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Happy New Year, everyone!
kaito kiriya
Here's a present. This is T2's latest work from C83, which was just held on December 31. I hope you guys like Tony Taka.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
(C83) [T2 ART WORKS (Tony)] リコレクト T2ARTWORKSイラスト総集本 (オリジナル)

Click Here
Links reuploaded.

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NSFW Indeed! Thanks so much for sharing! =D
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Happy New Year!

Pics not as explicit as the other ones you posted up, pretty good art work.

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Reuploaded new links.

Anyway, any of you made any new resolutions for this year?
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Tried the "no more swearing" resolution... Didn't take 24hrs to ruin it. XD What about you?
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Well, I once tried the "Be a good person" resolution. Guess how long that one lasted? :P

I did manage to maintain my "Live a Healthier Lifestyle" resolution for the year, though.

This year, my resolution is "Don't let the guilt of my past mistakes continue to haunt me."

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Good for you. =) New Year's Resolutions don't really last long for me, so screw it. XD
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