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Shining Blade Translation Script Chapter 10
kaito kiriya
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage and the Shining Force have defeated DarkDragon, and Dragonia Empire has crumbled.

Following that, peace has returned to Endias. The people are now able live their lives in peace. ...At least that's what it should have been.

However, the land, wounded by traces of war, monsters are becoming more active, strange phenomenons are occurring, and the people are still suffering.

These occurrences, are suspected to be the resultant damage caused by Dragonia Empire. Thus, Rage and everyone continued their activities as the Shining Force.

In addition to investigating the situation in all parts of the land, they are also offering aid to anyone suffering from the monsters.

Their battles are far from over.

Rage: ...what is going on. Now that DarkDragon isn't here any more, the world's anomalies should have all disappeared as well.

Yukihime: Indeed. Well, at least compared to before, Valeria is now much safer. But it's still a long way from a full recovery...

Rage: Hm.....?

Yukihime: Anyway, here and there, strange things are happening..... hey? Rage? Why are you staring at me with that strange look on your face?

Rage: Well, Yukihime. Previously, when your seal was removed, your appearence was totally changed... I don't know when, but you've returned to usual.

Yukihime: T...that... can't be helped! It's because you're too inexperienced! The way you are now, you can't hope to maintain me in my unsealed form.

Yukihime: Anyway, you never noticed that until now?! So inexperienced! So dense! It's no wonder that I returned to this form!

Rage: Haha, sorry. But, even though you don't have that sealed power. Your personality seems to have returned as well. So I'm at ease.

Yukihime: .....wha?! N.. no, that is, how should I.... it is...

Yukihime: Argh! This isn't the place for this. If you have the time to relax and play around, hurry up and investigate the situation!

Rage: That's right. Okay, I'm off!

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Sakuya: Do you remember the ruins that made those ancient weapons from before?

Roselinde: Yes. The ones near the coast of Crantor. Are you referring to those ruins?

Rage: Yeah, the ruins where the Earl was. It would be pretty hard for me to forget. It was a pretty tough battle.

Sakuya: The truth is, there have been many monsters spotted in the area around the ruins. This needs to be investigated...

Sakuya: Those ruins actually run deeper underground. There must be something there.

Rage: Like an underground labyrinth? That may explain the monsters.

Elmina: But, it's not exactly the first time that we have heard of monsters appearing. How is this different...?

Aira: The Empire must have acquired something before it fell. The remnants must be plotting something now... I'm afraid that's what this means.

Roselinde: If that is the case, we must do something about it.

Rage: In other words, we have to go there to investigate more, right? Got it! Let's hurry and go!

Rage: Hehehe, exploring a labyrinth. Just the kind of job for a hero. I'm ready for action!

Yukihime: ....Simple-minded as always.

Roselinde: But that is Rage's good point. Hehehe.

Yukihime: ......hmph...

Rage: That's.... a little... hahaha. A... anyway, let's go to the labyrinth!


Rage: To think that this is under the ruins...

Rinrin: Mmhm, it's quite the labyrinth. Lots of interesting things around!

Rage: I know right? Let's begin the search!


Rage: Whew... this is harder than I thought, this labyrinth. The monsters are also stronger.

Yukihime: We've barely just started, and already you're whining! There is still a long way to go, so get a grip on yourself!

Rage: Yeah, you're right... There is something with these ruins, we have to investigate.



Rage: Huh? Strange, there are footprints here. Has someone already entered before us?

Yukihime: Someone other than us has entered here before... could it be, the Imperial Army remnants? Rage, be careful!

Rage: Damn it... Are they still planning to do more harm? I will stop them for sure!


Yukihime: Rage! Over there!

Rage: Wha?! Is that... the Imperial Army's Magic Dragon?! What is it doing here?

Rage: Tch, this is not the time for that! Anyway, we have to defeat it before we can proceed!


Yukihime: We defeated it somehow. However, for the Magic Dragon to appear here, is this too the work of the Empire Remnants...?

Rage: Hm? That is...

Yukihime: What is it, Rage? Did you find something?

Rage: There's a disk-like object dropped here. This is... it looks like a data disc.

Yukihime: Deita deesk? What is that?

Rage: It's an item found on Elde. Oh well, I'll just hang on to it for now.

Rage: So... what should we do now, Sakuya-san? Shall we press on?

Sakuya: No, this battle has taken quite the toll on us. For today, let us return.

Sakuya: I'm a little curious about this disc.


Sakuya: Was this disc held by the monsters? It looks really old. I wonder what is it for...

Roselinde: Perhaps, it is related to why this ruins was made in the first place?

Sakuya: I do not know. We don't know the contents. Kerberos! Can you come here a bit?

Kerberos: Yes, Master. What do you need?

Sakuya: Could you take a look at this and read it? Just checking the contents is enough.

Rage: Eh? Kerberos, are you able to read this?!

Kerberos: Yes, I believe the format is usable.

Rage: Wow... that's kinda amazing...

Kerberos: Begin reading.

Kerberos: ...Compatible data identified. Begin installation.

Sakuya: Eh...? Install? Hold on! You only need to identify the data! Cancel the process! Cancel!

Kerberos: ...Installation complete.

Sakuya: Ah...! Too late...! Kerberos, are you okay?

Kerberos: .....

Sakuya: Kerberos! Snap out of it, Kerberos! Please, say something!

Kerberos: .....u....ugh...

Sakuya: That's good, it's not a freeze. Are you okay, Kerberos?

Kerberos: Er.... hm... yeah... I'm okay... Sakuya.

Sakuya: I see. You're okay. That's good. ......wait, what did you just say?

Kerberos: Eh? I said I'm okay, Sakuya. ...What's wrong? You seemed surprised?

Sakuya: What's wrong? That's what I would like to know. You're not the same as usual?

Sakuya: Rather... you're acting strange.

Kerberos: Boo! I'm not strange! Kerberos isn't strange!

Rage: No, it's strange no matter how you look at it. I wonder what's happened?

Rage: Kerberos has always acted like an emotionless robot. Now she's acting like a small kid...

Roselinde: I don't really understand what Rage referred to, but I think I know what he meant. It's like a soul has been born into a doll...

Rinrin: I don't really know the details... and I have never seen anything like that. But the reason has to be that disc for sure...

Sakuya: What is something like this doing in the ruins...

Kerberos: Hey, Sakuya! I'm bored! Can we go back home now? Hey!

Sakuya: Eh...? Go back? Erm... it's sudden, but...

Rinrin: Hehe, that's fine, right, Sakuya? We have a lot more to find out later. Let's return to base.

Sakuya: ...I see?

Rinrin: Yeah, let's return. We have to investigate the surrounding areas a bit more. We will come back here again.

Sakuya: I guess you're right. Okay, Kerberos, let's go back.

Kerberos: Yeah! Let's go play! Ahahahaha!

Sakuya: Ah, hold on! Don't run in here! Kerberos!

Rage: (Sigh... looks like things are going to be pretty troublesome for Sakuya-san from now on...)

Kerberos' Personality Heart Circuit is now added.


Sakuya: Hey! Kerberos! Stop running here and there!

Kerberos: No! I wanna play, I wanna play!

Sakuya: You can't! Wait!

Kerberos: No way! Sakuya can't catch me! Ahahahaha!

Rage: Things sure have gotten troublesome for Sakuya-san... It's almost like she became Kerberos' mother now.

Yukihime: Indeed. However, I am bothered about why the disc found in the ruins would change Kerberos like this...

Rinrin: About that. When we somehow pacified Kerberos, she analyzed that disc and found information on the ruins.

Rinrin: But anyway, it wasn't very important information. But it does prove that those ruins were indeed made by the ancient people...

Rinrin: There are even more dangerous things the deeper we go... that's how it seems.

Rage: So, that means... if we don't settle what is inside those ruins, the fighting won't end...

Sakuya: Haa... I'm so tired. I finally managed to get Kerberos to behave...

Rinrin: Great work, Sakuya. We were just talking about the ruins.

Sakuya: Ah, about that. Those ruins, I'm concerned about how they are related to the ancient people...

Sakuya: It really needs to be investigated. ....Immediately, if possible.

Sakuya: It's just, I have a feeling that if we investigate, that detestable person's face will show up again... I have a bad feeling about this.

Sakuya: But, even so, it's all the more reason why we can't leave it alone. If that wretch shows up again, we will stop him this time!

Rage: I understand. In any case, we have to go investigate. I will tell everyone, and we will all set out!

Sakuya: Okay. Please do!


Rage: Okay, let's set off to investigate. This time, we don't know what we are going to find. Everyone, be careful.

Rinrin: I got it! Everything is prepared! We can set off anytime!

Sakuya: Everything is okay on my side. Okay, everyone, let's go!


Yukihime: Good grief... why are there so many monsters in these ruins? There's just no end to them.

Rage: You're right... I wonder why. It's pretty tiring...

Kerberos: Really? Kerberos is not tired at all! Still okay!

Rage:'re really energetic. I can't lose out... Okay! Let's move on with full power!



Rage: Tch! Another Magic Dragon! There is definitely something strange with these ruins!

Aira: Why are you talking about that now? We all knew there was something strange about these ruins right from the start.

Yukihime: That is correct! First, we defeat the enemy in front of us! Rage, do it!

Rage: I got it! Let's do this! Come on, Magic Dragon!


Rage: Huh? This is... another disc was dropped.

Yukihime: I see. Well then, this time, let's take it back with us to base, shall we?

Yukihime: You and everyone else are definitely exhausted. If you press on recklessly, it will be dangerous.

Rage: You're right. Let's go back, and analyze that disc. Princess Aira is good with that.

Sakuya: As said, this ruins do go deeper... but until the analysis is complete, it is better if we stop here.

Sakuya: That way, we can react to the changes on the surface as well.



Sakuya: ...That's right... if we just leave things as they are, then...

Rage: ...Sakuya-san?

Aira: Yeah, first we have to go to the 30th level...

Fenrir:, that means we have to get ready...

Rage: Erm, Sakuya-san? I would like to know what you asked me for...

Sakuya: Ah, Rage, sorry. I am still discussing about that with princess Aira and Fenrir.

Sakuya: We analyzed the disc we found previously, and we finally know the true purpose of the ruins.

Rage: The true purpose of the ruins? What is it? Those ruins.

Aira: Okay... Simply put, those ruins were the waste disposal where the ancient civilization discard their trash. However, it wasn't just simple trash.

Aira: They were scrapped dangerous objects... In other words, during their development of living weapons, the failed projects would be discarded there. It was a sealed place.

Aira: Of course, they could easily go out of control, or the control systems would stop functioning. That's why 3 heavy seals placed on the ruins.

Aira: The entrance, the door at the 30th level, as well as the bottom-most level.

Rage: The entrance? Hold on. All the times we entered the ruins, we never noticed anything like a seal?

Aira: It did indeed exist. Just that we did not notice it. In short, that seal was already removed. At least, that was the first seal.

Aira: We have to find out their status of the second and third seals. The people who removed the first seals...

Aira: They may also remove the second and third seals. It would not be difficult for them to remove.

Rinrin: Up to now, judging by the many dangerous enemies we have encountered outside those ruins, the second and above seals must still be stable for the moment.

Rage: But, isn't this bad? We can't allow those seals to be removed!

Rage: Damn, who is it? Who's behind this! Is it the Empire remnants?

Sakuya: That's right, the remnants. It may be the remnants. About that, there is someone I suspect that could be behind all of this. Someone I would have wish to never have known.

Sakuya: Anyway, we can't allow someone like that to do as he please. We have to go to the ruins immediately!


Rage: Damn... these footprints, it has to be the Imperial Army Magic Dragon. I knew it was strange.

Rage: As I thought, there are more of the Empire remnants further ahead. They could be waiting to ambush us anywhere.

Sakuya: What you say may be correct, but it is a fact that someone came before us. ...It would be wise to proceed with caution.


Sakuya: Everyone, this place looks okay. However, beyond here, there will be more dangerous monsters. Don't lose your guard, and proceed with caution.

Rage: Understood. Be careful too, Sakuya-san!

Rinrin: No problem, no problem! I'm right with her! Nyahahaha!




Rinrin: Magic Dragon again? Sakuya, as I thought, this is...

Sakuya:'re right. The one pulling the strings must be close by. It has to be...! But first, we have to defeat this guy!

Rage: Understood! First we defeat this guy, then we face the one behind this!


Roselinde: Sakuya-san! Look over there...!

Sakuya: ...Earl?! I knew it was you!

Earl: You all came. But, you are too late. I am taking this.

Sakuya: That is... a disc?! Wait! Earl!

Earl: ...Farewell. We will meet again.

Altina: He... vanished?!

Sakuya: ...This is bad! Teleportation...! This can't be helped. We will pull out of here for now.

Sakuya: But, I will never let allow you to succeed! Earl!



Rage: Sakuya-san, I just don't understand... What is the Earl's true purpose?

Rage: In the end, the Earl was not one of Balder's underlings. In fact, he was the one pulling the strings behind. These ruins, he is definitely planning something with them.

Rage: However, what is he trying to accomplish, even now, I don't understand.

Yukihime: It is true, we do not understand what he has been doing at all... We still do not know even now.

Sakuya: The Earl's objective... it is a little hard for me to tell everything at once...

Sakuya: But I can tell you in simple terms, he wants to destroy this world.

Rage: Destroy... the world?! Not to conquer it, but to destroy it?! Is that what this guy has been planning?!

Sakuya: Yes. It is the reason why he had been using Balder and the others. And of course, these ruins also have something that he need.

Yukihime: Unbelievable...!

Rage: To think he could even plan something like that... But, hold on?

Rage: Why is the Earl after something like that? Aren't the only things there "failed projects"?

Rage: And, when I think about it. He had plenty of chances to invade those ruins before, yet he chose now.

Rinrin: ...this is just a conjecture of mine, but the Earl must have tried to get the living weapons once before, but gave up in the end.

Rinrin: But, Rage is correct. They are all "failed projects".

Rinrin: They are not safe to use, but they have no limit on their output. Using them again does pose a great risk.

Rage: Isn't that right? Then why would...

Rinrin: It's because DarkDragon has been defeated. The Earl has no choice but to use these "failed projects" now. That's how it is.

Rinrin: Furthermore, these failed projects had to be locked up under a heavy seal. So you can just imagine their power.

Rinrin: That's why the Earl had to use these ruins.

Rage: Good grief... that Earl is just one impossible bastard.

Rage: If we let this go on, the world will really be destroyed. We must stop the Earl at all costs!


Sakuya: Now that we are caught up in the Earl's plans, we cannot afford to get careless.

Rage: Indeed. If we don't do anything, this world will really be destroyed.

Rage: We will stop that guy before that happens! We must hurry into the depth of the ruins!


Rage: It looks like that bastard Earl won't show up right now...

Sakuya: However, you can be certain that he is planning something beyond here. We have to be careful.

Rage: Yes!



Yukihime: A Magic Dragon! Is this one also released by the Earl?

Sakuya: Most likely. We cannot afford to waste too much time here. We must hurry and deal with them!

Yukihime: Agreed! Let's go, Rage!

Rage: Yeah!


Earl: Most unfortunate for you, Sakuya. This victory is mine!

Sakuya: This is bad...! He has once again another disc...!

Earl: That is how it is. But in case you are wondering, this disc contains the key that will unlock the last seal.

Rage: What did you say!? There's no way I'm letting you take something like that! Hand it over!

Earl: Not so fast.

Rage: Uwaa!!

Sakuya: Oh no...! Rinrin! Where is the Earl?!

Rinrin: No good... He's already gone.

Sakuya: He got away again... This time, it is really bad... we must return to base, and think of a counter-offensive...!


(NOTE: The quest from here on is repeatable.)

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Sakuya: Even though we may be at a standstill here... Very soon, we will have to go to those ruins...

Rinrin: That's right. Sooner or later, the Earl will find a way to release the last seal.

Rinrin: No, perhaps... he might even have already released the seal.

Rinrin: If the "failed projects" that are sealed in the bottom of the ruins, were allowed to be released, then the Earl will be that much closer to his ambition.

Rinrin: If that were allowed to happen, the world would once again face destruction...

Sakuya: Yes. Before that happens, we must stop the Earl. Rage, Yukihime, will you help us?

Yukihime: Just leave it to us. We have already saved the world once already, did we not? Saving it another time is not impossible.

Rage: Moreover, Sakuya-san's bad affinity with that Earl is really becoming a problem. I will help you settle that once and for all!

Rage: I've always given my all to help Sakuya-san. This is nothing.

Sakuya: Yukihime... Rage... Thank you...

Rage: Hehehe, you don't have to thank us. In any case, we would have to defeat those "failed projects".

Rage: Now, let's go, Yukihime! It's time to save the world again!

Yukihime: Agreed!


Earl: ...Sakuya, you've come. But I have everything prepared. Indeed, your timing is perfect.

Earl: Very soon, I shall unleash this ancient evil upon the world. It will be the first step in shaping the new world, forged from a magnificent order...

Earl: In other words, the first step for me to become a god, will happen at exactly the same time!

Earl: Now, stand there and behold! Watch as this world you foolishly struggle to protect perish!

Earl: And of course, you all along with it. It is your fate to be erased!

Sakuya: What kind of bullshit are you spouting...!

Rage: I'll never let something like that happen! I will stop you!

Earl: Still, I do not understand, Sakuya. Why are you struggling so hard for a world like this?

Sakuya: To me, this world is worth protecting for! That is why I will never let you destroy it! That's all there is to it!

Earl: This world.... worth? Hahah... interesting words. You are as intriguing as always...

Sakuya: Sorry, but I'm dead serious here! I will never go along with your demented ambitions!

Sakuya: Just hurry and give it up, then go disappear somewhere else!


Rage: ...Earl! The monster you have awakened is now finished! Now it's your turn!!

Earl: A failed project is still a failed project after all... Unsuitable to be a replacement for DarkDragon. So, it would appear that I would need the "box" after all...

Rage: What are you blabbering about? Come on and face me!

Earl: Apologies, but I have no intentions of fighting you beyond this point. Pardon my departure.

Rage: What?

Rage: Uwaa! Damn it, again...!

Yukihime: ...He escaped from us again... Sakuya, what next?

Sakuya: ...It is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do. We have to let him go for now. He doesn't have any more pawns he can use either.

Sakuya: However, the next time we meet, I will...!


Rage: ...somehow, we pulled it off. With that, we are now completely done with these ruins and its dangers...

Yukihime: That is correct. With this, the people will no longer have to suffer because of the monsters or the phenomenons.

Yukihime: I am concerned about what the Earl spoke of before leaving... But it looks like we managed to stop his plans completely.

Touka: This is great... With this, this world is now safe.

Elmina: I... feel so relieved. I could almost cry...

Misty: I too, will now be able hunt my treasures, and take my baths in peace.

Altina: Finally, peace is returning to Endias...

Rage: That's right. With this, everyone will be able to live their lives peacefully.

Roselinde: Yeah... The people of Crantor, people of Syldia, people of Runevale, people of Bestia and Fontina...

Roselinde: And not just that. The people of Riveria, and the people of Elde... the people in the world, everyone...

Rage: Yes. The way Roselinde and Amil had suffered... no one will ever have to go through that again.

Rage: This is truly great...

Sakuya: That's right. You have done your very best at so many things.

Sakuya: As your teacher... I feel that I should give you some kind of reward. What would you like?

Rage: Eh? R...reward? Hmmm, what would be nice. How about a kiss from the goddess to the hero who saved the world? Hahahaha!

Rage: Ah, um... sorry, I was just kidding.

Sakuya: That? I don't particularly mind... Now close your eyes.

Rage: Eh? Ah, okay. Closing........ eh?!

Sakuya: You have done well, and mastered everything! There is nothing more I can teach you.

Rage: Eh?! Wha?

Roselinde: Eh...!

Touka: My, my~ How bold!

Elmina: E...erm.... In front of everyone... this is...

Yukihime: Y...y...y... you both...! What are you...!

Altina: T...that's right! Exactly what are you doing?! This!

Sakuya: I just wanted to give him something like a simple show of appreciation... Looks like I've caused trouble, somehow.

Sakuya: I guess that's too much service for a graduation ceremony. Sorry, everyone. Hmhmhm.

Rage: I, think, it's still too early for me to graduate... There are still more things to teach me about... like the world of the adults and such. Hehehe...

Misty: What do you mean by graduate...! What do you mean by "hehehe"...!

Yukihime: Grrr...! Rage! What are you doing swooning over there! Why are you always acting this way in front of pretty girls! At the very least, I'm confident I won't lose out to Sakuya!

Roselinde: .....Congratulations, Rage. Is that what I should be saying to you...?

Rage: Eh? H...hey! Yukihime! What are you angry about! And... don't tell me, Roselinde too?

Roselinde: I'm not angry at all. Not really...

Altina: That's right. N...none of us here particularly feels anything...!

Yukihime: I happen to be angry! Listen here, Rage! For a hero to be showing such a sloven face after being rewarded with a kiss is... Hey! Are you listening!

Misty: Good grief! If you want a kiss or two, then why didn't you just tell me! So, I can also...

Elmina: Y... you mustn't, do that... How could you do something so enviable... I mean, so embarrassing, so easily?

Touka: Hmhmhm. Rage-kun, aren't you popular?

Rage: N... no, I don't really recall something like that...

Rage: Uwaa! I get it! I get it! Yukihime! Please forgive me on this one! Everyone, please don't get mad!

Rage: Sakuya-sa~n! Please do something!!

Sakuya: ......

Rage: ...Sakuya-san...?

Roselinde: Sakuya-san, is... something wrong? You're just staring at the sky....

Sakuya: Ah, sorry about that. I was just thinking about things.

Sakuya: From now on, there will one day be more places we have no choice but to go, more things we have no choice but to do...

Rage: I see...

Sakuya: But, it's okay! From this trip, I have learned a lot from Rage and everyone. You have shared with me your courage... and your strength. Not only that...

Sakuya: No matter where we go, we will always have reliable allies to help us out. Looking at you guys, I can feel it.

Rage: I understand... From here no, no matter where you go or what you do...

Rage: I may not know now... but I promise this.

Rage: I will do everything I can, Yukihime too, the Loreleys too, as well as all our other allies...

Rage: Whenever Sakuya-san is in trouble, we will definitely be there for you! Well? Isn't that right?

Roselinde: Yeah! I will definitely go!

Yukihime: Yep! Very well!

Elmina: I, I too, will help...!

Misty: Well, I don't mind lending a hand.

Almina: Of course, me too!

Touka: You can always call on us, okay?

Rage: See? That's why, Sakuya-san. When that time comes...

Sakuya: Yeah... thank you... When that time comes... I'll count on you!


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