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Skip Beat Chapter 202 Scanlations
kaito kiriya
Thanks to Honglian for the Chinese raws.

Get the file here.

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It is the 20th, and at the time of this writing, no other versions of Skip Beat 202 exists.

When I left this project, I was certain that there were many other groups doing this. That does not appear to be the case now.

This is a LQ work, not intended to replace any HQ scan. I make no claims that my work is comparable to any other versions that exist or will exist.

My work is intended for only those who will appreciate it. It is by no means an attempt to target every single audience.

If you do not like LQ works, this work is not for you. You have been warned.
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Thank you! This is quite a surprise. It's quite disappointing that Skip Beat wasn't immediately picked up properly by any scanlating group. I'm still hoping someone would properly take over it after you. Again, thank you! This is a crucial time for the manga. I'm grateful for your surprise. =)
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Well, in the matter of fact, it was. But the group prefers the high/quality japanese scans, and are still working on 202 editing. Which is great, of course, but a bit frustrating for us who are waiting desperately for another piece of the story. It seems Mechgouki took pity of us and made the day.

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how can i say this.....
I have been re reading the raws since the 7 of july and was wondering if all hope was lost with translation... so thank you so very much for this chapter..

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Many thanks for this!!
I was waiting to read this chapter!
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Thank you so much!!! Sadly Skip Beat is not a priority in other scanlation groups so again thank you for translating this chapter even though you decided to drop it!
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Thank you so much.
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Yaaaay! Thank you!
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What do you guys think of this chapter?

I think it has taken a very long turn, but it has finally reached something substantial.

I still remember 4 years ago, I was still reading about Valentine's Day >_<

In the story, no more than 1 month have passed....
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ohh!! thank you! so much! I've been waiting for this!!!
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Wow Thank You for translating it, think we were all getting impatient. Glad to see your back! Hope all is well with you
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Thank you Mech! I'm so glad you're back, well at least for this chapter =)
Other groups are taking a long time scanlating :'(
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Thank you as always.
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You really made my day Mech :x
I just feel strange that when u still followed this project, other groups try as hard as possible to release new chapter. Now right after u drop, it takes at least two weeks to have english translation. I cant help but doubt that is there something wrong with that? And whatever it is, our fans couldnt do anything but wait wait and wait.

Thank you once again for ur translation >:D<
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thx for the translation:)
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Things aren't really so good for me right now. :(


I'm pretty sure there were a few groups when I left. I know because I read some of their works during that time.

After a while, that interest died down, I guess.

Not surprising, since only a fool would keep doing this for a prolonged period of time like 3 years.

Oh wait.....
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Sorry to hear that Mech, just hoping things turn out well for you.
Really glad you have put your efforts in translating and not prolonging our torture any longer.
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