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Skip Beat 188 Scanlations - Completed
kaito kiriya
Thanks to Honglian team (redfaces) for the Chinese scanlations.

Get v1.1 here:

Use the mediafire file to get the latest update. The individual pics below have not been updated.


A lowlife worm by the name of Tanny Jee has been constantly stalking my blog and harassing me. I have banned this troll 3 times, but the worm refuses to leave.

Last time I checked, this is my blog. I own this place, and I can do whatever I want here. If I feel like throwing out a nerd-rage, it's my prerogative, it's my right. I make my own decisions, and if need be, I'll answer for them, me alone. I don't have to change myself to fit the liking of others.

If a person doesn't like my blog, he doesn't have to be here. If he doesn't like me, he doesn't have to see me. It's really that simple.

But this troll Tanny Jee cannot understand the simplest of logic. It insisted that I change my attitude to conform to its views and refused to take no for an answer. This swine refused to leave even though it has in no uncertain terms expressed that it dislikes me.

I didn't understand how someone could be so anal about what another person on the internet does with his website. I wondered why. The answer that hit me was deceptively simple.

This Tanny Jee is mentally unsound, perhaps even clinically insane. This is not an insult. Outside of the internet, this worm probably doesn't even have a life, and spends its time stalking everyone. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if it has earned a few restraining orders already. This thing must really have one heck of a life to be this anal about what someone does with his own website.

I've banned Tanny Jee several times, and told this troll to get lost, but it just keeps coming back. It is a troll, but will no doubt use twisted logic to argue that it's not a troll. THIS TROLL WILL RETURN.

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This filth has gone to various websites repeatedly trying to defame me. You can see the evidence here:
I have never seen anything this shameless before.

Tanny Jee's target is not just me alone. THIS TROLL WILL NEVER LEAVE. It will just keep making more new accounts to come back here to troll. If you see this troll, I would advise against speaking to it, as it always does the same thing. If you attempt to reason with this troll, it will tell you politely that whatever it is doing, it is doing it for a higher cause, and all its reasons are justified. Then finally, this troll will insist that you visit this retarded website that was created for the sake of defaming me, and tells you all your questions will be answered there. What did this bitch work as before? An cult recruiter?

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I told this self-righteous bitch that I don't consider it the right person to give me advice, and it told me in the exact words, "You have no right to say if you consider someone to be the right person to give any advice." I have only one explanation how someone can be this pompous. This thing is mentally unstable. This is not an insult.

In my previous blog, I have marked all this troll's messages as spam, but the messages are still kept in the database. You can see the evidence where this pompous freak arrogantly declared that I'm not allowed to see it unfit to give me advice.

These are the evidence of its constant harassment and trolls, where it used different accounts to keep coming back.

These are the accounts the troll used.

To be honest, having a pompous, self-absorbed despot giving me a lecture on my attitude, was one of the worst insults possible. It's like being lectured on how to save money by Michael Jackson, or getting a lesson on fidelity from Tiger Woods. It's a sick joke.

I have to admit that my attitude leaves lots of room for improvement. But I certainly won't be taking etiquette lessons from a shameless opinionated bitch that constantly uses ban evasion to keep trolling at a place it is not welcomed.

Remember, we all have a choice in becoming who we want to be. And each one of us have a right to decide who we are without some almighty pope telling us what we should be. For better or worse. We live by our own choices, be they the right ones, or the wrong ones. And we always have the right to choose.
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@Lavesta and Anna

Sorry, your comments were lost during editing of this entry. Sorry about that.

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Found some troublesome person. In my opinion where always be people against someone but i can't get why waste time to try change someone you not even know in real life. my way of live "don't waste time on people who don't care for you" , so i may not understand this one.
I myself would ignore such person. i dunno may be he/she don't like something but that's why not all people are charming by they behavior.
About "etiquette" i don't think blog or some person page are place that need very formal language and etc.
I myself don't car about this fellow if he/she wish so much to write in internet about his/her opinion on this page he/she can do it. i just do not car at all it won't change my opinion or wanting to write here. May be he/she calm down ;]
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Hi, thanks for the translations, looking forward to rest. Ignore that troll....I haven't read any of his posts to know what exactly he has said to you, but he sounds like he's really pissed you off. The person probably has nothing better to do with his unhappy life, so he wants to make others unhappy. Probably. Who knows? But thanks again for the translation. Hope you are doing well. Take care and God bless :)
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@Sharon and Lavesta
Nothing better to do is an understatement. This worm is totally anal about what I friggin do on my friggin blog. It's a nutjob.

Did I mention that this worm got pissed off when I said it is not the right person I would take advice from?

And it goes to several forums trying to defame me.

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AMAZING!!!! I love you, thanks you translation, always is the best. ^^
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i can't understand that he get from all this ;/
Does he want everybody act as he want. Dunno but its stupid and if you don't like something you always can tell calmly not so... and if still you not satisfied just don't read, ignore, skip.
Ok, he goes around in forums and spams about you but still .. i don't think that "fans" should go and try to make verybody "learn" something. just may be after sometime he give up or gets tired.

Thanks for translation, i was very very happy ^^
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Thank you for the translation! For the troll, just ignore him and keep going ;)
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I'm really pooped, guys. It's now 6.30 am :(

I spent the whole night doing this, after I watched Zettai Kareshi Taiwan Drama last night. Haven't slept yet.

Anyway, I haven't received much comments about Skip Beat Taiwan Drama. I guess you guys aren't interested.

Seems no one is interested in my Manga recommendations either. I posted an entry about Femme Fatale, no one seems to have read it. My entry, that is.

Anyway, I gotta go now guys. Bye!

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No, I read the first chapter of Femme Fatale

but I didn't really like it... it's dry and kinda boring in my opinion.
as for the Taiwan Drama, i already finished watching it... i really wish they would make a season two anime of this series or the drama, i don't care at this point i just want to see season two.

do you think they'll make a second season of Skip Beat anime? or drama?
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(Frozen) (Thread)

About manga i spent almost 3 hours to read it and didn't go sleep at time. its quite intresting. i didn't write cos i was in middle of it ;]
About drama i already watched it and one time is quite good for me.
I wish good sleep for you, once again thank you ;]]]
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Thanks for the release, was great!

Kyoko's almost there, isn't she?
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Thank you, once again. I should be asleep right now but I'm going to be reading this chapter at least twice first :)

Edit: And on the drama, I appreciate you uploading the episodes, I will be watching them too, once I can!

Edited at 2012-04-29 10:54 pm (UTC)
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Thanks so much for this. Another awesomely scanlated chapter. And I agree that, if people don't like your blog, they can go elsewhere. Only people who ENJOY arguing and mud-slinging would come back to a site they had been banned from by creating a new identity. Seriously...what is wrong with some people? You do all this for US, with no reward except our heartfelt thanks, and then you have to put up with attitude??!! You're entitled to rant all you want as far as I'm concerned.
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I really don't get such behavior, either. I have friends who are active moderators on forums and discussion groups and they can all tell tales of trolls and the havoc they wreak. One historical costume group disbanded, in part thanks to the efforts of a troll.

Of course, poor social skills and mental illness can all manifest online as easily as in real life so... It's hard to understand, but probably makes sense in their minds. Plus, negative attention is still attention and some folks will want the fame that goes with being hated. Sigh.

I think the enjoyment that you might get by, say, translating an absolutely fabulous manga would be much more wonderful. (Flattery? Sure, but it's also true.)
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Thank you so much for doing these, I love this series! I've been reading your scanlations for a while and just thought I'd let you know they are much appreciated :)
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thank you so much for the new chapter!! Kyoko is really trying hard to understand Ren's landmine and she's almost there! also the part with the text message was funny!!
I'll be looking forward to what happens in the next chapters, especially for Ren's reaction and Shou supposedly visiting Kyoko in her school!!

Sorry I'm not really into dramas but I'll be sure to watch it in the near future!!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Wow! This was a meaty chapter, no? Kyouko puts pieces together, Ren reveals a bit about his food issues, Kijima deepens his friendship with Kyouko by hitting one of her weak spots (her love of cute things), Ren gets jealous and Sho enters the scene courtesy of Mimori's attempt to "get back" at Kyouko. Whew! Thank you so much for your speedy work!
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Thank U so much i´ve been really looking forward to this chapter (and i was so glad that kijima keeps making advances on kyouko) ^^...lately it's more easy to read your chapters.. can't really explain how... so thank you so much!! and i hope that you keep working in this amazing series.
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Thank you so much.. =)
(Frozen) (Thread)

Thank you so much for the work that you've done. I don't usually leave comments because I never know what to say, but I wanted to let you know your work is definitely appreciated. BTW I love seeing Yashiro freak out! I forgot how much I missed his ability to internally overreact when it concerns Kyoko.
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lol before i even read the ch THAAANK U!!!!!!! i didnt think it would be out this early~XD what a nice suprise~im glad I stalk your blog XD thank u!!!!♥
(Frozen) (Thread)

I really enjoy the quality of your scans, thank you for providing them!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Thanks for the chapter(:
And I hope the troll leaves you alone soon.
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The ending of this chapter really makes me look forward to the next chapter. Kijima, Shotaro, and Tsuruga--what a complicated love rectangle.
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