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The curtains.
kaito kiriya
Okay, I just realized that some readers did not seem to understand the curtains metaphor.

Some of you may be confused by the curtains expression. Let me explain it the best way I understand. Basically, Lory is trying to tell Kyouko that her life ahead, could potentially be a very beautiful love story, like a play about to unfold on a stage. Kyouko has two choices. She can either embrace it (pull away the curtains), or deny it (let go of her hand).

In my interpretation, what Lory is trying to tell Kyouko is that she can either bravely face what could be lying in store for her, or she can try to run away from it. It goes without saying that the ideal choice would be for her to "pull away the curtains", ergo, bravely accept her feelings. But that decision has to come from her. Lory is fully aware that she has to make that choice, no one can make it for her.

As for why Kyouko was crying. One of the reasons is that she sees herself as a horrible person for feeling elated that Ren will not have an important person. The other reason is that she believes she has regressed to a state worse than when she was with Shou, a state she swore never to be in ever again. That's how I see it at least.

As for the frame that was shown to Kyouko, I am at least 80% sure it is a mirror. One, picture frames don't have such big frames or thickness. Two, picture frames generally have flip-out stands, not the steel stand, which suggests that it is actually heavy. The stand also suggests frequent bringing around, which is not what you do for a picture frame.

I hope my explanations make sense.

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