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Shining Blade Translation Script Events part 7
kaito kiriya
Kanon Event
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Rage: Aneki...

Kanon: Oh, Rage, you seem even more energetic than I thought.

Rage: Maybe. Anyway, big sis, why did you come here?

Kanon: Eh? You don't know? Isn't it obvious?

Rage: Eh? Uh...

Kanon: You're really weak-minded.

Rage: What's that supposed to mean.

Kanon: I heard about your blunders.

Rage: Ugh...

Kanon: That's why I had to come here because I was stuck with your mess!

Rage: I... it's not like I needed big sis here!

Kanon: Hm, is that so?


Rage: Well, I'm a little relieved but...

Kanon: Just like I thought. I knew you just can't leave me!

Rage: ...

Kanon: Well, if you know that you should be grateful, then you should be listening to me more, okay?

Rage: Even now, you're still trying to force me to listen...

Kanon: More importantly, that's not how you should use the sword.

Rage: Shut up. I'm doing the best I could.

Kanon: Is that so?

Rage: It is so.

Kanon: But, if you were just a little more skilled with the sword, the battles would be a lot easier. People have been saying that...

Rage: Really?!

Kanon: Nope.

Rage: ...what's with that.

Kanon: But, from your expression, you must have some awareness about that?

Rage: I can't exactly say it isn't true...

Kanon: Can't be helped then.

Rage: What do you mean by can't be helped?

Kanon: I'm going to have to train you!

Rage: Nope, no thanks.

Kanon: Hey! What's with that attitude! I said I would train you! You should be more grateful!

Rage: Sakuya-san is here. And there are other opponents as well.

Kanon: Enough! I said I would do it! You just keep quiet and do what I say!

Rage: Why?!

Kanon: Just because.

Rage: Haaaa...

Kanon: What's with the sigh.

Rage: Big sis is still big sis no matter which world.

Kanon: Of course, right.

Rage: Of course... I get it. Please guide me then.

Kanon: Yeah, okay!

Ein Event
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Rage: Ein, what are you doing here?

Ein: Ah, Rage. Nothing right now.

Kanon: And what are you doing now? Are you lazing off again?

Rage: Yikes, that's harsh, Aneki.

Kanon: What's with that reaction?

Kanon: What's with that yikes. You don't want to see my face so much?

Rage: Eh, no, it's not that...

Kanon: Well, whatever. You fall asleep when I'm talking to you anyway. I'm going.

Rage: I never fall asleep when big sis is talking.

Kanon: Oh, really.

Kanon: Ein, when you talk to this guy, make sure you don't catch his incompetence. Careful, okay?

Ein: I got it.

Kanon: That's good. Later?

Ein: Yeah.

Rage: Don't tell me... Ein thinks I am incompetent too?

Ein: Eh?

Rage: Didn't you just say, I got it?

Ein: Ah, I didn't really mean...


Rage: I know, I'm just poking you.

Ein: .....

Rage: (Hm? Is she pouting...)

Ein: .....

Rage: Are you angry?

Ein: ...hmhm. So that was just poking.

Rage: W...what is that! Stop trying to act like Aneki here!

Rage: ...anyway, what does Ein and Aneki normally talk about?

Ein: About friends, and about delicious cakes.

Rage: Oh, so that's it. I thought she would always be talking bad about me.

Ein: Yes, she talks about that a lot too. During the time she talks about our friends.

Rage: .....

Ein: Sorry.

Rage: Ein doesn't have to apologise. The one who did all the talking must be just Aneki. Ein just did the listening, right?

Ein: Yeah.

Rage: But, it wouldn't be so bad for you to protest "that's not true", every once in a while, no?

Ein: I got it. I will try.

Rage: And, to think Aneki always speaks like that of me...

Ein: .....

Rage: What's wrong, Ein?

Ein: ...being family is so wonderful.

Rage: Huh? You always see me and Aneki fighting, don't you? Which part of that is wonderful?

Ein: It's because you're family, that's why you're able to talk like that to each other. I... don't have anyone like that...

Rage: .....

Ein: No, it's nothing. Forget what I said.

Rage: Family, huh...

Ein and Kanon Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey! Ein!

Ein: Ah....

Rage: Where are you going?

Ein: That is...

Kanon: The nearby village is under attack. We are going to help.

Rage: I understand! Let's hurry up and call everyone!

Kanon: We don't have time for that!

Rage: Well, at least let me help!

Kanon: You will just be a hindrance! Come, Ein, let's go!

Ein: Understood.

Rage: (A hindrance? Why would she even think of me like that!)


Rage: I've caught up!

Ein: Rage....

Kanon: I told you not to come...!

Rage: I'll show you that I'm not a hindrance!

Kanon: You're already slowing us down just by being here!

Ein: Both of you, this isn't the time...


Rage: We did it! When was I being a hindrance?

Ein: You really helped...

Kanon: ...ah! Rage, behind you!! There's still another left!!

Rage: What?!


Rage: Kh...! Not yet!

Kanon: Rage!! Step back!!

Rage: Got it!

Kanon: Yaah!!

Kanon: Rage! Finish it!!

Rage: Right!! Take this!!

Ein: Amazing...

Kanon: Whew...

Rage: That's... all of them, right?

Ein: Yeah, that seems to be all of them.

Kanon: Jeez, you're too careless.

Rage: Shut up.

Kanon: What? Is this how you thank the big sister who just saved your ass?!

Rage: I don't recall asking you for help.

Kanon: Don't you get what just happened?! You were totally caught by surprise!

Rage: That kind of enemy, even if I was caught by surprise, I would still be fine!

Kanon: That's why I said right from the start that you'd just be a hindrance.

Rage: Since when?! I fought as I should!!

Kanon: What do you mean when?

Ein: Okay, that's enough.

Kanon: W...what is it?

Rage: What now?

Ein: You two really get along really well.

Kanon: Exactly how?!

Rage: Exactly how?!

Ein: ... it's so nice to have a family. I'm envious.

Kanon: ...?

Ein: Even though you are always fighting, just now, you fought together as one.

Ein: It's so wonderful to have family.

Kanon: Ein, aren't you family too?

Ein: Eh?

Kanon: Am I not your family too?

Ein: ...!!

Kanon: Ein is just like a little sister to me too, right?

Rage: Then you'll be a little sister to me too.

Ein: ... I see... I am family too. ...I won't be lonely again.

Ein: Kanon... Rage.... thank you! I am happy to be in your family!!

Kanon: Ein...

Rage: I'll teach you how to handle big sis from now.

Kanon: Huh? What are you...!

Ein: Yeah! Please do!

Kanon: E.. Ein too.... geez, I'll just let it go this time.

Rage: Being kind to the little sister?

Kanon: She's totally different from you.

Rage: Here we go.

Ein: Hahaha. It really is wonderful...

Kanon's Personality Unwilling to see brother is now Big Sister.
Ein's Personality Living Weapon is now Bond of Family.

Gadem Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Ah, Gadem-san.

Gadem: Rage.

Gadem: ...ah.

Rage: What is it? You're staring at my katana...

Gadem: That is quite the special weapon you have there.

Rage: Special weapon, huh. I'm glad to hear you say that. Isn't it great, Yukihime? Gadem-san is complimenting you.

Yukihime: I can see that. It's only expected that a warrior will feel this way.

Gadem: The truth is, I wish to know more about about the katana formed from a soul.

Yukihime: Gadem, please do not stare at me like that.

Gadem: Ah, my apologies. Even though Yukihime is a katana, you are also a lady. Pardon my rudeness.

Yukihime: Just keep that in mind.

Gadem: I will bear that in mind.

Yukihime: Well, I do understand where you're coming from, a warrior would be interested in a special weapon after all.

Gadem: I am happy to hear you say that, Yukihime. I am excited when I saw you.

Gadem: If it is possible, I would like the honor of wielding Yukihime once.

Yukihime: Ah, Gadem, I'm afraid that is not possible.

Yukihime: No one else other than the one I have chosen may wield me. Even you.

Gadem: I see, that is unfortunate.

Gadem: How about this then, Rage. Have one round against me.

Rage: One round against you, with Yukihime?

Gadem: Indeed.

Yukihime: Ah, that sounds interesting.

Rage: That is just reckless! A real challenge with Gadem-san is...

Gadem: Am I not a worthy opponent for you?

Rage: No, that's not the reason. I and Yukihime can't fight our allies.

Yukihime: Weakling!

Rage: Eh?!

Yukihime: For the warrior, allies or not does not matter.

Yukihime: A real challenge is to be taken as a form of respect.

Gadem: Hmhmhm, it is as Yukihime says.

Gadem: Rage, why are you refusing to accept my challenge?

Rage: W... well, even though you ask...


Rage: I really can't fight against an ally.

Gadem: No matter what, I see. You have a strong will.

Rage: Yeah. Whether it is training or practice, I cannot fight for real against an ally.

Rage: Gadem-san and everyone are important to me.

Rage: If I don't have a reason to draw blades with you, I can't.

Gadem: I understand. Since you have already said so, I won't insist.

Rage: I'm sorry, Gadem-san.

Gadem: You don't have to apologise. Instead, I am honored, that you think of me as an ally.

Gadem: I am counting on you.

Rage: Ah! Me too!

Gadem Event 2
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Rage: Gadem-san, hello.

Gadem: Ah, Rage. So, have you changed your mind?

Rage: Ah, well.... I really can't fight with an ally.

Gadem: I see.

Rage: (...ugh, Gadem-san seems really disappointed. I have to change the subject.)

Rage: Erm, this may be changing the subject, but I would like to ask Gadem-san about this.

Gadem: Hm, what is it?

Rage: Gadem-san, you work for Misty, right?

Gadem: Yes. I serve her loyally.

Gadem: I would like to know why Gadem-san joined Misty's pirate group...

Gadem: ...oh. So you're interested in knowing why I chose to serve Misty-sama.

Rage: Misty is kinda wilful, and Gadem-san is always with her, so I'm kinda wondering why.

Gadem: Rage, Misty-sama is indeed a carefree individual. But I must ask of you to be more mindful of your words. She is my master, after all.

Rage: Ah.... sorry...

Gadem: Mm, just be more careful.

Gadem: Yes, there is a reason why I serve Misty-sama.

Rage: Um.

Gadem: To explain it simply, Misty-sama saved my life.

Rage: ...! Is that true?!

Gadem: Indeed. I was a mercenary once.

Gadem: When hired by a town, I guard the gates. When hired by the army, I march out. And when hired by pirates, I ride the ship.

Gadem: Once, I was hired by small pirates, and we sailed out to sea.

Gadem: But unfortunately, we were struck by a storm. They were poor pirates, their ship was easily smashed by the waves.

Rage: Eh... so the ship Gadem was on was...?!

Gadem: Everyone was thrown overboard.

Gadem: Myself included. I hung on to a driftwood from the ship, and fought for my life clutching on to it.

Gadem: After one day, the storm subsided. From the surface of the sea, I could see only my own shadow.

Gadem: The pirates of the sunk ship, I never knew if they were still alive.

Gadem: I was reaching the limits of my strength. I resolved myself for death. But at that moment...

Gadem: A huge pirate group appeared by my side.

Gadem: The pirates saved me from the sea, took me on board.

Gadem: And that was when I met Misty-sama.

Rage: Oh... Misty does help people. I'm getting a better impression of her...

Gadem: Misty-sama is indeed a great person, helping me in such a way.

Rage: And so, Gadem-san, after being saved, you joined Misty's pirate group?

Gadem: Yeah. It's the least I could do to repay her.


Rage: It must be nice to have found someone you could swear allegiance to.

Gadem: ...indeed. I consider myself very fortunate.

Rage: So, you're going to work hard to repay her for saving your life.

Gadem: Yes. For that purpose, I train myself hard. I will support Misty-sama.

Gadem: ...Speaking of which, Rage.

Rage: ...what is it?

Gadem: As part of my training, would you like to be my opponent...

Rage: (Oh no... we're back to this subject again!)

Rage: A...hahahahaha. Maybe next time... now is not so...

Gadem: I guess it's still no...

Rage: I'm sorry...

Gadem: ...well, I must go. It is time for my training... even though I don't have an opponent.

Rage: I... I see. Later, then.

Gadem: Should you change your mind, let me know.

Misty: Oh, if it isn't Rage.

Rage: Ah, Misty. I was just talking to Gadem-san about you.

Misty: To Gadem about me.... I see.

Rage: Misty is surprisingly a nice person. I didn't know.

Misty: What do you mean by surprisingly? That's rude.

Rage: Well, didn't you rescue Gadem-san stranded at sea?

Rage: I didn't think you would do something like that.

Misty: Ah... you are talking about when Gadem was abandoned.

Misty: Helping an abandoned animal. Isn't that what anyone would do?

Rage: Eh? Helping.... abandoned...?

Misty: That's right. I am an animal lover after all.

Misty: Yeah, I help animals. And it's not as if I'm the only one who does that.

Misty: Fenrir feeds and take cares of abandoned cats.

Rage: ...Cats?

Misty: Yeah. Fenrir hides them somewhere safe and takes care of them.

Misty: Hiding them all for yourself is meaningless, though.

Misty: That's why I feed them too without letting Fenrir know.

Rage: Ha...haha...

Rage: (I see. So Misty treats Gadem-san like a cat...)

Misty: Well then, I'm off.

Rage: What if to her, she also looks at me with the same level of a cat? It can't be, right?

Gadem Event 3
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Rage: Gadem-san, good afternoon.

Gadem: ...Rage.

Rage: Gadem-san, I would like to speak with you, is it okay?

Gadem: For you, I certainly would prefer a duel over a conversation.

Rage: Ha, hahahaha....

Rinrin: Bad news! Bad news! Bad news...!

Rage: What is it, Rinrin?

Gadem: You seem quite worried.

Rinrin: Ah, Rage and Gadem! This is good.

Rinrin: The nearby village is under attack from the Imperial Army!

Rage: What did you say?!

Rinrin: That's why, I would like to bring help over, but...

Gadem: We will go, of course. Lead the way.

Rinrin: Thank you! Over here!


Rinrin: We made it just in time, but the enemy will soon...

Rage: Okay, we have to take them down all at once!

Gadem: ...wait, Rage. Listen to my request.

Rage: Hm? What is it?

Gadem: Since you do not wish to fight me directly in a duel, in this battle, we shall determine the victor by who can defeat the most enemies. Shall we not?

Rage: A challenge? Here?! You can't be serious. This isn't the time and place for that. The village will soon be attacked by the Imperial Army...

Gadem: I must ask this of you, Rage. If you accept this challenge, I will never speak of dueling you directly again.

Rage: Gadem-san... Very well, okay then. I accept this challenge.

Gadem: Ah, I see. Pardon my selfish request.

Rage: Okay, let's go. Now then...

Gadem: Showdown!

Rinrin: ...I shall count who defeats the most.


Rage: That's the last one...!

Gadem: ...looks like that's all of them. Now then, all that's left is the result of our challenge...

Gadem: Rinrin, what is the count?

Rinrin: Ah yes! Let's see, first, Rage's count is...


Rage: Gadem-san, do you remember... your promise?

Gadem: Yes, I remember. After this showdown, I will never ask you for a duel again.

Rage: Yes, that is right.

Yukihime: Hmm. It is a disappointment for me though.

Rage: ...Just keep quiet for a little while longer, please.

Gadem: Even so, that was a good showdown. I am glad that you have accepted, Rage.

Rage: It was a good showdown indeed.

Gadem: Until now, I have never had such a heated battle with another strong fighter.

Rage: It was the same for me.

Rage: ...even so, helping each other, instead of competing with each other, I would prefer that.

Gadem: Haha, I see. Indeed, your views have not changed.

Rage: That's right. This is my policy... I guess.

Gadem: Policy, I see. The strong fighters and the sword are both my allies. I will make this my faith.

Gadem: Okay, I have decided.

Gadem: Instead of challenging another, I shall aim to be a swordsman of grace and charm.

Rage: A swordsman of grace and charm...?

Gadem: Indeed. With grace, fighting alongside you, that's what I think.

Gadem: ...okay, for that purpose, I need more training.

Gadem: This is a good day indeed. I have to go on my training now, please excuse me.

Rage: Gadem-san doesn't make any compromises in his training...

Rinrin: He might be overzealous over the showdown, but I think that Rage too should have much to learn from Gadem.

Rage: Yeah, indeed, there is much to think over... okay! I too won't give up!

Gadem's Personality Seeker is now added.

Kaito Event 1
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito.

Kaito: Ah, Rage, it's been a while.

Rage: Been a while? We faced each other so many times.

Kaito: Hahaha. Well, let's not mind the little details.

Rage: Anyway.... in the first place, why are you here?

Kaito: What's with that? It's as if you're saying me being here is a problem.

Rage: I... I didn't say that.

Kaito: Haha, I'm just kidding.

Rage: Gosh, you're a difficult one. So, why did senior come to Endias?

Kaito: In a manner of speaking, I came to Endias before you did. I'm still your senior here as well.

Rage: Eh, really?

Kaito: Yeah. There was quite a lot of trouble at the other places. Once that ended, we returned to Elde.

Kaito: A while after that, Sakuya-san requested me to stay by Roselinde to protect her, so I came back here once again.

Rage: S... so, in other words, it was actually because I failed right from the start...

Kaito: Roselinde was the key person. When she was captured by the Empire, I had to infiltrate and become one of them. Thus, I became Fafner.

Rage: Infiltrate the Empire... it sure sounds easy when you say it. Gaining the trust of Balder would not be easy. Exactly how did you pull it off?

Kaito: Well, about that... Initially, I planned to perform a suitable task to gain their trust of me...

Kaito: But before that, for some reason, the Earl took interest in me, and I was recommended to be assigned as Roselinde's guard.

Rage: ... that seems a little way too convenient, doesn't it?

Kaito: I'll like to know as well. What was it about me that made the Earl favor me?


Rage: It's obviously because of your sword skill, right. The Earl must have known you were strong right from the start.

Kaito: So is that a compliment? It's not that I don't have confidence in my skills, but it makes me happy to hear that.

Rage: (Senior... he's agreeing like that?)

Kaito: Well, it's good that I finally managed to join up with you all. But it's a shame that I can't fight because of this wound.

Rage: No need to worry. I'll have your share of the battles to come.

Kaito: Hahaha. Still talking big like always. Watch yourself and don't go failing because you got careless.

Rage: U.... y...yes, I'll be careful.

Katio Event 2
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito. How are you injuries now?

Kaito: Well, still the same. Sorry, I have no power in such a critical time.

Rage: Don't say that. You have already helped out a lot.

Rage: For instance... that time you protected the Moon Spirit King egg for us.

Kaito: Ah, that time... I really thought I was going to die then.

Kaito: Balder had ordered me to travel with a lot of soldiers to search for the egg.

Kaito: With other people watching me, I wouldn't be able to hide the egg. So, I told Balder, I alone would be enough.

Rage: Senior, don't tell me... you went to battle the dragon all by yourself? And above that... you actually won?

Kaito: Yeah, somehow. It was the Moonshine Dragon Gailnars.

Kaito: He was certainly a powerful enemy. Somehow, my training pulled through. I was just lucky, to be honest.

Kaito: But, the real problem was when I had to return, and report to Balder that there was no egg...

Kaito: Just as I thought, the other generals were beginning to ask questions. I was able to sucessfully hide it, but it really gave me cold sweat.

Rage: Senior Kaito... you really did help us out after all.


Rage: Make sure you get plenty of rest, so you can recover faster. It'll be fine, I'll handle all the battles from now on!

Kaito: Hahaha, that's quite the talk you have. But, I can't just rest easy. I have to get back to the battle as soon as I can.

Rage: Senior~! Can't you at least have some faith in me?!

Kaito: Ahahahaha. Work hard in your training, Rage.

Rage: I... I still have to train, even at a time like this?! Senior, don't joke like that!

Kaito: What kind of attitude is that, Rage. Looks like you really do need some training. Okay, I will spar with you!

Rage: Senior... are you serious?

Kaito: You bet I am. I'm always serious.

Rage: But senior, you're still injured. Having a match is really pushing it.

Kaito: Don't be lame, Rage. Even if I lose because of my injury, having a match with you is... gah?!

Rage: Ah, you see? You're really pushing it... An injured person should just stay down and rest.

Kaito: Kh... I must be in a really sad state to have you worry about me. I'm going to recover, and I'm going to teach you a good lesson.

Rage: Senior... you're serious, aren't you.

Kaito Event 3
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Senior Kaito...

Kaito: Hey, Rage. So tell me, how does it feel to be the savior of this world?

Rage: Oh stop saying that. It's kinda embarassing.

Kaito: It's nothing to feel embarassed about. It is a fact that you are the hero who defeated DarkDragon.

Kaito: Such an accomplishment is proof that you have indeed grown. You're no longer that impudent brat when I first saw you.

Rage: S... senior, please stop bringing that up...

Rage: I wasn't impudent. I never tried to go against you, not even once.

Kaito: No, no, you are impudent. Whenever we sparred, no matter how many times you lost, you just kept challenging me.

Rage: That... it's because it's you.

Kaito: Hm?

Rage: You are my role model. One day, I'm going to surpass you. It's what I've always wanted to do...

Kaito: Rage, you...

Rage: Sparring with you, I was doing my best to keep up, and hoping to one day defeat you.

Kaito: You... that definitely is just being impudent!

Rage: Eh? Ehh?! Senior, you're still saying that?!

Kaito: Hahaha, but I see. I didn't know that's how you felt.

Rage: Besides, it's not like I was tried to go against you outside of our matches, since Aneki was interested in you.

Kaito: A...ah. Is that so...

Rage: If I tried to make things difficult for you, who knows what Aneki would do to me later.

Kaito: I... see. So it was something like that.... ahem, ahem.

Kaito: Speaking of which, Rage.... So have you accomplished your goals. Do you have the confidence to surpass me?

Rage: Yes, of course. Right now, I have full confidence that I can defeat senior Kaito!

Kaito: Ah, that sounds promising! That's just like you, Rage!

Rage: Thank you!

Kaito: Once I recovered from this injury, I would really like that chance to see the skills of the man who defeated DarkDragon.

Rage: Yes, I'll be hoping you recover quicker, Senior Kaito!

Kaito: Hahaha. You really are an impudent junior.

Kerberos Event
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rage: Hey, Kerberos. How are you doing, playing around?

Kerberos: ...ah, Rage...

Rage: What is it, Kerberos. You look so listless. What's wrong?

Kerberos: ....You see, someone is callng to me...

Rage: Calling to you? ...well, I don't hear anything. Who is calling you?

Kerberos: ...ah! Here it comes again...! Calling me again...

Rage: Eh?! H... hey! Where are you going? Wait! Wait up! Hey!


Kerberos: .....

Rage: Haa.... Sheesh, you ran so fast, I wondered where you were headed... Why did you come here?

Kerberos: I don't know... I don't know, but someone is calling.

Rage: Sigh, I don't even know if someone is even indeed calling you! Sheesh, what a troublesome one.

Rage: Whoa... To make things worse, monsters are appearing. What trouble this is.

Kerberos: The call... is coming from there.... I have to go...

Rage: H... hey, Kerberos! That's why we have to defeat.... tch, she's not even listening.

Rage: No choice! Kerberos! I will deal with the monsters, you go on ahead!


Rage: Alright! The monsters are down! ...huh? Where did Kerberos go?

Rage: Ah, over there. What are you doing here, Kerberos. Why are you looking around here?

Kerberos: Hm...... Ah! Found it! Rage! Look! Look over there! I found it! I found it!

Rage: Is this... a disc? There's some writing on it...

Kerberos: It seems to say here, Project Loreley?

Rage: What? I don't really understand... is that what this disc is called?

Kerberos: Hm... I think so.

Rage: Why is this disc called that...? Well, whatever, let's investigate when we return to town. Okay, Kerberos, let's go back.

Kerberos: Yeah! Let's go home!

Rage: ...she seems so energetic now. Who's fault was it that I got dragged all the way here.


Rage: Okay then, that disc earlier... What does it contain? Kerberos, try to check its contents.

Kerberos: Okay then.

Kerberos: Begin reading.

Kerberos: .... Begin installation. ..............Process completed.

Rage: Install? Software installed again? Kerberos, are you okay? Do you feel anything strange?

Kerberos: Hm? Uh-uh, I'm fine.

Rage: I see, that's fine. You suddenly started to install again, I thought you'll...

Rinrin: Rage? What are you doing? Install? You really musn't give Kerberos any wierd things to read, okay?

Rage: Well... I never really thought about doing that. Kerberos, are you really okay?

Kerberos: Yeah. Ah, but...

Rage: What's wrong?

Kerberos: ...Somehow, I really feel like singing a song. Is it okay if I sing?

Rage: Sing...? A song? Hm....

Rage: Okay. Sing for us then. I would like to hear.

Rinrin: That's right. I am interested too. In listening to Kerberos' song.

Kerberos: Yay! Thank you!

Kerberos: Okay... here I go.

Rage: ...this is... Kerberos' song. It was completely different from what I thought. But, this is...

Yukihime: Indeed. This is fine... It really stirs the heart...

Rinrin: (Could it be, this song... Don't tell me, the disc was a record of someone's memory...?)

Rinrin: (From long ago, someone's memory was transferred to Kerberos through the disc... That's why the song now exists here...?)

Rinrin: (Even so... this is an incredible song.)

Rinrin: (A yearning, a sadness... the thoughts of the countless people through the passing of time, all contained in this incredible song...)

Rage: Kerberos... that was a great song. I, feel moved by it. Thank you, Kerberos.

Kerberos: ....... uu.....sniff....sob...

Rage: ...Kerberos? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt somewhere?

Kerberos: No.... it doesn't hurt.... but I... feel like crying. I can't stop crying. Why.... sob... sob...

Rage: H, hey! Don't cry, Kerberos! This is bad... what should I do?

Rinrin: This can't be helped. She should calm down if we bring her to her guardian. I will take her to Sakuya.

Rinrin: If Sakuya can hear that song, I'm sure... she will be pleased.

Rage: I see. You might be right. Okay then, I'll leave it to you, Rinrin.

Rage: Later then, Kerberos. Don't cry so much, okay? When you calm down, you can play again, okay?

Kerberos: Um... ks.... hic... sob... sob...

Rinrin: Okay, Kerberos, come. Let's go...

Rage: I wonder what happened... Kerberos. Suddenly crying like that. I didn't really think it was such a sad song.

Yukihime: Indeed. But, she has acquired a heart. I didn't expect her to be able to sing like that...

Rage:'re right. I.... want to hear that song again.

Kerberos' Personality Combat Weapon is now Loreley.
Kerberos' Forcesong Rondo of Light and Darkness is now usable.
Kerberos' Mode Type:Loreley is now usable.

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