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Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 6
kaito kiriya
Aira Event
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Rage: Princess Aira? What are you doing over here?

Aira: Rage, don't worry about me. I'm busy now.

Rage: Busy?

Rage: Elmina? Are you crying?

Elmina: U....u.....Rage-sam...... waaaah....!!

Aira: Elmina, it's okay now. Don't cry, okay?

Elmina: Yes.... I'm fine now. Thank you Aira-sama.

Aira: Are you really okay?

Elmina: Yes! Ah... I still have to buy something. Please excuse me.

Aira: I see. Be careful then.

Elmina: Yes!

Rage: Why was Elmina crying?

Aira: Nothing to do with you.


Rage: ......

Aira: You're still here?

Rage: Even though you say it has nothing to do with me, I'm still concerned...

Aira: .....

Rage: So, why was Elmina crying? You're not the only one who is worried, you know.

Aira: I see. I understand. I will tell you then.

Aira: Just now there was a dog barking at her. That's why she cried.

Rage: Eh? Really?

Aira: The dog probably simply wants to play with her. When I jumped out of hiding after seeing that, it probably scared her.

Rage: Erm, Princess Aira, aren't you spoiling her a bit too much?

Aira: Spoiling her? Me?

Rage: You're like a parent that can't leave the child alone.

Aira: Elmina is very important to me after all.

Rage: I know that, but shouldn't you let her be by herself a little more, for her own sake?

Aira: If I leave Elmina alone, and they enemy comes for her, who will help her then?

Rage: Of course everyone and me will help her!

Aira: That won't be enough. What if you're battling with other enemies?

Rage: When that happens, Elmina would have to defend herself. She is able to fight.

Aira: What happens if that enemy is much stronger than her?

Rage: You're thinking too much!

Aira: There's no such thing as thinking too much. I am merely thinking what I should be thinking.

Rage: In that case, you will have to keep your distance from her after all.

Aira: Why?

Rage: You will just make her unable to be alone, having to depend on someone. You can't let her get used to that.

Aira: ... you do have a point.

Rage: Right?

Aira: If Elmina doesn't learn how to defend herself...

Rage: That's right, if she could get much stronger by herself...

Aira: No, only I can do this. I have to plan out what she can. I can protect Elmina anyway.

Rage: .....

Aira: I have to think of lessons that would make Elmina stronger. It can't be too intense, and have to make her happy doing it...

Rage: Erm... Princess Aira?

Aira: What if I do this first..... then that? Hm.... this might just work...

Rage: She's gone...

Ranah Event
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Rage: Hey, Ranah... hm? What are you so angry about?

Ranah: Enough! Just stand there!

Merchant: Like I told you, you misunderstood!

Ranah: You can't fool me with that! You're definitely swindling!

Merchant: Swindling? I'm not good at this. You there, sir, do you know her?

Rage: Eh? Me?

Merchant: Please explain to this lady here!

Rage: Explain? I'm not good at this...

Ranah: Swindler! Swindler! Definitely a swindler!!


Rage: But, for Ranah to be this angry, the one at fault has to be this uncle here.

Merchant: Wh...?!

Ranah: Hehe! I'm glad Rage understands!

Merchant: How is this my fault?!

Ranah: Keep quiet, swindler!

Rage: (Is this really okay?)

Altina: Rage and Big sister, what's going on?

Rage: A...Altina~!! I'm so glad you came!! I'll leave this to you!!

Altina: Eh? What do you mean?

Rage: The truth is, I don't really understand it myself...

Ranah: Altina will surely understand? She's my little sister after all.

Merchant: Are you the little sister? Please listen to me, your big sister....

Ranah: Keep quiet!

Ranah: Altina, listen. This swindler is trying to sell me these apples at a higher price than yesterday!

Ranah: Isn't it strange?!

Merchant: That is what I am trying to explain here!

Ranah: You should just keep quiet!

Altina: That is indeed strange. Rage, do you know about this?

Rage: Well it's the same thing. And the price changed...

Ranah: Rage, are you the same as this uncle? Are you a swindler too?!

Rage: What? Why me? Is there a reason why the price of this went up?

Merchant: There is! These apples from yesterday have already gone moldy.

Merchant: If I sell these at the same price as yesterday, I won't be able to feed my wife and kids. Please forgive the price....

Rage: Understand? One thing you need, is more important than one hundred things you don't need.

Altina: So that's it. That's how it is. Big sister, please understand his difficulties.

Ranah: Still... this is wrong. This price is definitely strange!

Rage: Ranah! That's enough....

Ranah: I will buy all of these apples. At twice the price.

Merchant: Huh?

Ranah: You placed everything into this job, into these apples, didn't you? This price is strange! It's too low!

Altina: Big sister...

Ranah: Hurry up.! If you get it then sell them to me! And hurry up back home!

Merchant: Y... yes! Thank you very much!

Rage: Ho... isn't that a good thing? I thought you would be more noisy about the money...

Ranah: I wasn't really angry about the changes in prices...

Rage: And the higher price you paid?

Ranah: Not enough?

Rage: Nope, you did well.

Ranah: So... what should I do with all these apples.... Okay, Altina? Could you hand these to everyone?

Altina: Sure!

Rage: Ah, I'll have one!

Altina: Here you go!

Rage: Thank you!

Rage: So, how's the taste...

Rage: Oh! These are really good! Try one, Ranah!

Ranah: Eh? Let's see...

Ranah: Hm.... it's good!

Ranah and Aira Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yo! Ranah... huh? Hey! Where are you going?!

Ranah: Oh! Nice timing! Rage! Come with me!

Rage: Go where?!

Ranah: There are pirates near here. Let's go defeat them!

Rage: Just two of us?! That's reckless. We have to at least ask for more help, right?

Ranah: We should be fine... well, but if you say so. Aira~!! Elmina is in trouble!!

Aira: What do you mean?! What happened to Elmina?!

Rage: That was fast...

Ranah: Elmina was ambushed and captured by the pirates near here!

Rage: Wha?!

Aira: Is that true!? Let's go help her!!

Ranah: Okay! To the pirates!

Rage: Is this really okay?


Aira: Elmina!! Where are you?!

Ranah: Looks like they're hiding her somewhere.

Rage: H.. hey! Is that okay? Won't it be bad if we don't tell her the truth?

Ranah: It'll be fine, it'll be fine!

Aira: What are you two whispering over there! Hurry up and defeat them so we can rescue Elmina!

Ranah: Rage! I'm going to rush at the enemy. You too rush if you can!!

Rage: Got it!!

Aira: That is too big a risk. We should control the situation from a distance.

Ranah: We don't have to do that, I can scatter them.

Aira: No.

Rage: H... hey! Stop arguing in the middle of a battle!


Ranah: Easy win!

Aira: Indeed.


Aira: Where is Elmina?!

Rage: (This is bad... we have to tell Princess Aira the truth...)

Ranah: Let's see, where indeed?

Aira: Ranah, what do you think you're doing? There's no way she could be there!

Ranah: Oh! Found it!

Aira: What? Is she there?!

Ranah: Treasure, treasure!

Aira: Treasure? Elmina is more important! If I don't find her quick she will cry again!!

Rage: Erm... Princess Aira?

Aira: What is it Rage? I'm busy. Help me find Elmina.

Rage: I don't know how to say this but... the truth is Elmina being captured was lie.

Aira: What?

Rage: I'm sorry! To defeat the pirates, we needed more people, so Ranah...

Aira: .....

Rage: (Oh no.... she has to be angry....)

Aira: I see.... Elmina is safe then. That's good.

Rage: (Eh? That's it? I thought she would be more angry...)

Rage: Erm, that's it?

Aira: Hm? What is?

Rage: Aren't you mad that we lied to you?

Aira: I'm just glad that Elmina is safe.

Rage: I see.

Ranah: Hey, what are you two doing over there?! Help me out here!

Rage: Ranah, do you intend to carry all those valuables?

Ranah: Of course. That's why I had to defeat the pirates.

Rage: You speak so proudly but...

Ranah: But still, to think a small pirate group like that can get this amount of valuables. Even though they are small fries, they really are pirates.

Ranah: Okay then, let's return this to the town people.

Rage: Eh?

Aira: So that's how it is.

Rage: What do you mean?

Aira: The money stolen by the bandits are to be returned to the people, to restore their livelhood and economy.

Aira: Isn't that right, Ranah?

Ranah: Hm? I just thought that everyone would be happy if they got their money back.

Rage: That's it?

Ranah: Even though the festival has already started, it should still be fine.

Aira: True that the festival has started, everyone would be livelier. To be thinking this far...

Rage: Well, I'm not so sure she thought this far but...

Ranah: ...?? Well whatever. Thank you anyway. It really is much easier with you helping Rage and me.

Ranah: I doubt we will lose if it was just Rage and me, but the damage would be worse.

Rage: That might be right.

Aira: No, when I think about it, the damage would have been much worse.

Aira: If Ranah did not put her mind to stopping this, the damage wouldn't just stop here.

Ranah: Ah, really?

Aira: Yeah.

Ranah: Well then, these valuables, I have to hurry up and return to the town people.

Aira: You're right.

Rage: (The two of them have such different personalities, but they work so well together. A nice team...)

Ranah: Anyway, after we give this out to the townspeaople, I think we should have some left. Can I just keep what is left?

Rage: Wha?! Ranah, so that's what you're after?!

Aira: No you can't. It is to be given out to everyone in the town. Don't you dare take anything.

Ranah: Tch, scrooge.

Rage: (They really are a good team...)

Ranah's personality Wild Justice is added.
Aira's personality Cool Justice is added.

Jinkurou Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Jinkurou-san. Are you doing something alone?

Jinkurou: Hm? Rage. It's nothing. I was just thinking about something in the past.

Jinkurou: I have to reflect on my past, in order to find myself. That's what I was thinking.

Rage: Oh, that's how it is. I'm interested in listening. I don't really know much about Jinkurou-san.

Jinkurou: Very well. It's not something I intend to hide either. So, where shall I begin...

Jinkurou: I was working for a country known as Seiran. I was on a mission that would settle the peace between the countries.

Jinkurou: If it was successful, we would do so for the neighbouring countries as well. Sadly, this mission was doomed to fail.

Rage: Wow, Jinkurou-san had such an important mission.

Jinkurou: During the conference, because of Seiran's minister Shumari's plot, the mission failed.

Jinkurou: And then, I escaped from Shumari's pursuers, unable to return to Seiran, roaming the wilds.

Rage: That sounds really bad.

Jinkurou: My ideal country, one where all the citizens work together for a common purpose, this ideal was not to be...

Jinkurou: This lofty ideal was wishful thinking on my part. I made a failure that can never be undone.


Rage: I don't exactly hate lofty ideals. In order to make the world a better place, aren't such ideals important?

Jinkurou: Indeed, Rage. What you say is correct. I was too captured by the failure of my past.

Rage: But to be able to escape from the countries' pursuers. You really are a ninja.

Jinkurou: To tell the truth, I would have been unable to survive alone. The one who saved me was the Princess of Saint Philias country.

Jinkurou: I was gravely injured in my escape, and the princess gave me some holy water which healed me.

Jinkurou: This gratitude, I had to return the favor. So in Bestia...

Jinkurou: Bestia had achieved peace. For me, and for Seiran, I requested Bestia for assistance.

Jinkurou: To return the favor of the one who saved my life, that is one reason why I have lived.

Rage: Jinkurou-san has such a strong sense of honor. I'm sure, that is why everyone trusts you.

Jinkurou: Trust? In me? Hm... I never thought much about it. Rage may be right.

Rage: And speaking of which, being saved by a princess like that, it must have felt like being saved by a goddess!

Jinkurou: That may very well be true. One born of high birth, passionate and generous beyond anyone else. I may have more respects for her than even you.

Rage: (Hm, to see Jinkurou-san talk so much is so rare. The princess must really be important to him, I think.)

Clalaclan Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yoh, princess Clala. What are you doing here?

Clalaclan: Ah... Rage-dono. This is good. Actually, there is something that I wanted to ask you.

Clalaclan: I am trying to compile into a book, the glorious history of all the heroes. I would also like to know more about your behaviors. Could you help me?

Rage: Behaviors? What am I, an animal?

Clalaclan: Ah, no, that's not what I mean. It's just that, I would like to know more about the life of a hero who came from another world...

Rage: No, I don't think there's anything strange in particular. Rather, wouldn't the life of Clala as a princess be more different from others?

Clalaclan: No, I really am interested in the life of a hero. Rage-dono, if you have the time, could you tell me all about yourself?

Rage: Well, I don't have anything to do right now, so I don't mind. I'll tell you anything.

Clalaclan: Speaking of which, Rage-dono seems to be always moving alone. What about all your servants?

Rage: Eh? Servants? I don't have anything like that. I'm not really that famous...

Clalaclan: Ah, that's not true. You are the legendary hero who will save the world. Rage-dono need not be so formal to me.

Rage: Well... that is...

Clalaclan: But... if you don't have any servants, wouldn't it be inconvenient to do things alone? Like change your clothes and prepare your food?

Rage: Of course I would do it alone.... huh, change clothes?! Princess Clala, do you have other people to help you change your clothes?!

Clalaclan: Yes. When I am in the castle, I have the maids to help me change and do my hair.

Rage: I see... you are a princess after all...


Rage: Well, life outside the castle must be difficult. Do you find anything inconvenient, princess Clala?

Clalaclan: Rage-dono, thank you for your concern.

Clalaclan: But I am fine. It is because that I am a princess, that is why I can't be selfish and wilful.

Rage: I see... that is admirable, princess Clala.

Clalaclan: Oh my, look at the time. I didn't realize so much time has passed while talking to Rage-dono.

Clalaclan: Once the battle is over, I wish to talk to Rage-dono more.

Rage: Ah, that's good then. I will tell you all about my world.

Clalaclan: Really?! Then I must hurry to bring the war to an end.

Clalaclan: Here, a handshake of promise. We will see each other, throw a feast, and invite our friends over.

Rage: Handshake? Okay. ...hmm, princess Clala's hand is so slender, almost fragile... a real princess...

Yukihime: Hey! Stop swooning over a handshake! If you're a hero, then act smart!

Rage: Ah, jeez, you talk too much, Yukihime... Anyway, see you around, princess Clala.

Clalaclan: Yes! I will be counting on you too from now, Mr Hero.

Clalaclan and Jinkurou Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, princess Clala. Where are you rushing off to? Did monsters show up?

Clalaclan: Ah, Rage-dono! The truth is, Bestia is assaulted by the Empire! We must hurry towards Bestia!

Jinkurou: Of course I shall go too. I have a duty towards princess Clala and Bestia.

Clalaclan: In the past, our country has received help from everyone in Bestia. It is our turn to return that favor.

Rage: Okay. I will help too! Let's go together, princess Clala, Jinkurou-san!

Clalaclan: Thank you, Rage-dono! It is very heartening that you are coming with us. Okay, move out!


Clalaclan: This is as far as you go! I won't allow you to continue your invasion!

Rage: Now that we are here, there is no way you can win! Surrender! ...That's what I would say, but you're not going to do that so easily, are you...

Jinkurou: Indeed. It is time for us to show our prowess. Let's go! Don't get careless!


Rage: Okay, all the enemies have been forced back. Princes Clala, Jinkurou-san! Are you okay?!

Clalaclan: Yes, me and the soldiers are all okay.

Jinkurou: Do not worry about me. Bestia also did not suffer heavy damage.

Rage: I see, that's good. Bestia probably wants to thank you two too.


Rage: The two of you did well. You risk your lives for other people, that is no easy feat.

Clalaclan: Not at all... I simply wish to return the favor by helping Bestia.

Jinkurou: I am the same with princess Clala. I simply wish to return the favor. It is nothing worth praising over.

Rage: Still, I think you two are great. To be able to do something like this so naturally, it's not an easy thing.

Rage: However, when we are helping each other out, it shouldn't be like returning favors... it should be more like strengthening our bonds.

Clalaclan: You are right. We and Bestia still have more to do with each other. We will continue to help each other.

Jinkurou: From here, our bonds with Rage too. The assistance granted to us by the legendary hero, the people of Bestia shall remember this gratitude.

Rage: Ah, well, I was just helping you too. It's not really that big a deal.

Clalaclan: But, the one who has became our pillar is definitely Rage-dono. Rage-dono is the one whom we depend on.

Jinkurou: Indeed. Rage will become much stronger, both in body and in spirit. I look forward to it.

Rage: I'm not such a great person, but I will work hard, for princess Clala and Jinkurou-san.

Rage: The two of you, we still have much work to do ahead of us... princess Clala and Jinkurou-san, we shall continue to fight for everyone, won't we?

Clalaclan: Yes! For Philias, Bestia, and the whole of Elde too... no matter how far we are, we are one world.

Clalaclan: For the peace of this world, we will continue our battle!

Jinkurou: As expected of princess Clala. I, Jinkurou, shall become your strength.

Rage: That's a little too serious... but, it does concern the peace of the world, so I concur.

Rage: Having such great ideals and being able say it so upright, these are the strong points of princess Clala and Jinkurou-san after all.

Clalaclan: Yeah. From here on too, I will chase after my ideal without giving up. Rage-dono, thank you for lending your strength to us.

Rage: (Chasing after your ideal without giving up... sometimes it's even harder to continue than it is to let them go...)

Rage: (Princess Clala and Jinkurou-san, their will is so much stronger than I thought. I should learn from them!)

Clalaclan's personality Oath of the Shield is added.
Jinkurou's personality Lost Wing becomes Wing's Oath.

Dyran and Isari Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Yoh, Dyran-san. I see you're with Isari-san too.

Dyran: Oh, Rage.

Isari: Hey.

Dyran: What is it Rage? You have news of some treasure? Or you decided on your next prey?

Rage: Geez, is that all you ever think about?

Dyran: We are pirates after all. We're always after the big game.

Rage: I actually didn't have a good image of pirates before...

Rage: But Dyran-san seems to be a nice pirate.

Dyran: Don't read too much into it. After all, we use whatever methods we can to gather as much treasures as possible.

Dyran: We get our hands dirty of course. A good pirate... there's no such thing...

Dyran: However, I will tell you this much. We will never lay our hands on the innocent. This is the code of the Arch Buccaneers.

Isari: I... never attack anything except for prey...

Rage: I know I can believe you two.

Dyran: I see, thanks. Well, Isari isn't really interested in anything except for prey anyway.

Isari: Hmph. Sorry for being that way.

Dyran: This guy just doesn't change. One time, he got a good bounty on a prey. Since then, he's only been interested in prey.

Dyran: He's a hunter by heart. But, he's very skilled, I can guarantee that much.

Rage: Isari is a monster hunter...

Isari: That's right... going around the world hunting monsters... I am always... after big ones.... hehehe...

Dyran: Especially dragons that guard treasure. Hunt monsters and seek treasures at the same time. Two birds one stone. We would love to travel around the world this way.

Isari: Right now, it isn't possible...

Dyran: That's correct. Our proud pirate ship is now at the bottom of the sea.

Rage: That's right, it was sunk by the Empire...

Isari: Without a ship to ride on, my hands grow dull...

Dyran: Isari is our helmsman. I wish to hurry up and revive our ship...

Isari: For that purpose... we need bounties, treasures.... all to build a new ship.

Rage: I see. That is bad. But, the sea is indeed a good place. Being a man of the seas, that doesn't seem bad at all.

Dyran: That's right, Rage. If you do get a ship, what would you do with it?

Isari: I am... interested.

Rage: Suddenly asking me that...

Dyran: What about it, Rage?


Rage: Become the king of pirates!

Dyran: Suddenly shouting out.

Dyran: Big ambitions! I like it!

Rage: Eh? You're not actually seriously believing it, are you?

Rage: I think I talked way too big.... hahah.

Rage: If I really became a pirate, I think a lot of people would get angry.

Dyran: I'm surprised you are like that.

Dyran: You have the guts of a real man. And you have that look in your eyes.

Rage: D... don't bring your face so close to me.

Dyran: Sorry, sorry. But, my eyes are now shining. What do you think, Isari?

Isari: The people Dyran picks... I have no objections...

Isari: Dyran! Make this guy... one of us! Rage is.... a good choice!

Dyran: No need to be this excited, Isari. But, I concur!

Rage: I have no intention of becoming a pirate!

Isari: Do you... hate me?

Rage: No, that's not it. Look, we are all allies now, right?

Isari: You will be one of us.

Dyran: Yahoo! If Isari is this interested, I have no reason to reject. So how about it, Rage?

Rage: ...Ah, erm. You know, I just remembered something important that I really need to do. Goodbye!

Isari: Rage.... you won't get away.

Dyran: There is no one that can escape from Isari. Hahaha! This is going to be interesting!

Dyran and Isari Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Dyran-san. You are not with Isari today?

Dyran: Isari? Ah, that guy went fishing today.

Rage: Again? He's been idly going out to fishing lately.

Dyran: That guy lives to fish. But the truth is, I've never actually seen him fish before.

Rage: I've never seen him fish once before. Speaking of which, he always comes back empty-handed. Does he really go fishing?

Dyran: Oh. You're that curious, Rage? Then I have an idea. Let's go spy on him.

Rage: Spy on him.... Isari?! It's not a good thing to spy on other people, I'll pass... whoa!

Dyran: Don't start being the good guy now. C'mon, let's go!

Rage: Wait... let me go.... whoa!

Dyran: Ah, found him. Over there.

Rage: Ha... in the end I was brought here by force...

Rage: Isari is standing by the river, not using any thread.

Dyran: ...hmm. That is true. He still has his poker face, I wonder what is he thinking?

Rage: He's sighing. Maybe he's mulling over some thing?

Dyran: Oh, quite the observant eye you have. That is very possible...

Dyran: Okay, I'm going with your possibility. It's decided.

Rage: Decided? What?

Dyran: Isn't it obvious? You're going up there, now!

Rage: Whoa...!

Isari: Who's there?!

Rage: Ah, well...

Isari: You... Rage...

Rage: Ah, Isari. Ahahahaha... erm....

Isari: You need me for something?


Rage: Are you enjoying fishing here?

Isar: Yeah... of course.

Rage: Can I try too?

Isari: Okay, let's fish together.

Rage: Well then, I'll sit here.

Isari: Two people fishing.... not bad.

Isari: ....Rage, that was good skill.... not bad.

Rage: I... I'm back...

Dyran: Hey you. All you did was just fish, no?

Rage: S.. sorry. But that was so sudden, I didn't know...

Dyran: But it's fine. I think I know what Isari was troubled over.

Rage: So, what is Isari troubled over?

Dyran: Hahhahhah! He's been putting up a front all this while.

Dyran: That guy...

Dyran: Is just lonely.

Rage: Ha?! What does that mean?

Dyran: Don't you get it? He wants a friend.

Dyran: That guy doesn't change, most people don't get it. From what he said just from fishing...

Dyran: If it is you, you can understand him. So Rage, be his friend.

Rage: I don't particularly mind. We can be friends.

Dyran: Oh, Isari! Heard that?

Isari: My.... friend...

Dyran: Ah, that's right. We are friends, comrades, allies!

Rage: I'm still not going to become a pirate.

Dyran: Eh? Why?

Rage: This matter and that matter are different things. Doesn't matter how you try to talk me into it.

Rage: And, doesn't Isari already have Dyran-san?

Dyran: Well, that is true. Hahahaha.... Tch, to think it got away after so close... Sorry about that, Rage.

Isari: Rage as my friend... hehehe, not bad at all.

Dyran and Isari Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hello, Dyran-san. As always, you're with Isari.

Isari: Hey....

Dyran: Oh, Rage. You came at the right time. We're going on a little treasure hunt right now. How would you like to come along?

Rage: Treasure hunt?

Dyran: Yeah. The dragon dwelling in the desert ahead has quite some treasure hidden away.

Isari: The dragon... is a bad guy. It sometimes runs rampant in the towns... causing problems for everyone.

Dyran: So, we defeat the dragon, get it's treasures, and the the townspeople become grateful. Two birds, one stone, right?

Rage: Nevermind the treasure, we can't leave a fierce dragon on its own. ...okay, let's go!


Rage: The dragon's lair is somewhere near here?

Dyran: Yeah, it was information that I collected in town. ....grr, that's some heat here.

Rage: I know, right. If only there was an oasis here. A bath or something...

Isari: Oasis... I could fish.

Rage: ... I don't think oasis have fish.

Dyran: ... the two of you keep it down. The wind is changing. That guy... must be close by.

Rage: Yeah.... we'll be careful.

Isari: Time to hunt... hehehe.


Dyran: Ha ha ha! Bad state you're in, you third rate dragon!

Rage: We won... I heard that it was a fierce dragon, but it was surprisingly weak.

Dyran: Hehe, doesn't matter if it's a dragon, we'll kick their butts!

Isari: ... invincible.

Dyran: Okay then, time for the real reason we're here...

Rage: The treasure, right?

Dyran: Yeah, you got it, Rage. Just as you say.

Isari: The treasure... this...

Dyran: Houhou! That's quite the load! Such valuables! Ha ha ha ha!

Dyran: Okay, let's get this all loaded! Three shares!

Rage: Heave, ho. Heave, ho.

Dyran: Hey, here! Here!

Isari: I will... help too.

Rage: Okay then, Isari, hold this.

Isari: Okay.... I got it.

Dyran: Looks like Rage is now completely one of us.

Rage: Not this again... you really want me to be a pirate no matter what...

Dyran: But, you like doing this, don't you?

Rage: How do you know this?

Isari: Rage... seems to be having fun.

Rage: ...well, to search for treasure is a man's dream. Can't say I hate it.

Rage: But... it was really fun that I came together with Dyran-san and Isari.

Dyran: This guy... why don't you just say that you're happy?

Rage: The two of you are always so close... believing in each other and working together. It's actually kind of cool. It's admirable in a way.

Rage: More than friendship between guys, it's more like a bond between two people.

Isari: How many years... has it been.

Rage: That's why, I thought it would be very interesting to travel the world on a ship with you two.

Dyran: Well, that's really simple then. The Pirate Knights Arch Buccaneers will always welcome you with open arms!

Rage: But, this just really isn't the time for that...

Rage: When the war is all over, I will have to think about this all over!

Dyran: Yeah, I perfectly understand. To make this war end faster, we will help you with our full strength!

Dyran: This is a promise between men!

Isari: I... promise too.

Rage: Thank you, both of you.

Dyran: Well then, tonight, we throw a feast to celebrate our everlasting friendship!

Isari: Hehehehe. Tonight... I won't be sleeping.

Dyran: ...well, before that, we still have to hurry up and get all of this treasure out!

Rage: Okay!

Dyran's Personality Bond beyond Friendship is added.
Isari's Personality Bond beyond Friendship is added.

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