get to her alone...

Rage: That is bad. We have to go get her immediately, Elmina!


Elmina: Oh... oh no!! There are so many monsters!!

Rage: This is bad... Princess Aira is already injured.

Elmina: We have to hurry, Rage-san!

Rage: Yes, indeed. Okay, we have to quickly defeat these guys and search for Aira!


Rage: ...okay, all the monsters are down! Elmina! Is Princess Aira okay?!

Elmina: Aira-sama! Where are you?! We're here to help!

Aira: You don't have to shout, Elmina. Don't worry, as you can see, I'm fine.

Rage: Huh? Princess Aira, weren't you hurt...?


Aira: ...I'm so sorry, Elmina. I had to go through with this pretence to see the relation between you two. As I had thought, you two are a perfect combination.

Rage: What, so that's what it was all about. You sure had us fooled...

Elmina: You shouldn't play around with us like that, Aira-sama! You lied to me again! Don't you know how worried I was?!

Rage: Now, now, Elmina. Don't be mad. Princess Aira was doing this for you.

Elmina: Rage-san, please keep quiet! I am really angry right now!

Rage: U...ugh! S... sorry!

Elmina: Doing something like that, if something really were to happen to Aira-sama, I.... uu....

Aira: E... Elmina, don't cry. I didn't do all this to see you so sad.

Rage: ...hmmm. You did go a little bit too far, Princess Aira. Elmina was so worried about you, you know?

Rage: Well, previously, I too lied to Elmina, so I guess that doesn't sound too convincing coming from me.

Elmina: Geez! I'm really shocked beyond words! Why do you keep doing such reckless things?!

Aira: ...I'm sorry, Elmina. But, you really didn't have to worry about me.

Aira: I'm called the Witch of Ice Blades for a reason. For such monsters, even if you were late coming here....

Elmina: But, what if the worst were to happen?! Because of that, Rage-san was put in danger too!

Elmina: In addition, Aira-sama actually lied to me twice! Why do you keep testing me like that?! Am I really so untrustworthy?

Aira: I.... Elmina, I never thought that....

Rage: Please listen, Elmina. Previously, Princess Aira and I tried to fool you, so I do understand a little of how she feels.

Rage: It's not that Princess Aira doesn't believe in you. It's just that, she was really just too worried about you. It's also a way to show she cares about you.

Elmina: In that case, Aira-sama shouldn't have put herself in danger!

Elmina: Rage-san and Aira-sama, if the people I love were to meet with mishap.... I really couldn't bear the thought of that!! U...uu...

Rage: Elmina... I didn't realize you felt this much about us...

Aira: Elmina... I'm so sorry, this was all my fault. Please don't cry any more... I don't want to see you so sad.

Elmina: ...sniff... okay. Since you're really sorry, I'll forgive you this once... ehehe.

Aira: Still, you've grown quite a lot, Elmina... Not only have you overcome your androphobia, you've also confessed your feelings to Rage.

Elmina: Confessed...? What do you mean?

Aira: Didn't you say it yourself earlier? The people I love. I know that you're not someone to say these words lightly.

Aira: Rage heard that too, right? Elmina said that she loves you.

Rage: Ah.. ahem! Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't hear that. But still...

Elmina: W... wait! Aira-sama, Rage-san! Please don't say any more! I... please excuse me!

Aira:, she ran really quick... That's just so cute. So, how is it? How do you feel about such a cute girl confessing to you?

Rage: That's.... she was just saying how worried she was about us. It wasn't really a confession.

Aira: Hmhm. Then why is your face is turning red? ...Well, no matter. I can't interfere any more beyond this. I'll leave the two of you to sort it out yourselves.

Rage: Wait, it's not like that with Elmina and me...

Rage: (...but, is Elmina really... about me? If that really is the case, how do I respond to her?)

Elmina's Forcesong Tribute to Mother Earth's effectiveness is raised.

Elmina Heroine Ending
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: ...oh, hi Elmina. Meeting you at such a place, what a coincidence.

Elmina: It's not, a coincidence. I, wanted to talk to Rage-san... That's why I have been waiting here.

Rage: Ah, I see. So, what is it you need?

Elmina: Erm... talking while standing here is a bit.... Could we take a walk while we speak?

Rage: Sure then. Let's go.

Rage: .....

Elmina: .....

Rage: (This is it. Ever since that time Princess Aira spoke of the confession, I've been overly conscious of Elmina...)

Rage: Erm, Elmina... You have something to speak to me about...? Or, perhaps your androphobia has returned?

Elmina: Ah, no! It's nothing like that! I... I'm just a litttle nervous. It's a little difficult to talk about.

Rage: (Difficult to talk about? What could be troubling her?)

Rage: If there is something bothering you, shall we talk about it? Even if I can't do anything, I really hope that you can talk to me about it.

Elmina: ....really...? But... what if it causes you trouble...

Rage: I will become your strength. Don't give it a second thought!

Elmina: ...Rage-san. I, have always been running away, avoiding this... but, I can't just keep running away.

Elmina: That's why... even if I fail, it's alright. This is something I have to tell Rage-san...

Rage: ...Okay. What is it?

Elmina: I, all this time, I've never gotten a chance to complete what I said, but...

Elmina: ...I, I... I love Rage-san... more than anyone else... in this world...

Rage: Eh? E, Elmina... this?

Elmina: Ah! You don't have to respond to me! I, just felt that I had to get my feelings across! Having the courage for me to do so was enough!

Elmina: That is why... no matter the outcome... this is enough, for me... Rage-san has given me the courage...

Rage: ...wait, Elmina. I still haven't given you my answer.

Elmina: Ah, right! Please excuse me. It's a little strange. I am fully prepared for this. Please go on.

Rage: ...I, am a little surprised, but I don't hate it, quite the opposite in fact. I am truly happy, Elmina.

Elmina: Eh? So, Rage-san...?

Rage: Let me do this again. I love Elmina. Now and ever after. Please be with me.

Elmina: Rage-san.... y, yes! I, am so happy! ...uu...uu...

Rage: Hey hey, you cry even when you're happy. What am I to do with you. Come on, give me a smile.

Elmina: U, uu.... sorry. Please take care of me from now on.

Aira: Uu.... this is wonderful. Wonderful, Elmina!

Rage: Wah! Princess Aira?! Were you spying on us?! ...and, why is Princess Aira crying too...?

Aira: It has been a long journey, but I can now finally stop worrying... I am so glad. Elmina will make a perfect bride.

Aira: Elmina's parents are sure to be happy for her too. It's time to prepare the vows! That's right, we have to pick the right date for the wedding too.

Rage: Please wait. Isn't this rushing too much? I don't exactly hate it, but there's still so much to say...

Aira: What are you talking about? Isn't making this fast a good thing? Such things should always be done at full speed.

Elmina: ...Rage-san, once Aira-sama starts, she completely goes out of control. The best thing to do now, would be to run!!

Rage: Waah!? Wait, Elmina, don't pull me suddenly like that...

Aira: Ah, hey! Why are you two running away?! We still have to decide on the guest list!

Elmina: Sorry, Aira-sama! About what you said, we will carefully think about it! ....isn't that right?

Rage: Elmina... yeah, that's right. What we do from now on, the two of us shall think about it, together.

Elmina: Yes! ...but for now, let's escape from Aira-sama! Please come with me!

Rage: Right! Don't you fall behind now, Elmina!

Elmina: Yeah, of course! I may not be much, but please take care of me, Rage-san!


Misty Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Misty. What are you doing over here?

Misty: Oh, Rage. Good that you came here. The truth is, just now I heard about treasure being hidden in a place not too far from here.

Misty: They call it the valley of the royal family.

Misty: Once I heard about this treasure, I know I have to get it.

Rage: Um, I see. Okay then, good luck with your treasure hunt.

Misty: ...h!

Misty: Wait, Rage. That's not the kind of reaction you should have.

Rage: What do you mean?

Misty: Sigh... you still don't get it.

Misty: When I, lady Misty say that I want a treasure, good luck isn't what you should say.

Misty: Shouldn't you be feeling both happy and brave, to help out with finding the treasure?

Rage: Is... that so....

Misty: Yeesh! Stop complaining! Anyway, we're going to search for treasure! Follow me!

Rage: R...right...

Misty: According to the rumors, this is where the treasure should be.

Rage: Valley of the royal family, huh. I should be feeling impressed, but there's nothing here at all.

Rage: Hey, Misty, what exactly did you hear in the rumors?

Misty: That is a good question. What they say in the rumors...

Misty: Long ago, a certain royal family was invaded by other countries, and the cities fell...

Misty: But the royal family refused to surrender the treasures they had to other countries.

Misty: After all, what was in the treasure could destroy the world.

Misty: .....

Rage: Hm?

Misty: Hm... after talking so much, I'm thirsty. The story ends here.

Rage: Eh? But you only spoke halfway?

Misty: I said I'm thirsty. The end.

Misty: More importantly, get me something to drink.

Rage: But you drank up everything before we even got here! Even my share...

Misty: Enough... I know that.

Misty: That's why you should find something else to drink here.

Misty: I'm going to rest in the shade over there. I'll leave this to you.

Rage: Haaa... haa... Okay Misty, I found a river, brought the water here.

Misty: Yawn... you finally came. That was too long...

Misty: And it's not juice, but plain water. You sure pick convenience.

Rage: Hey! Finding this was already hard enough!

Misty: I don't really care about that. Well, I guess this is good enough then. I'll take it.

Misty: Gulp... gulp... mmm... hoo...

Misty: It's just plain water, but doesn't taste bad.

Rage: Okay, okay, good then.

Misty: ...Okay, now to continue with the search for the treasure...

Misty: After I rested, having to walk is such a bother.

Misty: Okay, Rage. Carry me on your back.

Rage: Piggyback?!

Misty: Correct. Carrying me on your back, you should consider that an honor.


Rage: Fine, not like I have much a choice.

Rage: Okay, come on.

Misty: Aren't you honest. You should consider this a good thing.

Rage: Weren't you the one who said you didn't want to be considered an ally?

Misty: How rude. I don't recall saying anything like that.

Misty: After all, it's just riding on Rage's back.

Rage: What's that supposed to mean. Anyway, you want a ride, hurry up here.

Misty: Don't order me. I was about to. Okay, let's go...

Rage: ...ready, up! Hm? You're surprisingly light?

Misty: Surprisingly? What do you mean by that?

Rage: Ahahaha, sorry sorry.

Misty: Well, fine. Just this time.

Rage: Yes, yes, thanks.

Misty: Mm...

Misty: Rage. Your back is warm...

Rage: I... see?

Misty: And it reeks of sweat.

Rage: Sorry I stink. I had to walk a long way finding your water.

Misty: Hehe, I see.

Rage: What, what's so funny?

Misty: ...It's nothing, don't mind it.

Rage: Haa... haa... even if it's a girl, carrying someone around is a heavy chore...

Rage: .... I'm going to have to rest. Misty, come down.

Misty: Ku....... ku.....

Rage: Hey, Misty! Misty... hm?

Misty: Ku... ku...

Rage: ...jeez, she fell asleep. Sure knows how to relax riding on someone.

Rage: Shall I wake her?

Misty: Ku....mnya. Rage.... I'm counting on you... ku...

Rage: .....

Rage: Tch, no choice then. After a rest, we're going back to everyone.

Rage: Well, Misty, you didn't find any treasure, but you had enough fun, right?

Misty: Ku... ku...

Rage: Hmm, she's cute when she's asleep, but...

Misty Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hm? Misty, what are you doing carrying something this big?

Misty: Hm, Rage. Hurry up and prepare to set off.

Rage: Set off? Where?

Misty: Isn't it obvious. To search for hot springs of course.

Misty: And speaking of which, you can carry these stuff. Okay, be quick about it and let's move.

Rage: I have to end up following her again.... is this okay?

Rage: I'm just being pulled along now...

Misty: ...Hm, this seems to be the place.

Rage: Eh? Here? There's nothing here...

Rage: Didn't you said you were searching for hot springs?

Misty: Indeed I did.

Rage: I don't see any hot springs around here...

Misty: Haa.... you really don't get it.

Rage: Wha.... what's that supposed to mean?!

Misty: To search for hot springs, means you have to dig them up of course.

Rage: Eh? Dig, here?!

Misty: Indeed. This place has magma activity. Hot springs flow here, from what I heard from the town people.

Misty: Okay, open the stuff you carried here.

Rage: This? Let's see... hm, a shovel?

Misty: You said doing anything is fine. You know what to do, right? I'll leave it to you.

Rage: Why do I have to do something like this?

Misty: You... won't do it?

Rage: What's with that face? I said no means no.

Misty: Haa..... you're the only one whom I can count on for this...

Rage: No, no. Not me. You have subordinates of your own!

Misty: Haa.....

Rage: So... why are you showing such a lonely face?

Misty: Isn't it obvious that I'm lonely?

Rage: ...tch, what's with this. Fine, I'll do it. I'll do it!

Misty: Really? Rage, thank you. You make me really happy.

Rage: A... ah.

Rage: Why, do I....

Rage: Have to....

Rage: Do this...

Rage: But, Misty asked me to do this...

Rage: Why is it so hard to say no...

Rage: Will the hot springs just come out already?

Rage: ...ah?

Rage: Whoa!

Rage: It's out! Hot hot! Hot springs! It's the hot springs!

Rage: Hey, Misty! Come here!

Misty: Hm. The temperature is good, amount sufficient. Not a bad hot springs at all.

Misty: Well done, Rage.

Rage: A... ahh.

Rage: (I didn't really think there really was hot springs...)

Misty: Okay, I'm going into the hot springs.

Misty: You can go now.


Rage: Okay. I'll be on the lookout for monsters.

Misty: Okay, I'll leave it to you then. Would be bad if monsters attack while I'm bathing.

Rage: Sigh... I'm covered in dirt searching for the hot springs, and now I don't even get to enter...

Misty: Umm, this is a good bath. I'm so proud of my sparkling skin.

Rage: .... Misty, she's in a good mood.

Misty: Hmhmhm~!

Rage: Well, it's fine as long as she's happy. That was quite the work searching for the hot springs.

Misty Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Misty: Oh, Rage. You showed up at just the right time, as usual.

Rage: ...well, it's not so good for me. It doesn't feel like a good timing at all.

Misty: Anyway, listen to this.

Misty: I have gotten information from the streets. In a nearby plains, there is buried treasure hidden a thousand years ago.

Misty: I'm going to go search for it. You come with me.

Rage: No.

Misty: What are you saying? You're my subject. You don't have the right to refuse.

Rage: ...Misty, I'm sorry, but I can no longer go with you. If you must go, do so by yourself.

Misty: ...?!

Misty: I see.... I understand. I'm sorry for all the unreasonable requests.

Misty: I will search for the treasure alone. Farewell...

Rage: ...this should be fine. I can't always just give in to her. I can't take much more of that...

Rage: But... I'm still a little worried...

Rage: .....

Rage: I think I should go after her! She said she was going to the plains!


Misty: ...! I've been ambushed.... these monsters appeared so quickly.

Misty: To lose my life searching for treasure by myself. Rage must be mocking me...

Misty: Hehe... Rage, it's been a wonderful journey...

Misty: Rage...

Rage: Misty!

Misty: ...what? Am I hearing things? I hear Rage's voice...

Rage: Misty!

Misty: ...?! I'm not hearing things!

Misty: Rage...!

Rage: Misty! You're.... not so alright. But it looks like you're still alive!

Rage: I'm coming to save you!


Rage: Looks like that's all of them.

Misty: ..... why... did you come?


Rage: I was worried.

Misty: Ah...

Misty: That was a straight answer.

Rage: Don't do something so reckless again, okay?

Misty: ...then, next time I head out, Rage, you must come along, okay?

Rage: ....fine. It's better than waiting and worrying.

Rage: Tell me before you head out.

Misty: ...! W...well, of course.

Rage: Okay, it's time to go back. You're not in the mood to still look for the treasure, are you?

Misty: Ah...! Rage, wait!

Rage: What's wrong, Misty? Are you hurt? Do you need help moving?

Misty: It's not that. I want to thank you...

Misty: If I don't say it now, I might not be able to say it later...

Misty: ....You saved me when I was in danger. Thank you... Rage.

Rage: O...okay.


Misty: What's with this spot? This ground looks a bit strange.

Rage: Where? Hey, you're right!

Misty: Rage, dig up this part! It might really be treasure!

Rage: A..ah, okay...

Rage: This... this is....

Misty: A music score.

Rage: The hidden treasure is actually this?

Misty: This music piece, it has such a nice name to it. I like it.

Misty: ...Rage, I'm going to do you a big service. You get to hear my song.

Rage: Really? Misty singing an ancient song... I'd love to hear it.

Misty: Okay, here goes. Ahem.

Rage: Misty's expression... when she's singing, it's like she becomes someone else.

Rage: It's unbelievable. Just listening somehow makes me feel happy...

Rage: It's like she poured her emotions into the song.

Rage: A song sung purely for me, huh. I don't mind that, at all...

Rage: ...that was a great song. I'm glad to hear it, thank you.

Misty:, you don't have to flatter me. If this pleases you then I could always...

Rage: What are you whispering about? I can't hear you?

Misty: Nothing! Okay, there's nothing more here. Go back to town.

Rage: Right, right.

Misty's personality Honest Feelings is added.
Misty's Forcesong Mermaid of Summer is now usable.

Misty Event 4
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Misty... W...what is it. Why are you looking at me with such eyes?

Misty: ...Let's go.

Rage: Didn't even say why. Oh well. I'll still go anyway.

Rage: This place is...

Misty: You remember? This is where you dug up the hot springs from before.

Rage: ... so, you weren't searching for treasure, you're here for the hot springs instead?

Misty: Hehe.... well, something like that.

Rage: Well, as usual, I'll just wait outside.

Rage: When you've had your fill with the hot springs, just call out.

Misty: W...wait, Rage!

Misty: Just... for today... if... you join me in the hot springs, I don't mind it...


Rage: I... can't do that!

Misty: ....why?

Rage: But, aren't we going to be naked? T... that's a little...

Misty: Haha... Your face is turning red. Aren't you innocent.

Rage: U... ugh.

Misty: But it is true that my beauty is too good for someone like you.

Misty: ...well then, here's what we do. As long as we're in the hot springs, the whole time, you'll be blindfolded. How's that?

Rage: Even so, mixed-bathing is a little...

Misty: Yeesh! Stop being such a stick in the mud!

Misty: Stop your whining and just come here!

Rage: W...whoa! W...wait...!

Misty: ....ahhh. Just the right temperature.

Rage: (Ugh... even though I'm blindfolded, near Misty's naked body is making my heart pound...)

Misty: O...okay, Rage. Wash my back for me.

Rage: E, eh?! Your back...?!

Misty: Yes. You are a servant after all. That's your job.

Rage: No, but that's... fine. Just don't get angry about it later.

Misty: .....!! W...why are you taking this so seriously! C...can't you tell I was just joking?!

Rage: What?! Joking?!

Misty: O...of course. My porcelain skin isn't meant for others to touch...

Rage: So, that was a joke... ah, got me excited there...

Misty: .....

Rage: .....

Misty: .....

Rage: T... that was a nice bath, no?

Misty: Y...yeah. It was a nice bath.

Rage: Hm? Misty, your face is red. Did you soak for too long?

Misty: S...shut up. It's nothing. Hurry up and return to town.

Rage: I... I see. Okay.

Rage: (Whew... my heart is still pounding. It's the first time ever I got into a mixed bath.)

Misty: (...I guess, it's better to tell him it was a joke...)

Misty Event 5
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Misty.

Misty:, Rage. Nice weather we're having.

Rage: Huh? You're not going on one of your treasure hunts?

Misty: It's not as if I'm searching for treasure every single day.

Misty: Ah, that's right. While I was on the streets, I heard new information about the valley of the royal family...

Rage: I think you must have heard the same rumors...

Misty: ...what is this? It's as if you wanted to be taken out on a treasure hunt.

Rage: No, I didn't say that...

Misty: Then why are you talking to me? If you have nothing, don't come so near me.

Rage: F... fine then. Later...

Misty: The rumors of the secret treasure... I've heard of it previously.

Misty: But this time, the details are more definite. I will find it for sure this time.

Misty: ...well then. I shall search for it alone...

Rage: ...Misty has been acting strangely since just now...

Rage: I'm a little worried. I better go after her...


Misty: ... it happened again. The same mistake, I've not made it once, but twice...

Misty: Haha... I really am such an idiot.

Misty: I should have known what would happen if I came here alone, yet...

Misty: ...but, I just couldn't ask Rage any more.

Misty: I just couldn't get him involved due to my selfishness...

Rage: Haa.... haa.... Misty!

Misty: Wha.... Rage!

Misty: Why, are you here?!

Rage: You were acting strangely, so I followed you here!

Misty: Why would you... nevermind, I don't want to know. You're just way too kind...

Rage: You can save the lecture for later. Right now, let's deal with these guys!

Misty: Ah, of course!


Rage: ...Okay, let's hear the reason.

Misty: ... T... that doesn't matter!

Misty: Anyway, the treasure is here! According to the information, it should be this way!

Rage: H...hey! Wait up!

Rage: I haven't given you a lecture yet...damn!


Rage: really is here.

Misty: Yeah, the rumors were true. The secret treasure must be inside this chest.

Rage: So, how are we going to open this?

Misty: .....

Rage: .....

Misty: ..... I don't know.

Rage: Hey hey, what should we do then? This is too much to carry all the way back., what's that?

Misty: There is an epigraph engraved here. Let's see this...

Misty: You who seeks the secret treasure, sing the song that brings joy, and the seal shall be undone.

Rage:, the seal must be referring to the lid of this chest.

Misty: The song that brings joy... ah...?!

Rage: What is it, Misty?

Misty: That time, my song... Rage, were you happy?

Rage: Ah, yeah, indeed. It felt like a simple song, yet it made me feel happy just listening to it...

Misty: ...hmm, I see. Then my song must be the key to releasing this seal.

Rage: I see! It might just work!

Misty: Well then, I shall try it. ...aaahh, ahem.

Rage: I knew it, hearing this song does make me feel happy.

Rage: It's an incredible song...

Rage: Whether it is the song itself that is incredible, or Misty's voice containing some kind of power, I don't even know.

Rage: The treasure chest is moving slightly...?

Rage: Whoa! The chest lid is...!

Misty: Oh, so it heard! My song really is something after all!

Misty: ...?! There! Don't put your hand in!

Rage: H...hey! What are you doing, Misty, suddenly rushing like that!

Misty: N...nothing! Hahaha, nothing at all...

Rage: No... the chest, did you take anything out?

Misty: I... I didn't take anything out.

Rage: But, the chest is now empty?

Misty: The chest was empty to begin with. W.. what a disappointment, can't be helped...

Rage: Really? Hm... well, if you say so, then it must be.

Misty: Yeah, it is. How can you suspect people like that?

Rage:'re right, sorry.

Misty: W... well, considering how big hearted I am, I will forgive you this once.

Rage: But even so, coming all this way here, and finding no treasure, it's such a disappointment.

Misty: That's right. But such things do happen.

Misty: There is nothing more here. Let us go back for today.

Rage: Ah, yeah...

Rage: (Hmm, she's different from usual, strangely honest...)

Rage: Well, the person who wanted this treasure hunt was Misty in the first place. If she herself is satisfied, I guess I shouldn't really mind the details...

Misty's Forcesong Mermaid of Summer's effectiveness is now raised.

Misty Heroine Ending
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Misty: R... Rage...

Rage: What's wrong, Misty. Your face is a little red. Is it too hot for you here?

Misty: S...shut up!

Misty: I have something to say, so come here!

Rage: Strange? Misty is acting wierd today...

Misty: ...Rage. Do you, have anyone special to you right now?

Rage: ...!? H...hey! Wait!

Rage: Why is Misty, suddenly interested in that...

Misty: I am just.... curious about it., what is it?

Rage: About that, it's...

Rage: I don't have anyone special to me.

Misty: Oh, I see. I see now~!

Misty: Mmhm, I see... you are such a poor thing. What a pitiable man you are...~!

Rage: W...what's with that. Are you asking just to mock me?

Misty: Hehehe... Seeing you so pitiable, I can't help it. I can at least do this to comfort you.

Misty: Rage, come closer.

Rage: Eh, ah...

Misty: Here... I give this to you.

Rage: T... these are... rings?

Misty: See carefully. I have the same one.

Rage:'re right. It's as if they are one and the same...

Rage: So, what's the story about them?

Misty: The truth is... the treasure I found in the valley of the royal family were these two rings...

Rage: What?! So then, Misty you really did take something from the chest back then...!

Misty: I... I felt sorry about that.

Misty: ...that's why I felt I have to give this to you, so...

Misty: Do you know about the legend behind these rings?

Rage: Legend? How would you know about that?

Misty: ...well, I heard it from the town.

Misty: The couple who exchange these rings as their vow of love, they will live happily ever after... like that.

Rage: L... lovers?!

Misty: W... wait! I'm not done!

Misty: Being your lover is somehow a little... I mean, our statuses are too far apart.

Misty:, here's how it goes. This ring is your vow to become my servant.

Rage: Servant... so, that means I will always be commanded by Misty?

Misty: That's right.

Rage: ...I understand. The proof of the servant, I take this.

Misty: ...! Y... you so readily accepted...

Rage: What? You're surprised? Weren't you the one who asked this?

Misty: I, did, but I didn't think you will accept this easily...

Rage: Well then... should I have put it off a little more?

Misty: No, no, no. That's fine! ...hurry, put it on! Before you change your mind!

Rage: Ah, yeah. I'm putting it on now.

Misty: O, Oh...

Misty: Hehe~

Rage: I... put it on...

Misty: Just like that... you put... my ring on.

Rage: So, this makes me Misty's servant, I guess.

Misty: Y... yes it does. From now on... that's right, you will listen to my orders without hesitation, okay?

Rage: ...I understand. Please guide me.

Misty: What kind of a vow is that?!

Rage: But, that's because, it's you Misty... right?

Misty: D... Dummy! You dummy!

Rage: H... Hey! Misty!

Rage: ...sheesh, what an impatient one.

Rage: But, the way she is now, it's a little cute.

Rage: Someday, my status will rise from servant to lover. I'll work hard at that.

Rage: Hey~! Misty! Wait up~!



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